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Born and bred a Cubs' fan. Grew up in the NW suburbs then moved to Florida for 13 years (hence the FSU logo).

Spend more time following the Cubs than I care to admit. In fact, I really should be working now.

More to come...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
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  • NCAAB Florida St. Seminoles
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Cub Tracks Preps For A Big Birthday

Perhaps you've heard: the 100-year birthday of Wrigley Field will be celebrated Wednesday. Everyone seems ready to celebrate the park's big day.. Meanwhile, Castro and Rizzo seem "fixed", Jesse Rogers is suprised, and we deal with crowds.

Cub Tracks Is Focused On Process

The results sure aren't there (Saturday notwithstanding), so the team is focused on process. This isn't about "moral victories", it's about figuring out what it takes to make things better. Add your ideas below.

Cub Tracks Gets What's Expected

C.J. Edwards has a prediction on winning later, CSN goes "inside" the Tanaka bidding to show why the Cubs expected the result, Cubs Den debunks St. Louis success, and Shark talks about the dangers of Wrigleyville.

Cub Tracks Is Feeling Taxed

It's the day to pay the tax man (no politics, please). The Cubs' record is already in debt, they're missing Fonzie, Shark is as good as gone, Edwin is still bad, and sloths squeak.

Cub Tracks Says "Whammy!"

Welington Castillo wallops the Cards, Champ Kind makes an appearance, the Cubs look for an ace in the draft, while Shark tries to make his case. Hector is hot, Emilio energizes and advises, and Starlin outpaces the Hit King.

Cub Tracks Stars Starlin

Starlin Castro's breakout has everyone breathing a sigh of relief. Castro is back to basics, his potential replacement has a big learning opportunity, another youngster is frustrated, but the platoons will stay in place.

Cub Tracks Is Role Playing

Some players are settling into their roles. Others have eyes for new jobs. Instant replay is challenging, while clutch woes look familiar. Some days you're the lion. And others, you're the baboon.

Cub Tracks Looks For A Slump Buster

The offense has been a problem, so the team is already looking for answers. Everyone is looking to Starlin Castro. Others look at Wrigley Field weather and missing ivy.

Cub Tracks Starts And Stops

I know why there's the off day after opening day. But, man, is that annoying. As such, the writers worked "hard" to fill space for two days.

Cub Tracks Is Nobody's Fool

It's a day to be a fool, but let's not let the overreaction to Opening Day get too far out of hand. One game, people. One game.

Are the Chicago Cub Sox A Playoff Contender?

Roll two bad teams into one and what do you get? I'm not real sure.

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Mark Grace

This is the last scheduled Favorite, so I'm picking mine.

Cub Tracks Can't Wait Any Longer

And we don't have to. Tomorrow is Opening Day. Let the celebrations begin.

Fan Foils By The Numbers: Sam Zell

He never suited up for the Cubs, but this "suit" did some awful things for and to the Cubs. Caution:"tl;dr" ahead.

Cub Tracks Is A Puzzle

A roster puzzle, that is. Even with just a few days left before games count, the final choices are still being made. And it looks like there will be a lot of moving parts all season long. So Cub Tracks looks at how the pieces fit, who is bouncing bac

Cub Tracks Waits A Week

Real baseball games that count. Soon. In the final week of spring training, that means the final roster decisions need to be finalized. That means who makes the team, who might get traded, and who plays where.

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Andre Dawson

The Hawk patrolled right field like few others.

Cub Tracks Is Being Flexible

Whether it's the rotation, position players, who is on the roster, or who to pick in June, flexibility is important. Check out the Cubs' options in today's Cub Tracks.

Fan Foils By The Numbers: Alex Gonzalez

Limited skills and wrong place, wrong time.

Astros "Punish" Springer?

The Astros offered George Springer a 7 year, $23M contract before he's played one game in the majors. He rejected it. The Astros then optioned Springer to the minors. Discuss.

Cub Tracks Is Ready

Which prospects are "ready" is the question du jour. We also track Ryan Kalish making an impression on his new-old boss, homers that make you go "ooh", and how Harry Caray replaced Scarlett Johansson.

Cub Tracks Thinks Second First

Javier Baez playing second base has the writers all a flutter. And it's getting others looking at something of a logjam at the keystone combination. We're also eyeing Mike Olt and contemplating the rotation in today's Cub Tracks.

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Ted Lilly

One of Jim Hendry's failures was yesterday's Foil. One of his greatest successes is today's Favorite.

Cub Tracks Chases The Cards

For the Cubs, it's all about trying to best the rival Red birds. To do that, players are getting in work at new positions, old positions, and against the kids. A former Cub wants to kick in the Cubs' teeth. And the column ends with a cuddly namesake.

Fan Foils By The Numbers: John Grabow

Exhibit A for why you don't spend money on middle relievers.

Cub Tracks Turns Left

There's a whole lot of left-handed news in today's edition. Take a click about a rough go for a starter, overworked relievers, and rebuilding outfielders. We've also got a friendly Cardinal, Baez on the move, Shark watch, and space maps.

Cub Tracks Is Leading And Learning

Some players want to lead. They all have more learning to do. The division is daunting, or overrated, depending on who you ask. A couple of refugees try to recover from "Tinogate." And time to prepare our spider silk defenses for an alien invasion!

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Rick Monday

Largely known for a single act of national pride, today's Fan Favorite was also a pretty good ballplayer.

Cub Tracks Is Built For Power

Whether it's prospects launching moonshots or a young bullpen throwing (instead of fanning) flames, power has become the buzzword of camp. The Cubs remember a legend, scouts keep raving, and Rick Renteria continues to question in today's Cub Tracks.

Fan Foils By The Numbers: Jeff Blauser

In this week's Fan Foils, we're reminded that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" is not a strong way to operate a baseball team.

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