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Born and bred a Cubs' fan. Grew up in the NW suburbs then moved to Florida for 13 years (hence the FSU logo).

Spend more time following the Cubs than I care to admit. In fact, I really should be working now.

More to come...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
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  • NCAAB Florida St. Seminoles
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
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Cub Tracks Is At The Crossroads


Shark is at a crossroad, Big V gets dissed, the Cubs try to emulate their arch rivals, everyone expects the Cubs to stink, and Tattoine could be real. How's that for a mixed bag in today's Cub Tracks?

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Rick Reuschel


The next entry in the Fan Favorites series looks at an oft overlooked hurler.

Cub Tracks Is Just Super


Many sports fans will be preoccupied with another event today. Here in the Cub fandom, we are still basking in the glow of adding two pitchers to the mix. Basking. Yep. Let's go with that.

Fan Foils By The Numbers: Milton Bradley


Welcome to the debut of the "Fan Foils By The Numbers" series. This flip side to the "Fan Favorites" series could really only lead off with one player.

Cub Tracks Is Packing Up


The team is packing boxes to head to spring training. So Cub Tracks looks at some of the players who will meet that cargo in Arizona, plus projections that are breaking bad (for the Cubs), happy...

Cub Tracks Improves From Within


With little in the way of new roster additions, any improvement from the Cubs is going to have to come from within. So Rick Renteria and his staff have their work cut out for them.

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Reed Johnson


The next entry in the Fan Favorites series looks at a more recently revered role player.

Cub Tracks Is Repetitious


The beat writers are working on a lot of group think, again. But there's still plenty of news about what the Cubs should do now, the hassles of renovating a home, who is coming to spring training,...

Cub Tracks Is Moving On


That's really all you can do after missing out on something or someone you wanted. So what's next? The writers have some ideas.

Cub Tracks Reconvenes Lots Of Links


Sunday was plentiful and today is more of the same Cub goodness. There's a veritable potpourri of links to choose from touching on Tanaka, the bright hopes for the future, and what the team...

Fan Favorites By The Numbers: Shawon Dunston


We loved the energy and the hustle, but how do some advanced metrics impact our memory of Shawon Dunston?

Cub Tracks Convenes Lots Of Links


With the Convention underway, there's plenty to write about. Lots of Cubs are talking, the Rookie Development Program draws rave reviews, some Cubs become Backstreet Boys, and we go back to college...

Cub Tracks Gets A Grip


While lots of people flip their collective lids over the Cubs' new mascot, Cub Tracks is busy trying to get a grip on everything else happening in the team's world. Today there is a manager as a...

Cub Tracks Goes Back To Prospecting


Tanaka Watch will continue for a little bit, but we may as well focus on the players we do have. Cub Tracks catches up with prospect progress, starts negotiating, and learns new words, thanks to a...

Cub Tracks Is Still (Mad) Dogging You


The accolades and stories surrounding Greg Maddux' election to the Hall of Fame continue. But Cub Tracks is also pressing on with the money badger attitude of Javy Baez and filling your Sunday full...

Cub Tracks Gets The Call


Congrats to former Cub Greg Maddux and the other greats elected to the Hall of Fame. Beyond the Hall, there's more Tanaka talk, Portillo('s) confusion, the Cubs' chances to regress positively, and...

Cub Tracks Says "Baby, It's Cold Outside"


I hope you've all stayed safe in these treacherous temps. Stay inside and read about why a few Cub prospects could be fast movers, why Jeff Samardzija had a couple bad months and might get traded,...

Cub Tracks Braces For The Freeze


Seriously people: stay safe the next couple of days. As for the beat writers? They are already on ice.

Cub Tracks Bowls Into 2014


I spent New Year's Day on the couch watching college football and collecting Cub Tracks for you. Tanaka Watch continues, but we're also looking at other starting pitching options, stacking up the...

Cub Tracks Bids 2013 Adieu


As Al's column noted, 2013 wasn't all bad. But I think most of us will happily hit the reset button and start over tomorrow. So let's begin that looking ahead process with the very last Cub Tracks...

Cub Tracks Winds Down


Mercifully, 2013 is almost over. In today's Cub Tracks, we look ahead to 2015, contemplate Tanaka, and take a look at the clouds.

Cub Tracks Decides What To Return


For many folks, today is a popular day to head back to the stores to return a gift you may not have wanted. While fans wish they could return the last several seasons for store credit, the Cubs are...

Cub Tracks Waits For The Gift Of Links


No surprise: there's not much news in the Cubs' world. But some writers are still finding unique angles to give you something to click on Christmas Eve.

Cub Tracks Pitches A Fit


All eyes are on pitchers right now. How well do you think the Cubs' arms fit in? Otherwise, maybe you're looking into Starlin Castro's legal proceedings or trying to figure out why round electrons...

Cub Tracks Says "Yes Way, Jose"


Welcome aboard to Jose Veras. Your signing is proof that the current front office is "damned if they do, damned if they don't." Meaning: Cub fans are finding reasons to grumble about, well,...

Cub Tracks Is Frozen Out


The writers must have been snowed in. I figured things would be bleak, but there's really not much to talk about, beyond speculating about Masahiro Tanaka.

Cub Tracks Has A Full Sunday


Sundays tend to run a little light, but wrapping up the Winter Meetings has everyone in a writing mood. A lot of the moves were minor, but they will still play an important role on the Cubs' 2014...

Cub Tracks Counts On Castro


Starlin is getting in great shape and the Cubs are counting on a comeback from their young shortstop. Jed Hoyer works to fix a regret, Rick Renteria wants to be clear, and Cub Tracks soars with...

Cub Tracks Takes A Meeting


The Winter Meetings are underway. Al wonders aloud if the gathering is relevant. Cub Tracks thinks it is, if for no other reason than to help fill this column space. But there's more than winter...

Cub Tracks Welcomes Rick, Again


Surgery on his hip kept Rick Renteria away from Chicago when he was formally hired. But now the Cubs' new manager recently made it into town for his first media crush. So this edition is very...

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