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Introducing the A, B, and C Leagues, or the Worst Case Scenario for the Lockout.

Everyone assumes that the worst case scenario for the lockout is that a season is lost, then the players' cave, and back to business as usual, with the players a bit poorer than before.   Far from...


Is there a path to a Larry O'Brien trophy?

  Simple question.  If the Blazers' goal is an NBA title, how to get there?


Finding a First Rate Medical Staff™

In the interview with Henry Abbott, the Blogfather has some interesting stuff to say about the controversy surrounding the Blazers' medical staff, and the rash of injuries to key players: Should...


Curse the #@$##@ Lakers

  The Blazers own several NBA records, both good and bad.  One of the most ignoble NBA records was set by the Blazers on Feb 27, 1998, when the scarlet and black went into Indiana (fresh of a...


Mike Riley has his work cut out for him

Mike Riley has his work cut out for him.


Blazers blacklist reporter for being critical of team--Kamloops Blazers, that is.

The Kamloops Blazers of the Western Hockey League (a longtime rival of the Portland Winterhawks), raised eyeballs yesterday when they banned a local member of the press from talking to team...

Roy to miss rest of season


Derek Roy of the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, that is. (Am I evil, or what?) Anyway, happy holidays to everyone!


What Rebuilding Means, from A to Z.

With the recent news about Greg and Brandon's respective knees, and with the Blazers starting the year 7-5, some fans have been suggesting that it's time to Rebuild.  Tear it down and start all...

TrueHoop on Chris Bosh vs Pau Gasol--and on LMA?


David Thorpe, writing at TrueHoop, compares the things being written about Chris Bosh today with similar criticisms made of Pau Gasol back in his days as a Grizzly, and immediately after the trade to Los Angeles. Soft. No defense. Doesn't like contact. Nowadays, many consider Gasol to be the best PF in the NBA. I was wondering the same thing--except not about Bosh, but about LaMarcus. His career arc looks quite a bit like Gasol's delayed by five years: A few years of "gosh, this guy could be really good", followed by several of "this guy's an overpaid, overrated wuss". Interesting.


KD on the Jeff Ma interview, and the KP mystery

Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie has a juicy bit on Ben Golliver's recent interview with Jeff Ma, in which he suggests (among other things), that Ma might be jeopardizing future consulting work for...


Here's what Dan Gilbert ought to do.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, after his team got dissed by LeBron, made headlines with his blistering open letter--saying things that many Cavs' fans were thinking (and many fans around the league...


PAC-12: How to organize

  With the recent news that Utah will soon be joining the Pac-10 (up to 12, now), the league is widely expected to organize into divisions.  Some in the Pacific Northwest don't like the obvious...


Kevin Pritchard Poll: Why IS he still here, anyway?

The recent reports concerning the Kevin Pritchard Saga differ wildly in what they claim, except for two important points: Kevin Pritchard's tenure with the Trail Blazers is not going to last much...


End of pro basketball in Cleveland (if LeBron bolts)? Nonsense.

After the embarassing Game 5 loss to Boston last night at the Q, in which King James stunk up his Court and earned a shower of boos for his efforts (which some think may increase the odds he's...


Now I don't feel QUITE so bad

The Suns just lowered the broom on San Antonio--settling quite a few scores.  While the Spurs ain't as good as they used to be (and signing Richard Jefferson was a Big Mistake--sorry, Pops, but you...


What offense should the Blazers run, anyway?

  Much hay was made, here and elsewhere, on Hollinger's piece on whether or not isolation offenses, such as run by the Hawks and the Trail Blazers, are good in the playoffs.  Hollinger's thesis is...


Playoff Poll

Now that the Blazers' season is done, a quick poll on what you thought of the playoffs.  Some think that any disappoint that ought to be felt (or any chance the Blazers had for a victory) were...

Blazers lose draft order tiebreakers


Today, the NBA broke ties for the NBA draft and draft lottery. Four teams finished 50-32 (Portland, Boston, OKC, and San Antonio), and the Blazers managed to lose all 3 tiebreaker rounds with the other teams, and will be picking last among the four. Dang.


Oregonian's Top Ten?

The Oregonian today published players 11-15 of the 40 Blazers/40 years series, and Mychal the Mouth comes in at #11, followed by 'Sheed (#12), Bobby Gross (#13), Sidney Wicks (#14), and Lionel...

Checking in on Joel Freeland


RealGM, with an article on everyone's favorite British hoopster (assuming no Luol Deng fans in the room).


OSU to play TCU next season in Texas

Not quite a done deal, but Kerry Eggers of the  Portland Tribune is reporting that OSU will open the 2010 football season with a game against the Texas Christian Horned Frogs at Cowboy Stadium, in...


If not Nate, then who?

In most recent edition of the NBA Coaches Dead Pool, issued after Lawrence Frank was yanked off the stage after His Orchestra went 0-16 (not very wunnerful, apparently), the winner of the...


Could it be our fault?

By "us" I mean Blazer fandom as a whole, not BEdgers, journalists, or anyone in particuilar.  If this doesn't apply to you, then it doesn't apply to you--don't take it as a criticism in this case. B...


Revised expectations and what's next

With GO likely done for the year, I suspect that many of us--even if we would prefer not to--are revising our season predictions downward.  Not just because of Oden, but the other injuries as...


I called it---back in September

No, not that the Civil War would be a competition for the Rose Bowl, or a prediction as to who would win. I called it that a certain ringer, thought to be suspended for the year, would partake in...


LaMarcus Aldridge: Rasheed? or Rashard?

  Here's a quick and dirty (and probably wrong, but what the hell) idea on how to improve the offensive flow of the Blazers. I'll ignore the Andre/Roy issues, and focus on the post. The Problem: ...


NBA Coaches Dead Pool, Thanksgiving Edition

Greetings! After a nice relaxing summer off, including a bit of an autumn snooze where the Pool ignored the recent sacking of one Byron Scott, we're back in time for the Thanksgiving weekend.  And...


The Roy/Miller thing. An Alternate theory.

  This whole Blake vs Roy vs Miller vs Nate thing...... is getting a bit annoying, and a bit difficult to figure out.   What we know is: * B-Roy had a decent playoff series against Houston, and...


Brandon Roy Unhappy?

  Dwight says that Ben says that Quick says that Brandon Roy... is unhappy.   Why?   Not sure.  Whether Roy has said he's unhappy or not, or Quick is speculating such, I dunno.  Quick made the...


Poll: How hot is Nate's seat?

The Blazers are 2-3, and lots of heat is falling on dear old Coach Nate--who has had his critics in town for years, but until recently hasn't provided them with any REAL ammunition.  (Complaints...

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