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Does regression to the mean apply to hockey?


Over 125 years ago, it was demonstrated that small samples produce extreme results that will eventually regress to the mean. Is that true for hockey?



Fans are insane everywhere, apparently. Here's a sampling of what Pens fans were saying about their goaltending last night.

How shooting pct. and shot rates impact scoring


Do shooting percentages or shot rates drive an individual player's point totals more?

Scoracek? Maybe just for a year


Jake Voracek had the best year of his career in 2013, but will he continue that pace going forward?

Does Jeff Reese deserve more criticism?


We all know about the problems surrounding the Flyers and their goaltenders, but why doesn't goalie coach Jeff Reese fall under the media microscope more often?

Phil Kessel Dominates All Bruins But Chara

Friend of the Blog Eric T. writes about how the Leafs' superstar has done against the Bruins, Zdeno Chara, and Patrice Bergeron

Because every little bit helps


We're raising money for charity. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

What does it cost to trade up in the draft?


What does it cost for a team to trade up in the NHL draft? Lots of studies have been done, but let's try and nail it down.

Don't get excited about Mason's hot start


History tells us not to get excited about Steve Mason's hot start in a Flyers uniform.

Why goalies should never play back-to-back


Ilya Bryzgalov has seen a heavy workload this season. He should see less, because it doesn't make much sense when goalies play back-to-back games.

Remaining schedule not helpful in playoff race


The rest of the Flyers schedule does not do them any favors in their attempt to squeak into the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Who's the Flyers best player?


The gap between the Flyers' consensus best player, Claude Giroux, and his subordinate, Jakub Voracek, isn't as large you'd think.

Hockey stats part 2: Individual contributions


In part 2 of our stat primer, we look at the stats that shed light on individual player contributions and where modern analysis is headed.

Just how good are the Kings, really?


A shot differential metric developed on Broad Street Hockey is gaining increasingly widespread use. Let's look at what it means and what it says about Flyers West.

More than a line change to blame


Was a bad change to blame for Rick Nash's second goal against Ilya Bryzgalov on Tuesday night?

Trolling the Flyers at the Sloan Analytics Conf.


I traveled to Boston for this year's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, or as we'll alternatively call it, Trollfest 2013.

Can Couturier keep up elite defensive play?


So far in his NHL career, Sean Couturier is establishing himself as an elite defensive player. Can he keep it up, and what's his potential as an offensive threat?

Wellwood deserves to play


Eric Wellwood has been sent back to the Phantoms, but he's been one of the Flyers' most productive drivers of possession this season. He deserves to play at the NHL level.

Analyzing the Knuble signing through zone entries


MIke Knuble is a Flyer again, but he's 40 years old now. What can he bring to the table? We analyze the acquisition using zone entries.

Scouting the officials


Let's scout tonight's officials.

Brayden Schenn's steady progression


Brayden Schenn has struggled so far in his time as a Philadelphia Flyer. Is he still on track to become the elite player we think he can be?

Scouting the officials


The officials were the story on Sunday. Will they be tonight? Let's pre-scout them so we know what we're getting into.

Is Zac Rinaldo making progress?


The evolution of Zac Rinaldo's game has been a constant topic for article fodder. Does he have playmaking skill that hasn't yet been showcased? Is he becoming more disciplined?

Stamkos! A look at Philly hockey in a 12-team NHL


CBA negotiations have imploded the NHL. The league that rose from the ashes has 12 teams in profitable markets and no salary cap. What does Philadelphia's team look like?

How does an NHL lockout affect the local economy?


A lot of articles have been published recently about the impact of the lockout on local economies. In this article, we suggest that the impact has been dramatically overstated and look at what...


Why this week's game might be tougher than you think

OK, so obviously after a team wins in New England to move to 2-0, a lot of people will realize that they aren't complete pushovers. But there's something else I wanted to highlight. Last year,...

Comparing the Flyers and Wild zone entry data


Tracking zone entries has provided insight into the Flyers performance in all three zones. With other teams starting to get involved in this project, we can now compare across teams.

Monday Morning Fly By: A Perfect Day For Collective Bargaining

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes.

Will Danny Briere bounce back from a rough season in 2012-13?


Danny Briere's goal total dropped by more than half in 2011-12. How much of that was luck, how much was age, and what should we expect from him in 2012-13?

How Philadelphia Flyers forwards were deployed in 2011-12


We use a new competition metric to sort out which Flyers forwards faced the opponents' top forward lines and which faced the top defensive pairings.

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