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2013 NBA Draft: Indy Cornrows Draft Mailbag


Evan Sidery takes all of your questions through Twitter and email that you submitted to us. Who is Indiana leaning toward selecting? Will the Jimmer Fredette trade happen? Find out all this information here!

Indy Cornrows Mock Draft 3.0


With trades involved, how does this mock draft from Evan Sidery shake out. Does Jimmer head to Indiana, or does a prospect they like fall to them? Who gets traded for picks around the NBA? Find all that out and more in Mock Draft 3.0!

2013 NBA Draft: Evan Sidery's Big Board


Our resident NBA Draft expert/analyst, Evan Sidery unveils his big board. Due to time constraints with the mock draft 3.0, last-minute scouting on prospects, and doing a special edition podcast for you all with ESPN Insiders, it is not as detailed.

23rd Pick Tournament Finals: Schroeder vs. Snell


In this final matchup, we have two great combatants squaring off for your vote to be crowned the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament Champion. Will it be Dennis Schroeder of Germany, or Tony Snell of New Mexico capturing this year's crown?

23rd Pick Tournament: Green vs. Schroeder


In our final semifinals matchup, we have two point guards squaring off for a chance to move on to the finals tomorrow. Erick Green of Virginia Tech and Dennis Schroeder of Germany are squaring off for your vote. Who will advance on to the finals?

23rd Pick Tournament: Snell vs. Trade Up


In the first semifinals matchup of the day, we have Tony Snell of New Mexico facing off against the idea of trading Danny Granger to move up in the draft. Either one of these things would be helpful for the Pacers next season. Who will advance on?

NBA Draft Rumors: Jimmer coming to the Pacers?


According to ESPN's Chad Ford and Marc Stein, Indiana and Sacramento have been in discussions about trading the 23rd pick for Jimmer Fredette.

Pacers Schedule Final Group Workout for Tuesday


Indiana has scheduled their final group workout for Tuesday. After having seven workouts, it will wrap up after that. Reggie Bullock of North Carolina headlines Indiana's final workout. He is expected to go anywhere from 19-27 on draft night.

23rd Pick Tournament: Schroeder vs. Trade for Vet


This matchup is the best one of the tournament, by far. A colossal battle like this is finals worthy, but they meet a little earlier. Dennis Schroeder would be a major upgrade to the backup point guard position, while trading the pick is intriguing.

23rd Pick Tournament: Bullock vs. Snell


This matchup has the makings of a good one in the poll. Both of these prospects have great shooting ability and athleticism. Reggie Bullock is more seasoned, while Tony Snell has more potential. Who will win this battle and advance to the semifinals?

23rd Pick Tournament: Shane Larkin vs. Erick Green


This matchup is a good one between two ACC point guards. We have Shane Larkin of Miami facing off against Erick Green of Virginia Tech. Both of these point guards would be big upgrades to Indiana's second unit next season. Who will advance on?

Pacers Schedule Sixth Workout for Monday


Indiana scheduled their sixth group workout for Monday, which includes six prospects. Tony Snell of New Mexico and Nate Wolters of South Dakota State headline the workout as possible first rounders. Also, an Isaiah Canaan workout update is included.

23rd Pick Tournament: Dieng vs. Trade Up


This matchup is a battle between the two titans of the tournament. Gorgui Dieng and Trade Up (Trade Danny Granger) have been destroying their competition by massive margins in the first two rounds. Who's run will end, and who will advance on?

Isaiah Canaan has second workout with Pacers


Breaking news here on Indy Cornrows, Isaiah Canaan has a second workout with the Pacers this week. His agent, Mark Bartlestein, emailed me back about Isaiah and Indiana. He said he was in-route to Indiana now. There is big-time interest from Indiana.

23rd Pick Tournament: Ledo vs. Trade Pick for Vet


This matchup is another good one, as we wrap up the second round. Ricky Ledo, a player with star potential faces off against possibly trading the pick for a veteran. Both of these options make sense, but it is up to you on who moves on. Who wins?

23rd Pick Tournament: Bullock vs. Leslie


This matchup has the makings of a good one, here in the second round. We have a seasoned prospect, Reggie Bullock facing off against a prospect with untapped potential, C.J. Leslie. Who will advance on to the quarterfinals?

Pacers Schedule Fifth Group Workout


This looks like it could be Indiana's biggest group workout yet, on Saturday. It will include Jeff Withey, Jamaal Franklin, Zeke Marshall, Matthew Dellavedova, and Angelo Sharpless. Withey and Franklin are the only two first rounders in play at 23.

23rd Pick Tournament: Schroeder vs. Canaan


This matchup has a pure personal preference. Would you rather have a pass-first point guard or a scoring one backing up George Hill next season? Dennis Schroeder has seen his stock slip a little bit, while Isaiah Canaan has risen. Who advances on?

23rd Pick Tournament: Snell vs. Karasev


This matchup has the making of being a great debate in the poll. Tony Snell is an athletic wing who has been compared to Paul George. Sergey Karasev has been compared to the sharp-shooting Steve Novak. Who will advance on to the quarterfinals?

Indy Cornrows Mock Draft 2.0


Our draft expert/analyst, Evan Sidery goes through his second mock draft. Who will slip to Indiana at 23 come draft night, the answer may surprise some. There are a lot of different picks in Mock 2.0, compared to Mock 1.0, so sit back and enjoy this.

23rd Pick Tournament: Franklin vs. Green


This matchup features an athletic, defensive wing facing off against a scoring point guard. Either one of these prospects would be big upgrades to what is currently on the roster. Who will get your vote and move on to the quarterfinals?

23rd Pick Tournament: Dieng vs. Plumlee


This matchup is a pure battle of big men down low. Having either Gorgui Dieng or Mason Plumlee on this team could provide a player who can alter shots at the rim and a player who can run in transition. Who will receive your vote and advance on?

23rd Pick Tournament: Larkin vs. Hardaway Jr.


This matchup looks like the best so far, in my opinion. We have Shane Larkin facing off against Tim Hardaway Jr. in a battle for your vote. Would you be excited if Larkin or Hardaway Jr. were selected at 23 on draft night? Let your voice be heard.

23rd Pick Tournament: Jeff Withey vs. Trade Up


We now have started the second round of the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament. This matchup is a good one to kick it off as we have a top defensive center, Jeff Withey, versus trading up by using Danny Granger. Who will advance to the quarterfinals?

23rd Pick Tournament: Goodwin vs. Trade for Vet


In this matchup, we have a choice of developing the talent, or trading it for an immediate asset who can help right away. This battle should be a good one, as it could be a close one in the polls. Who will advance on in the Indy Cornrows Tournament?

23rd Pick Tournament: Leslie vs. Jean-Charles


In this matchup of stretch-4's we have C.J. Leslie squaring off against Livio Jean-Charles. Both of these players would be upgrades to Indiana's frontcourt with their explosive athleticism. Who will advance on to the second round?

23rd Pick Tournament: Pierre Jackson vs Ricky Ledo


In this matchup, we have another battle of point guards. Both have seen their draft stock get a boost over the past few weeks. Which one of these prospects would you want the Pacers to take? Will it be Pierre Jackson or Ricky Ledo advancing on?

23rd Pick Tournament: Bullock vs. Abrines


This matchup of "tweeners" consists of a possible plug-and-play players, versus another draft-and-stash prospect. Both of these prospects have been on the rise up draft boards and could be in play with the 23rd pick. Who will advance on?

Pacers have key workout for 53rd pick Tuesday


In the Pacers fourth workout before the NBA Draft, they have one that will be key in who Indiana takes at 53. These four prospects they brought in would fill a key role off the bench for Indiana's frontcourt.

23rd Pick Tournament: Canaan vs. Brown


This matchup of point guards is an intriguing one for Pacers fans. Isaiah Canaan has seen his stock soar over the past few weeks, while the opposite is said for Lorenzo Brown. Both of these prospects would give much needed depth behind George Hill.

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