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Hardball Times: Moving Past DIPS

Here is an interesting article about some of the inherent problems with evaluating pitchers via DIPS or FIP; specifically, the problem lies with the calculation of component ERA, a factor in DIPS...

Billy Koch Arrested Over the Weekend


Koch was arrested for going ape shit on his neighbor. From the victim: I've lived here two years. First time I ever laid eyes on the man was as he was trying to crush my skull.

Dayton Moore & Defensive Statistics Don't Mix


Dayton Moore admits he does not understand defensive statistics. This explains a lot.


KLaw Pocast 2 (some Rangers talk)

KLaw has his second podcast up, and this one focuses on the Futures Game.  The podcast starts off with some Feliz talk.  KLaw said his velocity was down a bit, and that he has seen better outings...

Baseball Rules Quiz


Here is a little quiz to see how well you know the rules of the game.

Keith Law Podcast


Keith Law and his friend Jason Churchill have decided to make their regular baseball conversations into a podcast. This is the first time they have done this. So far, nothing about the Rangers, but interesting nonetheless.

Andruw Jones and Stanford Ponzi Scheme


It seems that Andruw Jones is part of a handful of MLB players who are losing money in the Stanford ponzi scheme.


Vizquel talks about playing for the BoSox

In a Boston Herald story from this morning, Omar Vizquel talks about the possibility of playing for the Red Sox: It seems every time the Red Sox need a shortstop, my name gets brought up. Now, I...


T.R. on XM

T.R. Sullivan was just on XM radio and had the following to say: Andruw Jones will get the start tonight at 1B. The Rangers had always planned on getting Holland into the starting rotation...

Blalock & BABIP

Circling The Bases has a write up on the players with low BABIP. Blalock has the 7th worst BABIP in the majors, but has a LD% over 16 (which is good but not great). According to the author, you could expect Blalock to raise his BABIP due to LD%.

R.A. Dickey Sighting


Dickey came into the game after a horrendous first inning by the starter. Dickey went 4 1/3 innings with 0 runs, 3 hits, 1 BB, 1K, and 60 pitches (41 for strikes).

UZR Tidbits Through 4/26


Over at Fan Graphs, they claim that the Rangers are the fifth best defensive team by UZR (though there is quite a difference between them and the MLB best Rays). Some more information on Cruz (good) and Andrus (not so good) as well.


FOTF's 9th Inning Heroics

I was listening to MLB on XM today, and a show had David Vincent on as a guest.  Vincent is a member of SABR, works with Retrosheet, and is considered to be the preeminent authority on HR's.  In...

Speaking of improved defenses, let’s hear it for the Texas Rangers and Jon Daniels. Nelson Cruz, C...


Speaking of improved defenses, let’s hear it for the Texas Rangers and Jon Daniels. Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Omar Vizquel, and Hank Blalock are all rated as average or slightly above, with Cruz tying Gutierrez for the overall UZR lead. The Rangers worst defender has been Michael Young, who isn’t taking to third base as quickly as the Rangers would’ve hoped.

UZR Tidbits from Fan Graphs, 20 April

Five Questions: Texas Rangers


The Hardball Times has this year's Five Questions for the Texas Rangers published (written by Scott Lucas).

MLB Home Plate and the Rangers


Starting on 15 March, MLB Home Plate will have its afternoon broadcast (1 to 4 Eastern) in Arizona covering the Cactus League. On 17 March, the Rangers and Indians will be the topics of conversation. I listened briefly to the Phillies broadcast, and they devote a block of time to talk nothing but that particular team. The guests lineup interviews with players, the manager, coaches, and the GM. Typically, the calls are also about the team. From what little I have heard, it was really good. So make some time if you have a satellite radio subscription.

Bowden Resigns


Chico Harlan of the Washington Post is reporting that Jim Bowden is resigning from the Nationals because he is becoming a distraction. This story broke at 9:00 Eastern, so more details to follow. I just heard the official statement issued by Bowden on Sirius-XM. Bowden maintains he is innocent, and that the press is feeding all those rumors which claim his involvement in the skimming scandal. Link to Bowden's statement. Stan Kasten issued a statement stating his thanks for all that Bowden has done. However, Kasten said that the fans need to focus on the integrity of the game, thus Bowden felt like he was a distraction. Link to Kasten's statement.


David Murphy on XM

David Murphy was just on XM and had this to say (BTW, the host was really impressed with how candid Murphy was): Says his knee is fine, but recovery took much longer than everybody (doctors...

Pitching Perspectives With Rick Peterson


Full Count Pitch will now have Rick Peterson provide his thoughts on pitching twice a month. This past Friday was the first article, and it covered topics such as pitch count, evaluating pitchers, the myth of "getting ahead", and the makeup of a successful pitcher. There is some good stuff in there, definitely worth a read.


Grieve on XM

Tom Grieve was on MLB Live on XM this evening, and here is a quick overview of what he had to say: It might have been a lot less of a spectacle if Young had been eased into transitioning to 3B...

Rebuttal to "The Professional Ethicist" and Bonds


WyoRanger and others might find this rebuttal to the ethical question about why nobody is signing Bonds interesting. It is a bit long, but a good read nonetheless.

Tom Tango Consulting for the M's


Tom Tango, from The Book and Tango on Baseball, is now a full-time consultant for the M's. Bad news for the rest of the AL West.

MLB Network Channel Listings


I know that there has been a Fan Post on this recently, but it seemed to focus on the MLB Network for DirectTV and FIOS (their nationwide channels are 213 and 86 respectively). If you subscribe to cable, the above link lists the channels in your major market area for the MLB Network.

Juan Rivera to the Halos


The Angels signed Juan Rivera to a 3-year, $12.75 million contract. Yahoo says he figures to get time in the OF and DH.


Jays Interested in Furcal

Tim Brown is stating that the Blue Jays are interested in Furcal now that they are out of the Burnett running.  There is nothing more to the article (aside from filler) than this.  Nothing about a...


Tribune Company Files for Bankruptcy

According to this article, the Tribune Company, owners of about 6 major papers, 23 television stations, WGN, and the Cubs, has filed for bankruptcy.  However, the Cubs and Wrigley field are not...

Rangers Talking to Giants About Blalock


According to TR Sullivan, the Rangers and Giants are having some discussions about Blalock. The Rangers may target Sanchez.

Evan Grant Interview W/Mass Live


The first answers/question is really the only thing worth reading. Just goes to show that EG is the consummate professional when dealing with disgruntled Red Sox fans.


A's Interested in Nick Johnson

In last night's column, Rosenthal talked about how the A's invited Furcal to Oakland to talk about a contract.  Hidden in all of this is the fact that the A's are also showing interest in Nick...

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