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Sports Forecaster magazine predicts Sharks finish 13th in West.

So here's a bit of an oddity for you: The Score's annual fantasy hockey magazine "Sports Forecaster" has the San Jose Sharks finishing 4th in the Pacific and 13th in the West. I'm... Kind of at a...


Hockey season needs to start already - WIN DAT CUP, SHARKS.

I mean. I love the Olympics... But I miss hockey. I miss seeing Joe Thornton dominate the ice. I miss seeing Joe Pavelski score clutch goals. I miss seeing Doug Murray lay waste to the enemy,...


A question about ACC ettiquette, and how to get Leafs tickets.

Hi there! I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but just remembered to get around to it. Anyhow, I have some questions for you guys, because a) I've never been to an NHL game...


Are the Sharks in decline?

First off, I want to make a point of saying that I'm not saying the sky is falling, that we should blow up the team, any of that. This is an honest question, and I'd like some honest feedback and...


Going to my first Panthers game in December, need some advice!

So, my fiance and I decided we're going to be attended our first NHL game (neither of us have been before) when the Panthers visit Toronto, so maybe you'll catch us on TV every time the panthers...


Need help. I'm not sure if this actually happened, or if my memory is borked.

Alright, so a really weird thought. And I mean REALLY weird. Some part of my memory seems to recall watching a video of a hockey player being decapitated during a game, in a European league or...


Why is this blog so awesome?

Yeah I know we want to keep it all civil and reasonable around here... But if I make a remark and someone comes back at me with an intelligent counterargument, I know it's only proper to...


Everyone: Be sure to wash your Sharks jersey!

This is a superstition I've been practising for a few years now, and one I've admittedly fallen behind on during my busy schedule, but... Whenever the Sharks have a nasty loss (as in, one like the...


Trade Speculation Thread.

Since the All-Star week is boring as sin, I thought I'd make up a thread for the inevitable trade/movement discussions. Big news today coming out of San Jose, as Antero Niittymaki is placed on...


San Jose ranked 3rd in TSN Power Rankings

I'm kinda surprised... TSN usually hates the Sharks until their annual late-season charge kicks in. But eh, I'll take it. I defintely think they're overrating Chicago at #2, but I can accept Boston...


My 2011-12 regular season results prediction.

So here goes. Here's how I think the final results of next season wind up. Am I psychic? We shall see! West: 1. Vancouver (piss-easy division and embellishments get them top seed - but not much...


KHL team killed in Russian plane crash.

Most of KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl has died in a plane crash. There were a handful of former NHL players on the plane, including Ruslan Salei, Karlis Skrastins, Pavol Demitra and Josef Vasicek....

Sean Avery Arrested for Assault on a Police Officer.


Sean Avery Arrested for Assault on a Police Officer.

http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=373247 Do I feign surprise, or how's this work?

Seen this Sharks thing at a thrift store, should I buy it?

So. I found this really old Sharks poster thing. It's like... Printed wood. Anyway, it's obviously really old. It features four players (Al Iafrate, Owen Nolan, Tony Granato and Bernie something),...


Holy Lockouts, Plankman!

Both the NBA and NFL have locked out their players for the upcoming season. NBA still has time to reach an agreement, but we're looking at the possibility that two major sports leagues will not be...


NHL updates from outside the Sharks. :D

Lots of signings and announcements rolling in the last couple of days, so I'mma run them down...   1. Paul Kariya retires, criticizes NHL for not being hard enough on headshots. Guess he's still...

Questions for FTF old guys/regulars.

  1. Does that x96.org site broadcast all Sharks regular season games?
  2. Is it possible to do a simple title-and-text fanshot?

So... Where's a good place to buy NHL jerseys?


I've been looking for a throwback Jets jersey (also a Nordiques one) for a good while now, but I haven't been able to find a reasonable price... Personally, I'm looking around $80, max. Online shops seem to be firm at around $129. Does anyone know of a good site to get legit jerseys at a reasonable price? Or, alternatively, a site where I can get cheaper bootlegs that look exactly the same? Much obliged.


I like how Vancouver isn't winning the cup.

Players like Bieksa, Kesler, Torres, Sedin 1, Sedin 2 and Burrows don't deserve to have their name on the cup. They dove and cried their way into the final, and I'm actually really glad that...


Expect Years Of Mediocrity If Sharks Don't Win Cup Soon

So, I've stumbled upon a Forbes website that gives valuation of all the league's teams. Much to my chagrin, the Sharks have been losing money as a franchise over the last couple of years. This is...

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