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Just this guy, muddling through and fighting the forces of Gump.

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User Blog

Preseason SEC Power Poll: Part Two


Good news, sports fans, Tennessee is going to suck like Bree Olson inside of a vacuum cleaner!

Who Needs a Blogpoll Finale


Who are the actual playoff contenders? These guys.

Who Needs a Blog Poll '14: Preseason Part Three


Sorry, Ole Miss still sucks and I'm not ranking them until they beat a few teams.

Who Needs a Blog Poll '14: Preseason Part Two


Yup. Ranked Indiana. Long hair; don't care. Now, let's talk about some teams in the teens.

Who Needs a Blog Poll '14: Preseason Part One


The post-NSD, pre-fall camp edition is ready to throw down on you. Come at me, bros.

Building the Ultimate Alabama Team: Cornerbacks


As much as any position, the past 20 years have established Alabama as a premier program for corners.

Building the Ultimate Alabama Team: Safeties


Unsurprisingly, the rise of the Alabama safety has been a relatively new occurrence.

O'Bannon Coverage Days Two and Three


The Plaintiffs certainly got bang for their buck on Wednesday.

The Stalking Horse Cometh: O'Bannon Trial Day One


The Plaintiffs took their best shot, and -despite what equity may seem to require, it may not be enough.

The Kiffin Record: Let's Talk Offensive Philosophy


Before the A-Day game, we wrap up our examination of Kiffin's offense, specifically its philosophy.

Your RBR Word of the Day: Paravail


To have a winner, you have to have a loser.

Your RBR Word of the Day: Contrition


Boo boo edition!

Your RBR Word of the Day: Useagaster


These guys are the worst.

Your RBR Word of the Day: Arachibutyrophobia


This is officially one of the weirder words, ever.

Your RBR Word of the Day: Surprise!


Some days are better than others.

RBR Word of the Day: Altee Tenpenny Shoutout!


Esss Eeee Ceee Weeeeed

Your RBR Word of the Day: Callipygous


a/k/a football butt

Your RBR Word of the Day: Saginate


Would also work for "Florida's out of conference schedule since 1990."

Your RBR Word of the Day: Goubemouche


Mike Dubose and Dabo Swinney on the same miss those days, amirite?

Your RBR Word of the Day: Arriviste


Arriviste noun \ar-ee-veest; a-ree-veest\ A person who has recently acquired unaccustomed status, wealth, or success, especially by dubious means and without earning concomitant esteem. ...

Your RBR Word of the Day: Ennui


en·nui noun \än-ˈwē\ a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction boredom As we gaze into the offseason abyss, creeping world-weariness and boredom descend. We are stricken with a...

RBR Spring Preview: Athletes and RB Depth Chart


We made it, you guys! Every position dissected going into the Spring. Let's wrap up with incoming athletes, and finish up the running backs.

2014 Alabama Spring Practice: Running Backs


Like Baskin-Robbins: So deep, so varied, so good.

RBR NCAA Tourney Pick'em


Influence your friends, make new enemies, process your bracket!

Back to scrubbing the floor, Cinderella.


Surprise! Two best advance to the Finals.

Autobid or Bust, Sakerlina!


Four games, and at least one-and-a-half were entertaining!

SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Burn Everything!


It's as bad as you think

2014 Alabama Spring Preview: OL Signees


Plenty of playing time available, but are the kids good enough to unseat returning talent?

Alabama 2014 Spring Practice: Offensive Line


Many questions face the 2014 offense; talent on the offensive line is not one of them.

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