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Desmond's big game in pseudo historical perspectives

Desmond had a WPA of over 1 last night! That is more rare than a no-hitter. Weird.

Cubs say everyone is available at the right price

Would love to see the Mets take advantage of this firesale. How about Garza and LeHair?


Do it with Duda

Lucas Duda not in the lineup tonight against Lee. There is a time and a place for lefty righty matchups but Duda has been hot, particularly with runners on and has started to hit LH. Also,...


Game Thread Slowdown

Been a member of AA since 2008. I find I can no longer participate fairly in Game threads because there are so many comments at once, my system gets overwhelmed and freezes up. I have had this...

madoff-Wilpon summary judgment order

For you lawyer geeks and interested parties(as I know we all are to some degree) here is a copy of the Judge's decision denying the Wilpon's motion for SJ against the trustee. As pointed out, this is just a bottom line order, a fuller decision will follow.

Wilpons lose big in appeals court

For those of you who thought this case was going away, think again. Second Circuit says Picard's method of calculating losses is kosher. Big blow to Freddie and Jeffy's chances of keeping the team. Rumor has it this case could settle as early as Friday.



Beltran Knee Is Strong And So Are His Numbers

Brilliant Article and the most complete and scalding article yet on the folly of the Mets medical staff and management. Wilpons should be ashamed.


Derek Jeter's calf injury could lead to a Citifield moment

He is on the 15 day DL and it may very well mean he could be on pace to get his 3,000th hit at Citifield. What will.should the reaction be?

Braves sign Uggla to five year extension

Am I missing something or does this look like a huge mistake by the Braves?

Yankees and Crawford talking

Gosh, this sickens me. I know we can't afford Crawford this year but he could be our leadoff hitter and star for the next five to six years and the fact that we can't even think about bidding on him makes me crazy. And the Yankees or Red Sox are going to get him. Minaya and Wilpon really screwed this team.


Jerry's final insult.

Maybe I am missing something but I thought bringing in Perez for the 14th was just a classless move. Since Misch was warming up and came in later, its not like it was the only option. I really...


A disgrace

That is what I think of the media and Jeff Wilpon's handling of this non-story concerning Walter Reed. Mike Lupica is a disgusting pig. Discuss and/or try to prove me wrong.


Too late in the season for it to mean much but for the record I would pick him up and dump Frenchy.



Marlins selling unused tickets to Halladay's perfect game

This is really messed up. Selig should step in and prevent this.

Steve Phillips would trade Strasburg for Oswalt

Wow! This is quite remarkable even for Steve Phillips


David Wright and the Backhand

So I think Keith is right. I love DW as much as anyone on this site but he is playing everything to the backhand and it is killing us. His defense today cost us the game. He has gone from a Gold...

Semper Failcoeur

Sad but true. And where are all the Frenchy lovers now? Once again the AA majority on a player proves correct and the mainstream media view incorrect.

Someone Help the Mets

as usual Fangraps sums it up in all its tragic glory. Omar Minaya and Jerry are trying to outdo each other as to who can destroy this franchise faster.

Pagan to bat third???

Jerry loves to tinker and we all know how that turns out. David Wright's reaction is priceless.

Fan Graphs I-Pod Application

Does anybody here have knowledge of this app and/or can evaluate its usefulness? Is it worth getting for $3?

Ryan Garko will go on waivers

Mets should be all over this

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