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I've trained for the past few summers at Xtreme Couture (and various other gyms), and i've been a fan of the sport since UFC 71.

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NCAAF UNLV Rebels
  • MMA HW- Fedor; LHW- Feijao, MW- Jacare, WW- Kampmann, LW- Maynard, FW- Aldo, BW- Torres, FLW- Somdet
  • Boxing Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis
  • Tennis Fed.
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An unusual, but fitting ending

For all the talk that MMA fans & pundits like to have regarding legacy, passing the torch, and closure, how a fighter retires is a polarizing topic. From Fedor walking off into the sunset with a...


Tin Foil Hat Time- Did Uriah Hall intentionally lose to avoid the subpar contract TUF winners receive?

Granted, I don't think it's entirely impossible that Uriah just got cocky, fought stupid, etc on Saturday... but I wondered if maybe Uriah is trying to negotiate himself a more lucrative contract...


Musings on the Value of Different Strikes

I don't have any real scientific evidence for this post; I was just thinking back on the Aldo/ Edgar fight, and how to best evaluate the effectiveness of different types of strikes thrown and...


Could the epidemic of fighter withdrawals be drug test dodging, instead of genuine injuries?

Here's a time- table from the website "alwaystestclean.com" showing how long most Androgenous Anabolic Steroids (AAS) and other PED's stay detectable by urine test ( Urine Test Time- Table ) 1...


To boldly go where no man's gone before- Mass Sig Bet on Kaufman/ Rousey

It all started on a warm May afternoon; a seemingly innocuous post chronicling Rhonda Rousey and Sarah Kaufman's internet feud (aka 'Tweef') appeared on the Bloody Elbow front page. AND THEN ALL...

Sick Shane Del Rosario HL. If Shane was able to recover from that car crash, then he will be a...


Sick Shane Del Rosario HL. If Shane was able to recover from that car crash, then he will be a real handful for Stipe Miocic.


Review of Hamill's biopic "The Hammer"

So, I noticed that Matt Hamill's biopic is now on Netflix instant, and decided to give it a watch. We all know how inspirational Hamill's story is, and so it had the potential to be either a heart...


Social experiment: Let's see if we can get fighters to do what we want them to via Twitter

I'll admit it- I suck at using Twitter. I only have somewhere around 10 tweets since I joined almost a year ago. I recognize that many of our favorite fighters, executives, and analysts in the...


Investing in MMA's future

We are now at a point in the history of our beloved fight sport that we have major action going on all the time. Between the UFC, Forza, Bellator, and the other promotions around the block, we're...


Aesthetics in fighting

Something dawned on me at 1 a.m. PST as I was watching Paul Daley vs. Kazuo Misaki on my DVR. Almost all of my decisions regarding which fighters I like most, who I root for in a matchup, etc all...


Why Miesha Tate won't get subbed in the 1st round by Ronda Rousey tonight

I'm not going to bore you with flowery prose and witty cracks right now, I'm just going to tell you point- by- point why Rousey is outclassed and won't be able to submit Miesha in the 1st round. *...



Jack the America of your dreams is goneGone the brownstone tenements of the nightGone the empty coffee houses of lonely evenings and silenceGone the boxcars and hoboes and prayers to St TeresaGone...


Here's a question- why should men and women fight separately?

Before I proceed, I just want to say that this article is mainly to spark a dialogue; It's not my intention to offend anyone.  I was thinking earlier- why separate men and women in MMA (and by...


UFC: Rio's unsung hero- Yushin Okami

We should take a second to thank Yushin Okami.  Yeah, you read that right- the guy who froze up like a deer in headlights when personally invited to throw bombs at the champion's chin.  Sure, he...


Any suggestions for a twitter greenhorn?

I know i'm a bit of a Johnny-come-lately, but since I just recently entered the 21'st century and upgraded to a "smart" phone (blackberry), I figured it would be nice to be up to date with all the...


An epiphany on Shogun

Yes, I know this is a little bit late.  But in the Forrest underdog to Shogun thread, I came to a realization- Shogun Rua, chillingly brutal as he is at his best, has a fatal weakness to grinding,...

Not sure if this has been posted, but here's the gif of Nik Lentz' come from behind, 3'rd round...


Not sure if this has been posted, but here's the gif of Nik Lentz' come from behind, 3'rd round guillotine win over Waylon Lowe.


Todd Duffee's Series of Unfortunate Events

(quick note- yes, I know that this isn't particularly relevant right now, just some random musings of mine) MMA is a brutal mistress.  An unforgiving and often heartless bitch; one day you're the...

UFC 128 unofficial caption contest: "Awkward weigh- in photo"


UFC 128 unofficial caption contest: "Awkward weigh- in photo"


Damarques Johnson shares horrific story from his childhood:

F*** you for what you did to my family Always interesting to hear about a fighter's background.  Johnson opens up about his upbringing in this interview, but be forewarned- it's not for the faint...

Alves also in drug testing quagmire?


Heard about this on the Dog: "A tale of two Thiago’s: Silva and Alves most likely cut from UFC 130 for steroid use Thiago Silva is still riding the wave of the notoriously outplayed You Tube footage of his Brandon Vera demolishing from UFC 125, but sometimes all good things come to an end. It has recently been reported that Silva has failed one of the two samples from the fight night claiming he had an illegal substance in his blood. This is yet another fighter to add to the roster of UFC men that are competing on a professional level with an illegal advantage. Oddly enough, Thiago Alves is in the exact same situation with his blood test scores not being spoken of from the John Howard fight at UFC 124 back in December. There was a list of fighters published that came back with clean test results, with every single one from that fight card listed...except for Thiago Alves. How frustrating these recent developments have been for fight fans as the Memorial Day UFC 130 card, held in Las Vegas as it was set up to be a monster of a card. Ironically, with both Thiago's scheduled to fight in that event. Silva was to face off against Rampage, and Alves against Rick Story. Thiago Alves has already fallen prey to the steroid lifestyle as he was suspended for eight months and fined $5,500 just following his winning performance at UFC 66."


Technique Nomenclature

(Originally posted on HKL) Following Anderson Silva's return to matrix- esque striking form against Vitor Belfort in the main event of UFC 126, the blogosphere is ablaze with discussion over what...


The great debate- Damage vs. Control

I know this might draw some ire from you guys, but the idea for this article came from a back and forth I had on the Sherdog Forums, under the alias of "Connoisseur" starting on page 2.  ( How...


Coming to a consensus regarding MMA terminology

Hello all, just finished up with my finals here at school, and so naturally the 1'st thing i'll be doing is writing... MORE. At any rate, let's just jump right to the meat of this article- coming...


The case for GSP/ Silva at a catchweight: Updated (/revisited)

Here's an article of mine here on BE, circa April of this year: The Case for GSP/ Silva at a catchweight Cliff notes: - Catchweight superfights are commonplace in MMA.  Franklin, Diaz, and...

Roger Huerta attempts to save Thai girl from drowning


"A lot of people don't know this story--- But while Roger Huerta was out here training for his fight camp against Pat Curran he was swimming in the beach on the southside of the island of Phuket. A small child got caught in the under current--and Roger Huerta preformed CPR on her until paramedics arrived (which in Thailand took sometime--greatly making 'survival odds' seem unlikely). Literally it was the type of experience that changes most peoples lives forever. ...I never really knew him before his trips to Tiger Muay Thai...but I can honestly say he is one of the most humble-down to earth guys in the fight game. He's exciting--and exactly what type of fighter a promotion should look to build around. I hope he rebounds on his recent tough streak and continues to establish himself as one of the top lightweigts in the world." Unfortunately, it's important to note that the girl, tragically, did not survive.

Video of Rob Drysdale's 2'nd pro MMA fight, which took place at AFC 4 - Revelation on 11/6/2010


Video of Rob Drysdale's 2'nd pro MMA fight, which took place at AFC 4 - Revelation on 11/6/2010

Hilarious gif of Krzysztof Soszynski's "Oil Check" of Goran Reljic, last week at UFC 122. Props to...


Hilarious gif of Krzysztof Soszynski's "Oil Check" of Goran Reljic, last week at UFC 122. Props to "ToothGuy" over at the Sherdog Pics & Multimedia forum.


1 last glory run: Mirko 'Crocop' Filipovic

(again, cross posted from HKL) With the advent of Crocop filling in for the Nogueira against Frank Mir in the main event of UFC 119, we're suddenly faced with another situation where Mirko has a...


High level MMA striking- Penn vs. Edgar 2

(Cross- posted from Headkick Legend) Hello BE brethren, I thought i'd discuss something which I don't think received nearly enough play after UFC 112- and that's the thrilling, neck and neck...

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