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OT: 4/2/14 Puffies

The Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica), also known as the Common Puffin, is a species of seabird in the auk family. It is the only puffin native to the Atlantic Ocean; two related species, the...


1/15/13 OT - Ides of January

The Hudson Valley Rail Trail is a paved 4-mile (6.4 km) east–west rail trail in the town of Lloyd in Ulster County, New York, stretching from the Hudson River through the hamlet of Highland....

Rockies manager Jim Tracy collapses during winter meetings Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy was...

Rockies manager Jim Tracy collapses during winter meetings Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy was resting comfortably while being evaluated at a Florida hospital after collapsing early Tuesday, Major League Baseball reported. LINK

Jay-Z suing David Ortiz

Apparently over the name of his nightclub that he has in the Dominican.

NFL Playoff OT rule change

Overtime rules for playoff games modified by league The NFL has changed the rules governing its overtime playoff games, eliminating the chance for a team to win with a field goal on their first possession, a league spokesman said on Tuesday. Starting next season, the team with the first possession in overtime would have to score a touchdown to end the game. But if they only manage a field goal then the opposing team will get a chance to end the game by scoring a touchdown. If both teams score field goals on their first possession, or fail to score, then classic sudden-death rules would come into effect, with the next team to score winning the game. Last season, the New Orleans Saints advanced to the NFL's championship game after winning the coin toss in overtime and nailing a 40-yard field goal on their first drive, ending the Minnesota Vikings' season. NFL owners voted 28-4 in favor of the proposal, according to the league's website. ( In the college version of American football, both teams are allowed at least one possession in overtime.

Joey do you like movies about gladiators?

Peter Graves has passed away, with Corey Haim the middle of last week that makes two, now who will number three be?

OT: WTF? Favre to sign with Vikings

This is worse than the Michael Jordan stuff when he couldn't make up his mind. Reportedly to sign with them for one year for 10 - 12 million.

OT: 2016 Olympics Golf, and Rugby Sevens

So looks like Tiger may get a shot at a gold medal now to add to his incredibly long list of winnings. Rugby 7's is a lot of fun to watch, I'm just curious if the US has enough professional level players to field a team?


Inge wins out over Kinsler     Victorino wins out on the NL side.     Your FanPost must be at least 75 words long. Right now it's only 18 words...



Hypothetically speaking, if the Rangers continue this slide and drop the next 10 or even 8 of the next 10 games does Washington get fired? Also, would JD be fired along with him? I'm attaching a...

OT: Ron Silver Dead

The Actor and Tony award winner died yesterday of cancer. He'll always be best known around here for his portrayal of Larry Goldman in the short lived drama Skin on FOX. His signature line being, "HIS FATHER IS THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY!"

Sheets rehabbing with Ranger's Doctor

JD says there is no connection, so take it for what it's worth.


OT: Thanks Veterans!

To any other fellow Veterans out there, retirees, or if you're currently serving whether it be active duty or national guard/reserves. Thank you very much for your contribution to this great...

Michael Crichton:Dead

Wow....didn't even realize he was sick. A very imaginative good author with some excellent books. Timeline was fantastic, but the movie was complete shite.


Post-Season GDT

First up: Brewers vs. Phillies   Followed by: Dodgers vs. Cubs   Finished off with: Red Sox vs. Angels    

Matt Millen Fired...Finally Per Jay Glazer at It's about time, Detroit has been...

Matt Millen Fired...Finally Per Jay Glazer at It's about time, Detroit has been godawful for soo long I can't believe they've let Millen run it as long as they have.

OT: US Open

So far thru 9 Phil is +3 and Tiger is -1.

Tombstone hand

and a graveyard mine, Just 22 and I don't mind dying. He made it a lot farther than 22, but alas the great Bo Diddley has passed. I guess that makes number 3.


OT:Weird Trades

The Laredo Broncos of the United League traded for John Odom from the Calgary Vipers last week. In exchange for Odom's services they gave the Calgary Vipers 10 bats .   This got me thinking, I...

Tony Romo Sings Jessica needs to give him a few pointers.

Tony Romo Sings Jessica needs to give him a few pointers.


A-Rod a p*$%y?

We now have confirmation that A-Rod is in fact a pussy. He apparently passed out during the birth of his daughter back in 04. I guess the aftermath of the colossal collapse they made to the Sox in...


OT:Avery Fired

Apparently it just happened, I can't find any official confirmation anywhere though.     Edit: Now being reported. Link ESPN Reporting.           Stupid having to get to the 75...


Laird's Defense - Again.

Okay just to get some of your panties out of a wad I've changed the poll, sorry to those that have voted, you'll now have to re-vote.   Let's see what LSB thinks about Laird's defense. In your...


OT: Severe Weather

Tornado WARNING: Tarrant, Johnson and Denton counties. Keep an eye out in those areas.                                                                       ...


OT: NCAA Madness

Thank you Ty Rogers for advancing W Kentucky to the next round.    


OT: March Madness Bracket Challenge

For any and all that are interested I've created a group for lonestarball in the bracket challenge. Anyone that wants to join is welcome.h...


OT: Winter Weather

The winter weather storm is hitting earlier than anticipated. It looks like west of FW and Denton are getting the brunt right now. Here in Irving we've got some freezing rain mixing in with the...


OT: Favre Retires



OT: Yao out for season's going to hurt Houston's chances of keeping up this momentum they've built up.             ...

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