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Hudler's KHL Deal a Sign of Things to Come?


For the most part, the sort of players who have been turning their backs on the NHL and signing contracts with Russia’s Continental Hockey League (KHL) come from one of two camps: either they’re...

Burke Following Through on Plan for Leafs


For me, the highlight of an otherwise pedestrian 2009 NHL Entry Draft came in the first round as Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke prepared to step to the podium to announce his team's pick. ...

The Donald Departs the District


While other teams were happy to toss commits tens of millions of dollars in new free agent contracts at the start of the NHL's free agent signing period, the Washington Capitals kept things...

On the Edge of Free Agent Madness


Though open season on NHL free agents didn't start until Noon today, there were a number of preliminary deals over the past 24 hours to whet your appetite: ↵ ↵The Sedin twins are reportedly s...

Welcome to NHL Free Agent Frenzy


While NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his staff in New York and Toronto take a lot of guff from hardcore fans for all sorts of reasons, they ought to be acknowledged for doing everything they can...

Some Thoughts as the NHL Draft Approaches


Coming just one day after its NBA equivalent, the NHL Draft often gets overlooked on the sports calendar. While it would be easy to posit some sort of conspiracy theory on why that's the case,...

Is this the End of the Road for Chelios?


On Friday night in Montreal, 30 young men will get started with their careers as hockey professionals when they are selected in the first round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. But yesterday in...

Here's One Vote for Winter Classic II


Over the past few days, there's been plenty of buzz over the possibility that the NHL may hold a second outdoor game on January 1, 2010. Over at Puck Daddy, my friend Sean Leahy doesn't think much...

Cross Your Fingers, It's the NHL Awards


I am decidedly not a fan of awards shows. But being a hockey fan, I've become inextricably drawn to the season-ending NHL Awards Show. Why? Well, like a box of chocolates, you never know what...

Three NHL Teams on the Rise in 2009-10


Building off of yesterday's post on teams likely to take a tumble in the standings next year, here are three teams poised to make a move in a positive direction. ↵ ↵New York Rangers -- Yes,...

Three Teams That Could Take a Tumble


With the awarding of the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night, all that's left for the 2008-09 NHL season is the annual awards presentation. With that, the long road to next...

One Man to Watch: Marian Hossa


For as long as I've been a hockey fan, I've always made sure to be front of the television when a team has a chance to win the Stanley Cup. I’ll be there tonight … and will be sure to keep an eye...

Numbers Against Penguins in Game 7


I guess I shouldn't be surprised that after rebounding nicely with a 2-1 win at home in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins are still facing an uphill battle against history...

Four Groups Step Forward to Purchase Coyotes


There are plenty of things that happen in this world that just don't add up. Consider for a moment the curious case of the Phoenix Coyotes. For the past 13 years they've been trying, albeit...

A Period that Changed the Stanley Cup Finals


A couple of days ago, I wrote that despite the fact the Detroit Red Wings had a 2-0 series lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins heading into Game 3, the series was a lot closer than it looked . Now,...

Lanny McDonald, the Muffler Pitch Man


Not too long ago at FanHouse, my friend Adam Gretz dug up some of the best commercials done by future Hall of Famer Sergei Fedorov. But as you might expect, not every ad that involves a hockey...

Penguins Managing To Outshoot Wings Late


While plenty of people have been talking about how the referees failed to whistle the Pittsburgh Penguins for a too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty during the second period of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup...

Pondering An "Off Day" in the NHL


I’m sure by now that most of you have heard the helpful stat that teams who have won the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals have gone on to win the trophy 41 out of the last 44 times. But...

How Can Pittsburgh Climb Out of Another 2-0 Hole?


Can it really be that only a couple of days ago that folks -- myself among them -- were talking about how the quick turnaround between the end of the third round of the NHL Playoffs and the start...

Balsillie Unveils Plan for Copps Coliseum


Earlier today, Research In Motion founder and co-CEO Jim Balsillie fired another shot in the media war to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Southern Ontario, when he unveiled his plans to renovate Copps...

Savoring a Stanley Cup Finals Rematch


After a full 82-game regular-season schedule and three rounds of playoffs, the NHL has wound up exactly where it was one year ago, as the hockey world girds itself for a rematch of the Detroit Red...

Does the Stanley Cup Finals Schedule Change Work in Pittsburgh's Favor?


After watching the Pittsburgh Penguins decimate the Carolina Hurricanes in a four-game sweep in the Eastern Conference finals, should any team really be in a rush to face them in the Stanley Cup...

So Who Gets to Play the Bruins at Fenway?


With an off day in the midst of the NHL Conference Finals -- and who in their right mind would have wanted to watch hockey on Memorial Day, never mind write about it -- this seems as good a time as...

Are We Headed to a Finals Repeat?


With Pittsburgh's 7-4 win over the Carolina Hurricanes last night, both the Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings now enjoy 2-0 leads in their respective playoff series, which means the two teams are...

Fleury Comes Up Big in Game 1 for Pittsburgh


Is it possible for a pass to be too good? ↵ ↵That could be a question that ↵Carolina's Eric Stall and Jussi Jokinen might be asking themselves in the ↵immediate aftermath of Pittsburgh's...

Adam Burish's Close Call


When it comes to hockey injuries, it's hard to think of anything more gruesome than seeing a player get cut with a skate blade. In 1989, the hockey world held its breath when Clint Malarchuk of the...

Caps-Pens Reaches a Game 7 Crescendo


As somebody who has been blogging for close to eight years, there are few moments when I find myself at a loss for words. Still, I'm afraid that I've just about reached that point when it comes to...

Caps-Pens Heads for Seventh Heaven


Did the Washington Capitals deserve to stave off elimination for the fourth time ↵this playoff year and force a seventh game in their second round playoff series ↵against the Pittsburgh...

Bettman, Balsillie Battle in the Desert


It's no secret that Jim Balsillie, the businessman who brought the world the Blackberry, has been after an NHL franchise for some time. He took his first shot with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but...

That's How The Puck Bounces in Washington


Over the course of a lifetime, every ice rink is going to see its share of ↵unlucky bounces. But when it comes to bad bounces at critical moments, the east ↵end of the ice at the Verizon...

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