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Haynes: Nicolas Batum's Agent Expands On Comments

Chris Haynes of reports that Bouna Ndiaye, agent for Portland Trail Blazers restricted free agent forward Nicolas Batum, has continued his efforts to get his client out of Portland to the Minnesota Timberwolves. ------------------------------- "His mind is not there in Portland. Out of that meeting with the Blazers (on Thursday), we hoped they would allow him to live his dream. The best case scenario is a sign-and-trade and we understand that. Hopefully, Paul Allen would never stand in the way of his dream to play for the Timberwolves," is what Nicolas Batum's agent, Bouna Ndiaye, told Saturday evening. ... "After Andre (Miller) left, it was really tough for him in year three. He wasn't able to get up and down and his role was staying in corner. He wasn't allowed to play his game. Being a Bruce Bowen in-the-corner player frustrated him. He wants to be him. He wants to play his game. "He's a player that likes to move around and that's what he likes about Minnesota. Requesting a sign-and-trade was part of it, but not all of it. He went there to tell them there's no hard feelings, I don't hate you, but my heart isn't there. That's what he told them." ------------------------------- Ndiaye first made similar comments on Thursday. Also on Thursday, a report indicated that the Blazers told Batum and his agent that they would match any offer sheet and would not participate in any sign-and-trades. Batum denied a report earlier this week that he was unhappy with the Blazers and preferred to sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves. On Tuesday, I reported the 4-year deal being discussed between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Batum sat in the $45-50 million range, including bonuses that are said to be both achievable and potentially extremely difficult to achieve. No sign-and-trade discussions had taken place yet between Portland and Minnesota regarding Batum as of Tuesday night. Batum left a weekend visit with the Timberwolves without an agreement on an offer. His other suitors are said to include the New Orleans Hornets, Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Suitors can offer Batum a 4-year contract while Portland can add a fifth year. Offer sheets cannot be signed until July 11, after the NBA's free agency moratorium is completed. At that point, the Blazers would have three days to match. Batum said back in April that he was "99 percent" sure that the Blazers would match any offer made to him and the team's ownership and management has consistently referred to him as one of the roster's core pieces. The Blazers extended a qualifying offer to Batum last week. Batum, 23, averaged 13.9 points, 4.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.0 blocks and 1.0 steals in 30.4 minutes for the Blazers last season. ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Haynes: Blazers F Shawne Williams Officially Opts In

Chris Haynes of reports that Portland Trail Blazers forward Shawne Williams has officially opted in for the 2012-13 season. Williams maintained that he would do so since being acquired by the Blazers in a March trade from the New Jersey Nets. ed: text edited, bumped to front page

OJ Mayo an Unrestricted Free Agent


Ronald Tillery: Griz issue qualifying offers to Arthur, Speights, making them RFA. Won't issue QO to Mayo or Hudson. For those of you who think Eric Gordon would be a good target, keep in mind that Gordon will command a premium price tag on a restricted deal, which means Portland would be sitting on their hands waiting to hear if NOLA would match (they would). OJ Mayo is now an unrestricted Free Agent and will undoubtedly look for a fresh start where he will be a better fit. I really think that could be Portland. He was a top 5 pick, one of the most highly touted players coming out of high school and college. He plays the two but can initiate the offense. He's a decent defender and a decent shooter, capable of creating for himself or others. He was misused in Memphis, and maybe that's due to his not coming in and starting right away. Maybe it's due to the lack of chemistry between he and Rudy Gay. Whatever the case may be, I think Portland has to at least perk their ears up at this. I'm not convinced that Portland needs to target a SG, but Boston and the Lakers are interested in him. That by itself should tell you something.


Chris Haynes continuing to kill it from Chicago

Nobody in the Portland media has been able to keep up on the Blazer coverage like Haynes has. He's really doing a great job for CSNNW. He's got an article right now that lists who he's hearing...

"I don't want to be the first pick, I want to be the best pick."


This is why I want to get Thomas Robinson. This kid has it. Watch the video on the page and tell me he wouldn't be a great fit in Portland. Also take note that Charlotte is talking to some guys at the mid-level, around where Portland's 11 pick is. Word is they're shopping the #2.

Toronto looking to trade picks


According to hoopsworld, Toronto may look to trade out of the lottery. They have the 8th pick. Would it be worth it for Portland to offer some combination of the 11th pick and a second rounder to move up to 8th? Is there some other package to offer that Portland doesn't sacrifice a draft pick and gets the 8th pick back?

Jason Quick ‏@jwquick No shocker, but UNC C Tyler Zeller looked better than Illinois C Meyers...


Jason Quick ‏@jwquick No shocker, but UNC C Tyler Zeller looked better than Illinois C Meyers Leonard at Blazers' draft workout. Both expected 1st rounders.!/jwquick

Canzano: Responding To Paul Allen's Octopus Attack

John Canzano of The Oregonian has responded to a Twitter post from Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen that included an image of four octopuses that poked fun at a recent Canzano column that questioned Allen's interest in owning the Blazers. ------------------------------------ I ask in the column: "You in or out?" Allen replies: "Have you seen this octopus?" I now realize the Blazers owner and I need couples counseling if we're ever to communicate. The Jazz, incidentally, routed the Blazers 112-91 in the final home game. Not much to see there, or say about it. The most interesting development of the day came from Allen, who swung out of his cyber-shoes trying to knock my block off. Also, he brought his football coach, Pete Carroll, along to the game. You know, probably in case I caused any trouble. Like a lot of you, I couldn't make it to the Rose Garden to see that mess of a team finish this miserable season. ------------------------------------ text edited, bumped to front page

Coach Kobe? I'll get railroaded for this, but...someday? Maybe? lol


Coach Kobe?   I'll get railroaded for this, but...someday? Maybe? lol


In all the hubbub of yesterday, this might have been lost

Apparently Jeff Bower is interested in the GM position for Portland. If you recall, he was the guy in charge in New Orleans when they first started thinking about trading Chris Paul.....To...


Wilson Chandler: 5 yrs, 37 mil. What can we hope for Batum?

So the news today is that Wilson Chandler was signed to a deal with Denver (who looks to be extremely promising now with Faried, Gallo, McGee, Aflalo, Chandler, and Lawson). Chandler got 5...

Marquis Teague: Should he be a target if he declares?


"Teague controlled the game against the Cyclones, scoring a game-high 24 to go along with his four rebounds and seven assists. It was during the tournament when the great point guards before him really started to shine and now he is doing the same after just a decent regular season campaign in comparison to his predecessors." He's having a pretty strong showing in the tournament so far, and with this draft being so light on guards, it may serve him well to come out this year instead of wait. I don't think there's any doubt he wouldn't likely be a top 15 or 20 pick this year. I wouldn't mind him being a Blazer, how about you?

Terrence Williams waived by Houston


"Houston also cut forward Terrence Williams. The 6-6 Williams averaged 4.5 points and 2.3 rebounds in 12 games this season. Williams, a former first-round pick out of Louisville, never found a niche after the Rockets acquired him in a trade with New Jersey in December 2010, and his contract runs out after this season." If we're going to bring in some young guys on a trial basis for this season, wouldn't it make sense for Portland to waive Shawne Williams or Mehmet Okur and bring in TWill to take a look at him as well? He's nuttier than squirrel crap, but he was a decent player before he got traded to Houston, and he's a local (ahem...Seattle) kid, so that fits Portland's M.O. Why not?

Check this Diaw deal out and tell me if you think Portland should be sitting on their hands.


Farmar's name has come up as potentially going to Charlotte, with Johan Petro and a first round draft pick, for 6-8 forward/center Boris Diaw, whose ($9 million this season) contract expires at the end of the season. What a crock. You can't tell me we couldn't get a deal similar to that for Gerald Wallace (if not a lot better). A) Yes, I realize the players coming back suck, B) the point is getting that pick, C) it only makes sense if Portland is going to tank the rest of this season, which it looks like it's going to do. Do I want to lose Wallace? Yes and no. He's not the same player he was a couple years ago. He can only barely get above the rim if he's got a running straight shot at it. He can't shoot to save his life. He's decent on D, but most of the time he's going against PF's, so he's playing out of position. Personally, I'm tired of seeing him and Matthews laughing while we're down by 30, but I've been cranky for a while now with this team.

In Other NEW News...ya right...Dwight Jaynes...


Dwight Jaynes speculates that Paul Allen may be looking to sell the team..and even goes one further saying he thinks Allen could already have a buyer. Recycle, rinse, repeat.


Jason Fleming: Five Steps to a Brighter Future for the Blazers It's a decent write up as Fleming does a good enough job covering the Blazers for Hoopsworld, but I wonder if there is...


Marc J. Spears: LaMarcus Aldridge best PF in NBA The video shows Spears railing the Yahoo! guy as he tries to make a case for Griffin and Love. Pretty good stuff. Good to see LA...

Canzano: Blazers looking at Chris Mullin?


"NBA source tells me the Blazers have explored Chris Mullin as a possibility in the GM search." Read more NBA news and insight: --------------------------------------------------------- They could do worse than Chris Mullin, but the full twitter feed also says that the source thinks Buchanan gets the job. Take it for what it's worth considering the "source."

Blazers Frontcourt Trade Drawer


Who should Portland target? Should they bank on Oden coming back? Should they trade Camby? If so, for who? If Portland has another MLE to spend, who should they look at with that money? Personally, if we're not banking on Oden, I think Nene should be option #1, followed by Tyson Chandler, Emeka Okafor, Al Jefferson, Chris Kaman, and Samuel Dalembert. None of these guys would be home runs, but some might be triples (Chandler and Nene), some might be ground rule doubles (Okafor), and some would be a stand up single. Are there other guys out there worth looking at? Leave your thoughts and your proposals below, and be nice about it.

Pacers want the #2


This is from the Yahoo! Sports article by Wojnarowski. In it, there's a little snippet about Indiana making Roy Hibbert available in a trade that nets them the #2 pick. So far it seems Minnesota isn't biting. _____________________________________________ "With an eye on drafting Arizona’s Derrick Williams, the Indiana Pacers have discussed a package including center Roy Hibbert and the 15th pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ second overall pick, league sources said. Nevertheless, the overture hasn’t gained traction in Minnesota. " ______________________________________________ I don't know about anybody else, but this is exactly the kind of deal Portland should get involved with to net us Hibbert. Would it be possible to steal Darren Collison in the process? One can only hope.

Dwight Jaynes follow up article


Here's Dwight Jaynes' follow piece on the trade idea. It's not very insightful. He applauds the Steve Nash idea (yuck), mentions Felton, who would be an ok consolation prize if we were getting something more, Johnny Flynn (seriously?), and Tony Parker...along with Antonio McDyess, who I'm pretty sure saw was going to retire, but Parker would be my number 1 choice outside of Deron Williams if it were possible. Obviously these are my opinions, feel free to form your own. I'm not sure why Devin Harris isn't mentioned when Utah is shopping him so hard right now, and I'm surprised he doesn't mention Chris

Reggie Jackson May Have Draft Promise from Blazers


According to this article, there's a rumor and a theory floating around that Portland is the team to have gotten Reggie Jackson to cancel all of his workouts.

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