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Three Quarters Down, One to Go...


We're nearing the end of this season of change. Let's take a closer look at what's been going on during each quarter as we prepare for the Madness of March.

Are We There Yet? - A Review of Boston's Q2


Season's like this can be long and difficult for everyone. When the results desired aren't there, sometimes a look at the journey can help ease the pain of the ride.

Gauging Team Assets at the Quarter Pole


Transition years are all about internal development. On a team full of uncertain commodities, measuring internal growth trends can go a long way toward making sense of which direction things are...

All Aboard the Pork-Chop Express


Jared Sullinger is quickly rounding into form and showing the high-end promise he flashed a year ago. With the Celtics in asset management mode, having a lead dog can do nothing but help the...

Sully & KO Deliver Knockout


There has been a lot to digest thus far this season. Among the array of appetizers on the early season menu, the team's last two first round picks have provided a tasty return on investment thus far.

Bridge Year?!?


Nobody likes the term "bridge year" when it comes to their team....but it's more complex than just "riggin' for Wiggins".

The Road Less Traveled


Doc's thrown the gauntlet down, Ainge is doing damage control, and the team has regressed back to its losing ways. Trade season is heating up and a Boston fan base reeling from Patriots losses and...

Not easy being Green


Much has been made of the Jeff Green's play this season. The common consensus seems to be that he has been "disappointing" relative to expectations. Diving deep into his performance metrics may...

Tune Up or Totaled?


There is a growing sense of dread surrounding the coverage of this team. As the losses pile up and frantic fans search for understanding, many are beginning to believe that the team is simply far...

Time for a Change


When Doc Rivers inserted Jason Collins into the starting lineup, it signaled the official transition away from the team's small-ball oriented attack. Danny Ainge's comments on Weei this week...

Let's Get It On!


Make no mistake, this was no "bar fight" to be sure.

Courtney Lee: An NBA Journey


Courtney Lee is not stranger to change or adversity. His young, promising career has been one of constant upheaval and uncertainty. For Lee, finding immediate success has meant taking the long view...

C's Learning Complementary Basketball


Much has been made of the Celtics early season struggles. The continuity of this promising cast of characters has caused some unease among the green faithful.

How 66 Games in 124 Days Could Work to Celtics Advantage


I've come to the conclusion that Boston may be the BEST prepared to handle this schedule.

In The Season of Giving, Could the Celtics Receive Both Paul & Howard?


With all the rumors beginning to fly around, I thought I'd add some perspective into the type of thought process that goes into planning out potential scenarios when it comes to building an...

A Game of Give and Take


No matter who is right and who wrong - the owners will "win" in the end because their offer still outstrips any monetary compensation for playing basketball anywhere else in the world.

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