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SB Nation Article on Jim Ross

This should be moved to the main page, good stuff.


It's a Good Day to be Paul Allen (then again, every day is)

The Forbes 400 Paul Allen, owner of YOUR Portland Trail Blazers, clocks in at number 26 on the richest people in America list. And if you were to combine the Koch brothers (2), the Mars candy...

Wondering why we never get an All-Star game?

Wonder no more. Even though we already knew why.

John Cena hits 400 Make-A-Wish requests

John Cena has now granted wishes for 400 didn't children as part of the Make-A-Wish charity. Whether you're a fan who wants to see him turn heel or not, that's an impressive feat that deserves praise.


Film: Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies

Yep, apparently this is a thing. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it, or might have seen it. It has to be God-awful and worthy of MST3K-ification, but I happen to enjoy wasting...


Anybody want Andre Miller back?

It seems as though A. Miller has been suspended for a couple games for "conduct detrimental to the team", which in this case means he ripped HC Brian Shaw a new exit during a game. There's no...

A sign of respect?

THIS is the one I really want to win.


Question about Brandon Roy

Trail Blazers fan here (don't everyone stand and applaud at once), with a serious question about Roy. How do you, the fans, feel about your team signing him? 2 years, 10mil guaranteed isn't that...


CSS Random Stuff Open Thread - Hey, Cagesiders!

Hey fellow Cagesiders, do you happen to have any wrestling-related questions which don't warrant their own thread? Perhaps something on an unrelated topic which you really wanna share with other...


Suggestion/request for the powers-that-be

What do you think of having a thread in Fanposts, sort of a "miscellaneous" thing, where folks can ask questions/discuss wrestling or other topics that don't really rate a full Fanpost? Might be a...


Suggestion for a mini-contest

Along the lines of the PPV contest already under way, maybe even throw it in as a little bonus question or something... Who's behind Aces and Eights? There are plenty of opinions and, being TNA,...



Does anybody get to watch this on a regular basis? I just found it on a Spanish-language network around here, watched the past couple of weeks? My question is: Isn't this supposed to be a...

Has Shabazz been a naughty boy?

Edited from original posting because the caffeine finally kicked in.

Somebody make a Pryz Appreciation thread already. Surely he deserves it.


Somebody make a Pryz Appreciation thread already. Surely he deserves it.

Do Lillard or Leonard have endorsement deals yet?

It seems Mr. Barton does. Not bad for a 2nd-rounder, a guaranteed NBA contract and an endorsement deal, and it isn't even training camp yet.


Patrick Ewing, anyone?

As an assistant/big man coach. He's an assistant in Orlando, and odds are he won't be retained if SVG is indeed let go. He's been making noise about being HC somewhere, and has interviewed in CHA....

Chyna apparently passed out at a porn convention Friday

This acc. to TMZ, that bastion of newsworthy news. Wonder if anybody took advantage of her...

66 Early-Entry Candidates

American and foreign. 60 draft slots. And we haven't even gotten to the seniors. Seems a few people got some bad advice.


Another reason Chyna will never return to WWE

She is "starring" in The Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody. At least they gave her the right part, she's portraying She-Hulk (which unfortunately ruins one of my favorite comics characters FOREVER, but...


Free Throws

Why are they so hard for professionals to make? Why don't teams show more interest in improving? Why don't players take more pride and put more effort into what are essentially free points? This...

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