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Named after Brian Eno, but hopefully better looking. Citizen of the world, living in California, but can't imagine a better city than New York. Always a realist, but hoping that the Mets finally get it together some year.

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Tim Lincecum on Tim Lincecum


Tim Lincecum told us what he needed to work on this spring. A month in, has he had any success?

Doom And Gloom Comes Early To Mets Camp


Some of the energy around the Mets this year is already negative. The outfield doesn't look good, and there's already an injury snafu. But there are reasons for hope. And there are more ways to...

Finding a Path For Dillon Gee


Dillon Gee has a big league changeup and a indy league fastball -- can he make that package work for the Mets this year? Maybe similar pitchers can give us some insight into his chances.

Brandon Lyon's New Strikeout Rate


Brandon Lyon suddenly started striking out the lineup last season. Where did that come from, and more importantly, can he keep it up?

The Mets Don't Need An Exception


The Mets don't need a handout when it comes to protecting their top pick if they sign Michael Bourn. But a clarification, or an amendment to the rules, might do some wonders for the baseball's...

Two Ways To Count The Mets' Payroll


It sounds like the Mets were done spending before they ever began. And yet this payroll doesn't look like a $95 million roster. What gives? It turns out, counting has a lot to do with it.

Is There Hope for Lucas Duda?


Jason Kubel just had the best season of his career, and Lucas Duda the worst. These two are more similar than it might seem, though, and the vet might have something to teach the youngster.

The Mets Get Re-Financed


The Mets got some new loans today, but figuring out what that means for the future of the owners and the franchise isn't easy.

Moneyball Mets Acquire Scout's Favorite


A few numbers don't actually favor the Mets' newest top prospect. The implications of that realization say something about catchers, player value, and the character of team's front office right now.

Mets Get Outfielder Cowgill From Athletics


The Mets need a right-handed hitting outfielder on the cheap. They got him from the Athletics, who were flush with extra outfielders.

Be Careful How You Bucket R.A. Dickey


The Mets are negotiating with their ace. They should make sure not to compare him to the wrong populations when deciding on his value.

David Wright Helps Mets Out


The Mets helped David Wright out, with a $138 million extension. David Wright returned the favor by deferring much of his 2013 salary.

David Wright Gets Big Offer From Mets


The Mets offered their star third baseman a chunk of cash today. Problem is, nobody knows exactly how much.

Athletics Trade Infielder Brandon Hicks to Mets


Oakland sent a backup middle infielder to the Mets. Oakland need middle infielders. That tells you a little something about the value of Brandon Hicks.

15% off The Hardball Times Annual


The Hardball Times Annual is not Mets-only, nor does it contain anything more Mets-ian than a review of the Mets season and some tidbits about players, but the annual does have some great baseball research and commentary. And this link gives you 15% off. And I wrote a long piece about whether or not Stanford is screwing up its young hitters, with interviews of Keith Law, college batting coaches, Sam Fuld and Michael Taylor. (There is a little of Chris "The Animal" Carter in there!) I hope you enjoy. Now I'll shut up.

R.A. Dickey Wins the Cy Young


Mets knuckleballer goes where no knuckleballer has gone before. Winning the 2012 National League Cy Young in a landslide also gave Mets fans everywhere a holiday present in a tough year.

Details of Jason Bay's Release Emerge


Financial details of Jason Bay's release came to light Tuesday. The final numbers of that deal look beneficial to both team and player.

Are The Mets' Owners Broke?


New information from a source within the Mets organization says that the Wilpon family is broke, cannot afford to extend its stars, and may not stay in control of the team much longer.

Mets Fans: The Sun is Coming


In the midst of yet another storm in the Northeast, it's worth remembering how glorious that first day of spring sun can be. The Mets will win again someday and the sun will be blinding.

Jason Bay Released by The Mets


The Mets and Jason Bay agreed to part ways today. Though the team may not have received financial relief, and they needed outfielders, it was probably the right move.

The Free Agent Reliever Bargain Bin and The Mets


The Mets need relievers and don't have much cash. Joakim Soria heads a hodge-podge list of possible reliever bargains on the open market.

Would Melky Cabrera Make Sense for the Mets?


Melky Cabrera might turn Mets fans off for plenty of well-earned reasons. There are just as many reasons that the Mets should be talking to the free agent, though.

Projecting David Wright's Conract


David Wright will talk contract with the Mets this offseason. Amazin Avenue looks at the numbers and provides guideposts for that conversation.

Dickey Wins 20th, Wright Homers, Mets Beat Pirates


R.A. Dickey's 20th win gives him the leg up in the Cy Young race. Amazin Avenue has the full recap of the game, with GIFs, stats and insight.

Quick Recap: Dickey Dominates


R.A. Dickey won his 20th. Amazin' Avenue has the quick reaction.

Are the Mets Suddenly on Solid Financial Footing?


There have been some dark days for the Mets, and certainly the on-field product needs some work. But more news about the team finances might be good news. For once.

Mets' Shannon Forde Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


Shannon Forde has long been a smiling fixture in the Met's media relations department. Now she needs our help as she fights the biggest fight of her life.

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