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Orlando Magic Waive Jameer Nelson


The Orlando Magic have waived the last year of Jameer Nelson's contract.

Is this game out of reach?


After watching the Magic get crushed by the Kings tonight I put together this little page to quickly calculate when the game is completely out of reach. Someday it will be just as useful when the Magic are the ones doing the stomping. Update: I've now moved the site to its own more memorable domain and added some automatic score updating.

Rob Hennigan created the largest trade exception in NBA history out of thin air


There has been a lot of curiosity about exactly how the Magic were able to end up with a nearly $18 million trade exception in the Dwight Howard trade. Eric Pincus at Hoopsworld breaks it down and it's surprisingly intricate and required both the Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson trade exceptions. Say what you will about what the Magic got, but this trade exception was clearly key. It is also something that would have never happened with Otis Smith.

Lakers meeting with Magic today about Dwight?


"Lakers pushing hard to land Magic center Dwight Howard & meeting with Magic today,sources tell Y! LAL wants DH contract extension commitment" Updated: I've pointed this to a more thorough link, but here is the original tweet that started this post.

Dwight to LA, Bynum to Cleveland, and Miscellaneous to Orlando?


The Lakers, Magic & Cavaliers are discussing three-team deal that may send Dwight Howard to LA and Andrew Bynum to Cleveland.

Why don't stars seem to like Orlando?


Great blog post (expanding on a Mike Bianchi idea) that compares how strong starters and role players seem to love Orlando but the biggest stars always leave on a bad note. There aren't any real conclusions drawn (nightlife? endorsements?), but it is a really interesting angle to discuss.

Deron Williams staying with the Nets


On Twitter, Deron Williams posted that he is staying with the Nets. "DeronWilliams: Made a very tough decision today.... http://t.co/gkFBBzWn"

Dwight Howard in LA to See Back Specialist


Dwight Howard has gone to Los Angeles with a member of the Orlando Magic's medical staff to get a second opinion on his aching back and will not play when the team hosts the Atlanta Hawks tonight at Amway Center, team spokesman Joel Glass said.

Must read: Behind the scenes of keeping Dwight


This is a really fascinating article from Ken Berger at CBS Sports detailing just what went down in the past 48 hours. It is chock full of specifics about the numerous intrigues, especially the pre-Spurs-game call with Dwight and his agent. I believe his overall sentiment is completely spot on and sadly missing in nearly all other coverage of this story.

Source: Dwight opting in for 2012-2013


According to WFTV, Dwight Howard informed Magic officials in San Antonio that he would not opt out and become a free agent this summer on the condition that the Magic do not trade him.


Is the player the Magic need already on their bench?

There has been a lot of talk in these parts about who the Magic should trade for to both keep Dwight and get better overall. While everyone has an opinion, a fascinating paper was presented at the...

Did you know it's Dwight Howard week on ESPN?


ESPN is going to spend this week talking about Dwight Howard. No, nothing about the actual game of basketball. They are devoting a week of front page stories to throwing out trade scenarios for the best center in basketball. Today's story is "How the Magic can win a Dwight Howard trade." Tomorrow will be Hollinger's chance to chime in while Chris Broussard throws out 5 trade options on Wednesday. You'll have to wait until Thursday to see Dwight compared to Lebron. After that will be some playoff odds and stuff about Deron's future as related to Dwight. I am quite saddened to realize that this is the foreseeable future of the NBA thanks to "The Decision." I wonder who will be the focus next year.

NBA Annual GM Survey


65% of GMs think Boston will win their division - though they don't currently even qualify for the playoffs and have played the 7th easiest schedule thus far. Twice as many GMs would choose to start their team with Derrick Rose over Dwight Howard. 5 times more would choose Durant or James. All of this while admitting that playing against Dwight Howard requires more adjustments in play than any other player. Oh, and no one expects Ryan Anderson to have a breakout season.

Oh, look. Now Dwight wants to play for the Clippers


And so it goes. Now, apparently, "sources close to Dwight Howard" say he wants to play for the Clippers, too. While I find it hard to believe that anyone wants to play for Donald Sterling, Chris Sheridan says Dwight is souring on the Nets. I'm sure it's all bunk, but thought it worth sharing. One interesting claim is the idea that the Magic signed JRich instead of Jamal Crawford because Dan Fegan also reps Richardson and the Magic wanted to keep him happy.

Pinstriped Post iPad Helper


Seeing as the new season is finally underway (and some of you may have received new gadgets over the holidays) I thought I'd post a link to the tool I created last year for following new comments during games on my iPad. This is just a simple bookmarklet that should work on any browser by creating a "Next" button to cycle to new (yellow) comments in an active thread and mark them as read as you go along. It does the same thing as using the "Z" key shortcut that is unavailable on a touchscreen.

Bill Simmons on the Dwight Howard drama


Bill Simmons continues his trend of completely underselling Dwight Howard and questioning his desire, but the earliest parts of the article are really informative - and sobering. "Wilt Chamberlain switched teams in 1965; the Sixers won a title two years later. Wilt switched teams again in 1968; the Lakers won a title four years later. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar switched teams in 1975; the Lakers won five titles from 1980 to 1988. Moses Malone switched teams in 1982; the Sixers won a title nine months later. Shaquille O'Neal switched teams in 1996; the Lakers won three titles in a row from 2000 to 2002. Shaq switched teams again in 2004; the Heat won a title two years later. No superstar center has ever switched teams in his prime (or the tail end of his prime) without a parade eventually following."

Otis Smith confirms to Sentinel that Dwight Howard has asked to be traded


Apparently, twice since Monday Dwight Howard has asked to be traded. No details on where and if the Magic will honor the request, but this is really happening.

Cavs Dan Gilbert sent email urging NBA to stop Chris Paul "travesty"


I worry the NBA stepped over the line (which started with buying the Hornets), but DanGilbert makes some good points.

Dwight Howard to host Magic All Star Game November 13


Dwight Howard is holding a charity game at UCF featuring players from the current and former Magic teams. Players announced to join Dwight include Shaquille O'Neal, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Courtney Lee, Vince Carter, Trevor Ariza, Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson, J. Rich, and Chris Duhon.

Based off of their regular-season shooting prowess, there was only about a 1-in-300 chance of the...


Based off of their regular-season shooting prowess, there was only about a 1-in-300 chance of the Magic shooting that poorly from 3-point land so far. Put another way, if Orlando had simply matched its regular-season long-ball form so far, it would be 42 points better in a series in which its overall scoring margin is only minus-11 points across all four games to date.

Austin Link on the Magic's cold shooting in the first 4 games of round 1 (ESPN Insider)

Hot Hand vs. Regression to the Mean


This isn't entirely basketball specific, but it's an interesting study that talks about the difficulty in predicting the probability of events and examines when and why people switch from the "hot hand" to "gambler's fallacy" theory. Given the uncharacteristic shooting of both the Magic and the Hawks in the first 4 games, it's at least educational and makes you realize the hyperbole and drastic measures called for by posters on this site isn't all that unusual. "In a more general perspective, such biases may induce public opinion and the media to call for dramatic swings in policy in response to highly improbable events."


Game 1: Was it really all about the jumpshots?

This matchup worried me more than any other potential matchup in the east.  I picked the Magic to win in 6, but knew it would be tough. Watching the game, it seemed my fears were correct. It also...

It was the Norovirus that decimated the Magic in December


"U.S. health officials say last fall's outbreak of a stomach virus that swept through pro basketball teams sickened 21 players on 13 teams. They were infected with the norovirus, highly contagious and known for spreading on cruise ships. The federal researchers didn't name the teams. But media reports have said players with a stomach bug at the time included four on the Orlando Magic, including star center Dwight Howard."


Forget the Franchise Tag, it's time for a Franchise Contract

Danny Nowell has a great post at magicbasketball.net detailing the reasons why he thinks a "Franchise Tag" is a bad idea for the league. While a franchise tag as generally imagined may not be the...

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