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Trade Drawer: The Big 5?

I was thinking it is time for a trade drawer to get us through to the draft lottery. I am sure there will be a lot of good ideas discussed below but I will throw out one possible scenario that...


One man's Junk is another... naw it's still the Junk Drawer 1/7/2010

Well I am not 100% certain but I believe this is my first attempt at a Junk Drawer.  I will likely hit post and then see another Junk Drawer that was created 2 seconds earlier... it is the story of...

OT: Charles Barkley, others to join coverage


Well I figured we could use a little distraction. Barkley is joining the March Madness coverage. My take: "that's turible".

Wild game Lakers vs. Denver


Complete with a blown call on the final shot of the game. Here comes the NBA to say they got it wrong again. Will they ever get anything right?

OT - Obama to get Kansas back into Tourney?


I am not a big fan but this article is golden... enjoy.

Thabeet just one-upped Webster


Thabeet is about to become the highest draft pick to ever get sent to D-league stealing the honor from our very own Martell Webster.

A little perspectus (KP2 style) on last nights embarassment.


The Beavers effort was pretty pathetic but I think some of the margin lies int he fact that OSU just wasn't getting the ball to bounce right. I counted multiple shots that Seattle took that bounced off the front of the rim hit the backboard and went in. Hopefully the Beavs got all there bad shots out of their system. Basketball is indeed a strange game. Props to Seattle U though.


One Win = No Trade Drawer???? 12/18/09

What we win one game and the endless amount of trade drawers and trade posts suddenly stop?  Don't get my wrong it was a great win last night but there are still some weaknesses on the Blazers...

Interesting article by Howard


Interesting article by Oden Howard. Somewhat OT but applicable to Greg and Joel none the less. I swear you could replace Howard with Oden and it is true... although I do agree Oden has plenty to work on but at the same time let the 7 footers get dirty under the bucket.

Who Should have been the No. 1 pick in 2006


It is the poll question on right now. The link above is to the map of the US, if you want to vote just go to and click on the NBA link the poll is at the bottom of the page. It is interesting to note that in Massachusetts the voting right now is 48% for Roy 45% for Rondo... what a bunch of homers, even Doc Rivers doesn't like Rondo. P.S. let me know if this is worth is as a fanshot... don't want to be taking up valuable sidebar space.

Dwight Jaynes Calling Out Roy's Agent


As always Dwight makes some good points. There is really no reason to be going public with this stuff.


My 4 biggest gripes about officiating

1.)   This one gets me the most.  The late foul call. When the player goes up and there is contact but the official waits to see if the ball goes in before calling the foul... it is either a foul...

Greg isn't the only one!


Andrew Bynum giving Greg a run for the money.... 5 fouls in 7 minutes... at least Greg isn't the only one.


Why B-Roy is cooler than K*be... as if you need another reason

Remember how tough everyone thought K*be was for playing with an injured pinky finger?  It seemed like everyone and their mom was writing article about the most famous little manicured finger in...


Thank you Rebecca Harlow

We might as well thank everyone now right?  Rebacca has gotten better though so we should serious thank her for that.  Seems like she is asking better questions in her interviews. I am doing my...


Is B Roy okay?


2009 NBA Draft

Okay well maybe this is a little early, and I don't want to distract from the goal which is playoffs, but I figured with the recent loss to Denver and the upcoming game being Minnesota that people...

Free Jerryd Bayless! He ain't gonna get better riding pine.


Free Jerryd Bayless! He ain't gonna get better riding pine.


Officiating: Shaq vs. Oden

I recall in 2000 (or around then) the Blazers sent a video of Shaq getting away with fouls and traveling to the NBA.  It seems to me that Oden recieves a different treatment than Shaq did his...


Our favorite Page 2 Columnist

Bill Simmons Trade Value article on Ode/Bynum “The two toughest calls in the column. Oden would be in "Group I” if I didn’t invoke the Darko/Dumars Corollary: Namely, that his Trade Value is...

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