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How Many Jags Were QB's At One Time Or Another?

I just wanted to make a list of all the players that have played QB either in the NFL, in College, or in high school. Obviously we have the present QB's first: 1. Blaine Gabbert 2. Chad Henne 3. J...


Top 53 Depth Chart 2012

QB: Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne 2 RB: Maurice Jones-Drew, Rashad Jennings, DuJuan Harris 3 FB: Greg Jones, Montell Owens 2 WRX: Laurent Robinson, Lee Evans 2 WRZ: Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts 2 W...


Surprise Picks For The Jags

Surprise Jaguar Picks When it comes to the Jaguars pick 7th overall in the 2012 NFL draft, the options seem few. We need pass rushers and wide receivers. Everyone knows that. If Claiborne or...


My Sleeper Picks/Unknown Prospects

This was going to be a list of my sleepers; nicely edited and etc, but time was short. So most of this is just a copy of my notes mostly written a while ago before many of these guys became known...


Ask A Jags Fan

Hello. Here from Big Cat Country(BCC). Dave Choate was kind enough to answer some questions over at Big Cat Country, and I thought I would return the favor. (As well as a couple of other guys from...


Ask Big Cat Country

Hello DBN. Brian (aka "The Licensed Optimist") from DBN was nice enough to give us over at BCC a chance to have some questions about the Browns answered, and I thought I would return the favor. F...



Every year there is an un-drafted player that makes a team and somehow proves all of his doubters wrong. This is especially true at the RB position. See Arian Foster or Priest Holmes. This year I...



Sometimes we just need a comparison to get a true grasp of who a player is. Because of this I will give the best recent comparisons I can of our draft picks. Blaine Gabbert- Tall, strong arm, good...


Who they should have drafted

Blaine Gabbert 1st round 10th OverAll- Might be the MVP of this draft. That's usually worth a top 10 pick especially when he's a franchise QB, so this pick stays the way it is.   Will Rackley 3rd...


Interesting nugget about Blaine

According rotoworld, vikings GM Rick Spielman conceded that trading up for Blaine Gabbert was an option but that they didn't want to lose out on a 2nd round pick. Obviously Blaine was highly...


And Finally.... My sleepers

Here is my 2011 list of sleeper picks for the NFL Draft   Tressor Baptiste(2) (3) MLB Texas A&M Kingsville 6’ 232: Doesn’t have great measurables, but reminds me of a young London Fletcher. Short...


80 to 75

On September 4th teams will be required to reduce their 80 man rosters to 53 players. However at least 5 players will not even get the chance to be on the roster that long, as rosters have to be...

Kyle Orton Extension


In case you thought that Garrard was overpaid, Orton is gonna get paid 9 million in 2011. And he just had a year equivalent to Garrard's down year. By comparison Garrard will be making 7.975 in 2011. Not saying Garrard is underpaid/overpaid, just giving perspective on how much his market value is. And the Broncos are already paying 2 first round QB's behind Orton.

Sitting Down with Uche


I thought this was a good and in depth interview. Notice his compliment of Tyson Alualu's hands and his comment about Tra telling him that he might have been a pro bowler had he played in Philly.


Amazing and Interesting Stats

Interesting Jaguar related stats via Pro Football Focus


John Henderson's Contract

I think it's now safe to say that John Henderson was not ever worth a 5th like some reports suggested as such. If he is only worth a 1 mill contract after shopping himself around, it's safe to say...

Nice Article on Alualu


Just thought it was a nice perspective to have on the draft pick with an undercurrent of Tebow talk that isn't all that brash, but typical.

Interesting 2011 Mock You'll Wanna See


Notice they have us picking at number 3 overall. I'm sure this has something to do with our latest draft. No respect already. They think TB, Sea, Det, and KC are going to be better than us. Can't wait for the year to start. Also notice who Rang has us picking, Christian Ponder. If we do somehow end up with the third pick overall, or a position somewhere we could pick him, I would not mind picking Ponder, assuming he comes back from his injury.


They Got Numbers!

Draft Picks 1. Tyson Alualu- 93 2. D'Anthony Smith- 95 3. Larry Hart- 59 4. Austen Lane- 92 5. Deji Karim- 35 6. Scotty McGee- 30 UDFA's 7. Kyle Bosworth- 51 8. Daniel Baldridge- 76 9. Mike...

Article on Alualu


I thought this was a nice sum it all up make you feel better about taking Alualu at 10 article.

Kuharsky on Gene Smith and Alualu


Nice article about how to go about your business as a GM, and about not jumping to conclusions about surprise picks.


Draft Day "Sleepers"

Some of these players are well known and some of them aren’t. But the one thing they have in common is that they are more highly valued by the NFL than the national media leads on:   Aaron Webster...


NFL Moves

Check out all of the moves made in the NFL today. I only point them out because I think many of them have bearing on the upcoming draft. The biggest move you ask??? Adam Carriker. Who is that, you...


The longest Highlight Vid

on the internet. And guess who it is. It's none other than UCLA CB Alterraun Verner. You guys are in for a real treat. But give yourself a good while to watch the vid as it is long, but well worth...

With the ninth pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select: Bryan Bulaga, offensive...


With the ninth pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select: Bryan Bulaga, offensive tackle, Iowa. The Bills have a lot of needs, but no roster group is as bad as their OL. Last year they traded away LT Jason Peters and tried to replace him with Langston Walker, and he ended up in Oakland(Nuff Said). Then their most promising young linemen in Eric Wood broke his leg badly last year against the Jaguars, and probably won’t be at full speed to start the 2010 season. Then making matters worse; the best linemen they had left, in starting RT Brad Butler, retired this offseason. If Bulaga had longer arms most people would agree that he would be next best LT in the draft. But considering how well their short armed 2009 2nd 2nd round pick in Andy Levitre played, and the probable interest in returning to a strong run game, the NFL ready Bulaga has to be their pick; as boring and anticipated as that sounds.

More Haiti Charity


I thought it would be worth posting this, if it helped make any iota of a difference for those in Haiti.


Next Freeney?

I know we've had some trouble with the tweeners, so to speak, at the DE position. However I think I've just found someone that could come out of nowhere in the near future. And like many of Gene...

We are still looking for a QB to groom, right? Well I know I've brought this guy up before, Willie...


We are still looking for a QB to groom, right? Well I know I've brought this guy up before, Willie Tuitama. Never had chance IMO to really succeed, behind a pretty crappy OL, minus Eben Britton of course; but he still managed to put up good numbers.


Exciting Roster Moves just released some new roster moves. Among the moves my favorite practice squad player, center Cecil Newton. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a center in my life. I...

Time before giving up a sack


Just nice to see some blocking stats. It looks like Garrard isn't really getting great blocking at times with most of the teams median times being less than 3 sec. Keep in mind these are sacks that don't include overload blitzes.

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