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Arsenal Under Wenger Have Entered Terminal Decline - Just Ask Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson's sympathy is the kiss of death for Arsenal

Liverpool: The Balance Between Simple And Simplistic

Liverpool look to have all the right answers at the moment. The messages being sent out are clear and simple, but are they too simple?

Football Only Cares About Football

Football doesn't care about anything but itself. We need to learn this, and it needs to stop pretending that it does.

Mourinho's Freedom At Real Madrid Makes Him A Serious Threat To Barcelona

Of all the managers in all the world, Jose Mourinho is the one who Real Madrid are prepared to give more than a season's worth of trust to. They've made the right decision, too.

Barcelona Need Cesc Fabregas, Because They Need Anyone They Can Get

Barcelona have allowed the idea that they want Cesc Fabregas for sentimental reasons to spread. On the basis of last season, actually, they could do with someone like him to freshen things up.

Want To Be Premier League Manager? Don't Be An Outsider

Football men still haunt British football. Isn't it time outsiders were given a chance in management?

Charlie Adam: You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby

Liverpool have been said to be employing moneyball strategy but they aren't - at least not in the truest sense; they're still choosing players like Charlie Adam because they love a bit of fantasy....

Completism: Soccer's Latest Craze

Increasingly, football fans can be heard talking about the player that will complete their team - from Modric to Sanchez. But it's time to wonder what they're talking about - football never 'ends'.

Manchester United: Buying Potential and Risking Their Future

Manchester United's focus on youth is placing their future at risk. What's more, it's the Glazers' doing.

The English National Team’s Existentialist Crisis

Apathy is hanging over the England camp. Of course the players don't care - how ludicrous to think that they would - but now the fans don't either.

Penalty Shootouts: The Ultimate Football Experience

A penalty shootout to decide between Manchester United and Barcelona wouldn’t be a disappointing ending. Forget the tactics, penalties are the ultimate experience for anyone who loves football.

The Champions League Final Is A Farce

The Champions League final is a farce. Forget the game. The world’s biggest annual sporting event is about convincing 200 million people to part with their cash.

FC Porto: For The Idealists?

Modern football is no place for idealists and Andre Villas Boas’ FC Porto are a long way away from representing how football would ideally work, but amongst the big boys of European football,...

Manchester United: The Beatable Champions

Manchester United are the beatable champions – or will be later this week. It’s not a catchy maxim, but, in fact, it’s probably the best thing to happen to the Premier League for a few years. In...

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