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Was Berube lying about Giroux on McDonagh?

Craig Berube said the Flyers top line will dump the puck against the Rangers top defensive unit. What have they been doing all year against the Rangers, and was Berube lying?

Measuring defense

In Part 1 of a series on zone entry data, we break down the ability of defensemen to prevent their opponents from carrying the puck into the offensive end.

A new wrinkle in zone entry data

This year, we've been tracking some new wrinkles in zone entry data. I'll post more about it here in the next couple of days, but for now, check out the overview of what we found and where it's headed over at FiveThirtyEight.

5 questions with Sean McIndoe

Q: How are the Maple Leafs like Down Goes Brown? A: Both are comedy gold.

How Corsi changes with age

In part three of our series on player aging, we look at how Corsi evolves as a player ages.

Which types of players age gracefully?

If you're looking to add offense via unrestricted free agency, which kind of forward is the best bet to age gracefully?

How scoring rates change as players age

In part one of a series on how players age, we look at forward scoring.

How do we know if NHL analysis is any good?

There's a lot of hockey analysis out there: some more robust than others. How do we know what to put our faith in? More importantly, how do NHL teams know?

Picking a goalie who can steal a game

When would we want an inconsistent goalie, and how important is consistency really?

Narratives in the analytics era

The analytics movement is gaining steam, but the traditional narratives still appeal to a broad audience. What changes are we seeing in mainstream writing?

The incredible 59-save game

A 59-save shutout is remarkable, more because of what it says about the performance of the defense than the goalie.

How important is shot quality?

How important is shot differential really? Several analysts have looked at this several different ways and all came to similar answers.

Projecting scoring rates

How far back should we look when estimating a forward's future point production?

How much does last year matter?

Past history shouldn't affect our projections as much as the most recent results, but it's not meaningless either. Let's build a model for how we think the importance drops off with time.

'It's just a career year'

How quickly can a player's performance change your opinion of him?

The Wild and Zone Entries

In the link above, Sports Illustrated takes a look at the findings from the zone entry project and teams that have publicly discussed working on their zone entries, with a particular focus on the Wild.

Ryan Suter's incredible workload

The Minnesota defenseman might end up logging the most TOI since the NHL started tracking ice time. In an Olympic year, no less.

The 'be all, end all' stat

Measuring a player's value with a single number is a worthy pursuit, but it's a really tough thing to do in hockey. Here's one of the reasons why.

What drives the Kings' shot differential?

The Kings have been a dominant puck possession team the last couple of years. How do they do it?

Is Crosby hard to play with?

Check out the scoring rates for players in their minutes with and without Crosby.

Do stat-based assessments really pan out?

The popular advanced stats show good mathematical correlation to future results, which is reassuring. But let's take a more practical look at how stat-based assessments of a team's moves have actually panned out.

How does the NHL decide on a suspension?

The NHL's decisions about whether to suspend a player are mystifying to many. A review of the video reveals a fairly simple set of guidelines to consider.

The clutch save

There are times when a team needs the goalie to bail them out. Can we tell which goalies are most likely to rise to the occasion?

Shallow nets and scoring: A statistical look

With this year's move to shallower nets, are wrap-around shots up? Are they more successful?

From point-blank range

Which two players stand apart from the pack in getting close to the net for their shots?

Should teams pay goalies big money?

Goalies are really variable, and there's some evidence that the gap between the best and worst is shrinking. What does that imply for their value?

What's Toronto's real shooting talent?

The Leafs have now played 82 games since the start of last year, and have shot phenomenally well over that span. How confident can we be that they won't keep it up?

Bringing shot quality into the mix

Can we improve on Corsi by factoring in shot location and type?

What's Lundqvist really worth?

How much will Henrik Lundqvist be worth next year? In 2017? In 2021?

On the Leafs and shot quality

Comparing the Maple Leafs to other recent teams' periods of good shooting and goaltending.

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