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10/13/2011: The Day They Forgot The Game Thread

Unfortunately there was no game thread for the Tigers vs. Rangers. Fortunately, the Tigers won anyway. Justin Verlander is a man made of iron, although he didn't have his best stuff.  As previously...


The C. J. Wilson Appreciation Society Meets In Oakland Friday Night

Do you have an idea for how the 6,000 who will be there should show the love to our friend from Texas? Here's a thread for that.


Mystery Balls -- Trading Thread

Congratulations to Amanda McCartthy and the rest of the A's wives and girlfriends for raising $21K+ for ALS with the Mystery Ball sale yesterday! Did you buy one or more of the Mystery Balls...


Don't Forget! Friday 6/17 is the A's Wives Basket Auction

Berry Jo posted a great diary about the fine charitable efforts being organized by the A's wives and sweethearts, and particularly Amanda McCarthy, the Nora to Brandon McCarthy's Nick (at least on...


It's a Daily Link Dump! 5-23-2011

Further evidence that Geren has to go: he doesn't know the proper usage of "hopefully": "Anytime you lose a close game it's tough, but the guys had a lot of energy.  It's one you have to shake...


What if the answer to the San Jose vs. Oakland debate is......

Yes?    Indulge me after the jump.    


Why Time Begins On Opening DLD (including Zito crash)

Baseball.  We haz it.



Update Thursday 11:15 AM: The A's have announced that their new flagship station is 95.7 FM, KBWF "The Wolf". “We are delighted to enter this partnership with Entercom. 95.7 The Wolf is one of...

Report: A's not likely to buy KTRB


Well, if this is accurate it's not good....the likely buyer of KTRB is either a Spanish-language broadcaster or a religious station. I don't want the A's to overpay for a crummy transmission deal like KTRB's, but I don't think another season of contractual-obligation ballgames in the middle of a completely different format, followed by yet another station change, will help us either.


The Robert Buan Farewell Thread

It's true.  The man who gave us the magic of Buancasting and inspired AN to create the legend of Mark Ellis flying from base to base on his magical unicorn is no longer an employee of the Oakland...


DLD for 9-30-2010 and beyond: Special G****s Edition

In addition to a place for exchanging recipes, restaurant tips, TV reviews, the occasional link, and other pleasant chatter, do you need a place to discuss The Thing that might be happening Over...


DLD 9-27-2010: We're all NRAFs this week

because there are no more home games.  Sob!  So let's drown our sorrows with some extraneous linkage, shall we? Some are sad and some are silly.    Let's get the serious one out of the way: Driver...


DLD 9-16-2010: Double digits

It was kind of a big deal when you turned ten years old, wasn't it?  Ten felt like many, many more than nine.  And so it is now, and so the less said about that the better.   Instead, let's turn...


DLD 7/28/2010: MLBlinology

Back in the day, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, people informally known as Kremlinologists got paid a lot of money to suss out what was actually happening in the Soviet Union based on things...


For those going to be extras in "Moneyball"....

Advice based on last night's experience....everyone else who was there, chime in.  Arrive 30-60 minutes before the time the BeInAMovie people told you was when the doors open.  I arrived at 9:45...

U. S. House Resolution on Braden's perfect game


It hasn't been formally introduced yet. But it would be nice to have the House of Representatives "recognize the loyalty of Athletics baseball fans in the East Bay and around the United States". (And the world!)


Eric Byrnes of the Menlo Park Rec League

As mentioned elsewhere, the onetime fan favorite and amateur security guard, having been released by the Mariners, is now playing for the Dutch Goose of the Menlo Park Community Recreation League. ...


DLD 5/11/2010: In other news, I saw a perfect game less than 48 hours ago!

And I can't stop talking about it! And neither can a variety of other people including John Donaldson who was the A's second baseman during the Catfish perfecto and who says "I liked to fell out...


DLD 4-26-2010: Off This Day!

 Some news in the press today and over the weekend you might have missed if you're not into tree-killing or spent too much time at the ballpark: Realistic Eric Chavez is realistic: "Games like this...


DLD 4/14/10: 20-20-24 hours to go...

If you haven't filed your taxes yet, get cracking and/or file the extension!  And don't count on stopping in to your local public library to grab an extra 1040 because many of them no longer stock...


Link Dump 11-02-2009:

Because Daily may be setting expectations too high in the final flickering days of the postseason.   Be grateful for whatever Dumps may come your way.  29 of the 60 newspapers that covered at least...


DLD 9-23-09: It's a new day

And thus a new Daily Link Dump.....however, I commend yesterday's DLD to your attention because of the many excellent links and comments including Poppy's highly-recommended suggestion.  Speaking...


DLD 8-17-09: Take BART (boop-boop) if ya wanna be on time

Yes, we have BART service today, and more importantly, tonight for those who can make it to the Coliseum to watch Brett Tomko take on the Yankees.  Tomko tonight, Mazzarro tomorrow,...


DLD 7/1/09: Less about baseball, more about baseball movies

Or the one that isn't in production right now.  The New York Times has a story headlined In Skittish Hollywood, Stars Can't Save "Moneyball"  and the LA Times counters with its more insiderish S...


DLD 6/30/09: Pardon me if I'm sentimental

It's the 42nd anniversary of the first major-league game I ever attended, Minnesota Twins vs. Washington Senators.  Unfortunately, the game was called on account of a tremendous thunderstorm before...


DLD 6-22-09: There is an "A" in delay....there's a D and L in there too

Shooting was supposed to start today on Moneyball: The Movie, but it isn't gonna.   It may be a temporary snag, or the film may be dead....it's day-to-day. The advisory vote on whether to...


DLD 6/9/09: Lemurs conquer San Jose

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone who intended a special DLD for today, but when I saw this story I knew I had to post it. Four lemurs of endangered species born at San Jose's Happy Hollow zoo   ...


DLD 4/21/09: Overheated and underreported: Scott Hatteberg, Actin' Machine!

Bruce Jenkins: on the Yankees' new ballpark: The real Yankee fans, the ones who perfected the art of sophisticated (or downright rude) heckling, have been priced out of the yard.   The Wall...

The Art Of The Autograph (Detroit Free Press)


A nicely done video from the Detroit Free Press staff at Tigers spring training -- captures the ST fan experience well.

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