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Not Quite Open Thread, PDX vs Atlanta

Since the open thread ain't up yet... here is a Not Quite Open thread; a thread which is, while not officially open for business, more than happy to make a quick cup of coffee for loyal customers...


Dwight vs Ben, on televised preseason games

While not naming any names, this morning's Dwight Jaynes column takes to task certain elements of Blazer fandom who have been complaining about the preseason games not being on TV.  Dwight goes...


Could Paul Allen be having financial problems? Plus, a guess as to what's up with the Brandon re-signing

Greetings from Anaheim! Have taken the kiddos down to Disneyland--rest assured; we flew into John Wayne Airport and have spent the entire time in Orange County--we have not ventured near that...


Somewhat OT: Journal/Blogger Showdown--Canzano vs Bojack

It looks like a bit of a war o' words is brewing between two well-known and controversial icons in Portland journalistic/blogging circles--John Canzano of The Oregonian, who we all know (and...


Tyrus Thomas available?

According to Alan Hahn of Newsday, the Bulls are shopping Tygger--and might offer him cheap to anyone willing to take Kirk Hinrich off their hands. The rumor, as stated, seems to think that the...


The Lesson of the GEICO Caveman

  It's been a good week for the GEICO Caveman, known to some as Pau Gasol.  (Bonus points:  Can you tell them apart?)   Not only was he named to the 3rd-Team All NBA, put his 21 points...


The True Trouble with Travis

Over on the main page, the subject of today's player review is a bit of a controversial fellow--one Travis Outlaw.  The posting on the main page is full of discussion of basketball trivia--points,...


5/14: Please Junk this Flag Drawer

  Last time I posted a JD, nobody bothered to write.  Of course, it was spring break or thereabouts, but still... now its the off-season, and we don't have any basketball to discuss until...


What's up with Beyond Bowie? hasn't had an update in several days.  Erik Barmack is no longer listed as one of the bloggers.  And the site still seems to think the Houston/Portland series is going on--it...

Paul Allen to sell KXL-AM and KXTG-FM (The Game)


Didn't see this reported anywhere else, but Paul Allen is selling his two Portland-area radio properties--KXL NewsRadio 750 AM, and KTXG 95.5 FM, aka The Game, to radio mogul Larry Wilson. As part of the deal, The Game will continue to serve as the flagship station of the Blazer Broadcasting network for at least the next 8 years; at which point (I imagine) the Blazers will be free to shop around should they choose. Wilson indicates that he has no plans to alter the format or programming of either station. I don't really have any opinion--unless the Blazers are on, I don't listen to either station. It is nice that the station (and its non-Blazer Broadcasting programming) will have a bit more editorial independence from the team, I suppose--but then again, I don't listen to said programming.


My odds concerning who will be back

  What are the odds, for each current Blazer, that they will be wearing scarlet and black come the start of the 2009-10 campaign?  In order of likelihood, here is my best guess. Brandon Roy: ...


Who you got now, that the Blazers are out?

  Now that the First Round is over, and the second round has begun, and the Blazers ain't in it--who would you LIKE to see hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy come June? Or do you even care? So...


Could the Swine Flu scotch the NBA playoffs?

  I'd say the answer is definitely, "yes, it could"--and I'm not sure there is anything that us fans could do about it. On Monday, when it was announced that Brandon Roy was suffering from...

Scientists spot oldest object in universe


Scientists have discovered what they believe is the oldest object in the known Universe. This object, slightly over 2 meters in length and weighing approximately 130 kg, was observed on the Earth at 45°31′53.44″N 122°40′0.35″W, on 4/29/2009 from approximately 4:00 UTC to 7:00 UTC2:00 UTC to 5:00 UTC. The object was observed scoring 2 points and pulling down four rebounds. Scientists have refuted rumors in the media that the object is not yet old enough to buy beer. where it

Hoopsworld chat, with a relevant observation


Hoopsworld's Anthony Marci has published a chat session. There are a few questions concerning the Houston/Portland series, and Marci ends with a relevant observation in response to a Blazer fan complaining about the refs: "There is a huge difference between being aggressive and getting away with fouls and being passive and getting called for fouls. In many cases, super-aggressive teams get the benefit of the referee's whistle. The Bulls used to complain about the Pistons constantly, then they learned how to win, and it became a non-issue." This needs to be pinned to the bulletin board in the Blazers locker room. And kept in mind by numerous folks here. Even the great MJ used to get manhandled in the playoffs--then he went out and won six.

If the Blazers lose tonight...


I'll be so mad that I won't watch another Blazer game--all season!


A challenge/request for KP2

  Here's a challenge/request for Kevin Pelton, if he doesn't have enough to do while watching the NBA playoffs.  It is often observed, and certainly has been so in relation to the...


Dave's Got Competition, aka Max and Erik Make a Blog :)

  The Blogfather has just announced today at TrueHoop, that the Blazers finally have a representative in the Truehoop Blog Network--that blog being Beyond Bowie, written by fantasy football...


Revised prediction for the series

  Quick poll with revised predictions for the series.  Obviously, "Blazers in 4" ain't gonna happen.  But seven possibilities remain.  So cast your votes here--are they gonna come back from this...


Welcome to the playoffs, boys

  The fourth quarter is just about to start, and the Blazers are down 27--being handled in a way they haven't been handled all year. Part of me is ticked off, obviously. But part of me is glad. ...

Danny Ainge has heart attack


Celtics GM (and former Blazer, lest we forget) has apparently suffered a minor heart attack, and will be in the hospital for a few days.


WC Results Upated 2x: Houston loses, SA wins, Blazers will face Houston, where TBD.

  Spurs hit a 3 near the buzzer to force overtime in N'awlins, then win in OT 105- Duncan gets 20 points and 20 boards; not bad for an old man. Sorry for the short should have been a fanshot...


Wht to do with the Memorial Coliseum?

  One topic discussed a lot recently in the local sports media, and on Dwight's blog, is the fate of the Memorial Coliseum.  Right now, civic leaders have committed to renovating PGE Park into a...

Blazers #4 in Hollinger's power rankings


The Blazers have moved ahead of the Celtics in Hollinger's power rankings, for what that's worth. And we're only a smidge behind #3 Orlando, who has been struggling a bit recently, its whomping of Cleveland nonwithstanding. Of course, the polls don't matter, you gotta play the game on the court.


Standings update: Now in 4th place!

  Phoenix won tonight, so despite our blowout of the Blunder, we didn't clinch a playoff spot.  But the magic number is now 1. The bigger news is that Houston, Utah, Dallas, and New Orleans all...


3/22 KNUJ Reward--radio station prediction contest

  Radio station KNUJ-FM, a sports/talk station in Bakersfield, CA, is having an NBA playoff prediction contest with a valuable first prize--a one-way Greyhound ticket anywhere (else) in the...


3/21: World's Most Boring Junk Drawer

  Its almost noon on a Saturday, and the JD has not been posted, so here goes.  Since everyone is watching the NCAAs, and its a nice day, nobody will bother posting to this JD.  Especially since...


Magic Numbers (UPDATED 3/20)

  3/20 Update:   It's been nearly a week since the last Magic Numbers update; nowadays the Big O is publishing the Blazers magic number in the paper.   Since we lost last night and Phoenix was...


A defense of Stephon Marbury

Over on RealGM is something that was interesting to read--a defense of Stephon Marbury (and by extension, other maligned drive-and-kick point guards such as Baron Davis). The essential claim to...


Post-Oscar hangover Junk Drawer (2/24)

    I feel bad about this.  Really, I do... posting junk drawers is something which is kind of an honor (chuckle), and as I posted a JD over the weekend (one of the more popular ones, I might...

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