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Named after Brian Eno, but hopefully better looking. Citizen of the world, living in California, but can't imagine a better city than New York. Always a realist, but hoping that the Mets finally get it together some year.

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Mets 3, Marlins 2: Bell Toils, Kirk Boils, Mets Roll


Captain Kirk plates the first run and the winning run in a thrilling 3-2 walkoff for the Mets. Amazin Avenue has the first take.

Mets Lose No-No, Gain Sweep


Amazin Avenue breaks down the Mets' Easter win, with a focus on Jon Niese and the baby Mets -- and the fine line between disaster and triumph.

Mets 7, Braves 5: Niese Has a Nose for the Game


Jon Niese had the Mets within three innings of their first no-no, then things fell apart. Despite the late implosion, the Mets won their third in a row to open the season.

Niese Comps Make Deal Look Good


Now that Niese is taking a physical for his new $25 million deal, seems like a fine time to link to a look at his comps I did over at FanGraphs.

Let's Dream On A Day One Win


The Mets open up the schedule with a win, and Amazin Avenue wants to stay positive.

Mets 1, Braves 0: Johan's Brave New World


Johan returns, David Wright plates a run, and the Mets new pen looks good. A win on day one for the Mets, and Amazin Avenue has the recap.

What Does the Dodgers' Sale Mean for the Mets?


Amazin Avenue tries to suss out what the Dodgers' sale means for the Mets. It's not as clear as it might first appear.

What Does Today's Mets Ruling Mean Exactly?


Amazin Avenue talks to an expert to suss out the meaning of today's ruling in the Wilpon/Madoff case.

How Important Were Johan Santana's Radar Readings


Johan Santana and the Mets were all smiles after his first Spring Training outing this week. Was there reason to be worried? Amazin Avenue takes a look.

New York Mets Pitchers: Composite Projections


Now the Mets pitchers fall under the microscope of composite projections. (Hint: it doesn't look pretty.)

New York Mets Hitters: Composite Projections


Amazin Avenue looks at some composite projections for the Mets batters. One projection is destined to split the middle and make nobody happy.

Are the Mets Truly Saber? Part Two


Amazin Avenue continues to explore whether or not the Mets deserve being thought of as a 'sabermetric' team. In part two of the two-parter, the focus is on the players.

Are the Mets Truly Saber? Part One


Are the Mets truly a forward-thinking sabermetric organization? Amazin Aveue investigates perception and structure in the first part of a two-parter.

Fantasy Mets


Amazin Avenue points out the fantasy sleepers on the Mets roster this year. There are some, they promise.

Project: Ike Davis


Ike Davis missed most of 2011. What do the advanced hitting analytics -- heat maps, batted ball distance, and advice from his hitting coach -- have to say about his future? Amazin Avenue takes a look.

Project: Lucas Duda


By combining the most advanced heat maps and batted ball graphs with insights from the Mets hitting coach, Amazin Avenue tries to get a hold on Lucas Duda's future.

2012 Mets Player Profile: Ronny Cedeno


Ronny Cedeno has joined the Mets. In an ongoing series looking at the main Mets in 2012, Amazin Avenue discusses his career and future with the team.

So What Does the CRG Hiring Mean Again?


Amazin Avenue takes a look at some of the further implications of the news that the Mets have hired turnaround consultants to analyze their financials. Two clear opinions emerge. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Mets Hire Turnaround Consultants, Put Bankruptcy On Table?


The Mets have hired turnaround consultants and bankruptcy and a sale are on the table. Amazin Avenue has the scoop.

Fan Projections of Key Mets


Amazin Avenue takes a look at a couple of projection systems for key Mets batters in 2012 and asks the readers what they think of the differences.

Seth Smith? Why? He's So Average.


The Mets are rumored to be in on Seth Smith. Is the average-ish corner outfield bat a good fit for the team? Amazin Avenue takes a look.

Project: Ruben Tejada


Ruben Tejada is the new shortstop in Flushing. Amazin Avenue uses quotes from his coaches, heat maps, statistics and comp players in order to try and figure out his future.

Project: David Wright


David Wright made some changes to his game, and the results were mixed. Amazin Avenue looks at heat maps and batted ball distance to figure out what effect the new hitting coach may have had on the Met third baseman.

Which Available Closer Should the Mets Choose?


What should the Mets do at closer? Amazin Avenue has the run-down of the available closers and produces a few recommendations.

Jose Reyes Roundtable Part 2: Will the Mets Sign Reyes?


The Amazin Avenue Jose Reyes roundtables continue with a look at the likelihood that the Mets will re-sign their shortstop.

David Wright's Spray Chart in New Citi Field


Amazin Avenue puts David Wrights' 2011 home hits on an overlay of the new Citi Field wall layout. How much more power might the third baseman enjoy next year?

Investigating Hudgens, Part 2: Pitches Per Plate Appearance and Ruben Tejada


Continuing to try and unpack hitting coach Dave Hudgens' impact on the Mets, Amazin Avenue takes a look at pitches per plate appearance and finds out that Ruben Tejada might be his best success story.

Jose Reyes 2011 Spray Chart in New Citi Field


Jose Reyes' 2011 spray chart on top of the possible 2012 Citi Field dimensions: More home runs on the way for the shortstop if he re-signs?

Investigating Dave Hudgens, Part 1: Plate Discipline Stats


It's time to evaluate Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens based on the advanced plate discipline stats out there. How does he stack up? Amazin Avenue has the scorecard.

Yu and the Mets


The Yu Darvish hype train is starting, and the Japanese pitcher is probably coming to America this offseason. Though there are plenty of reasons to get excited about him, the details of the posting process might not make him a fit for the Mets. Amazin Avenue has the details.

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