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QB Reality Check

via I have found it necessary to make this post because of the mainstream media's complete lack of journalistic integrity and straight-up logic on the Jets QB...

Mandatory Monday: Revis Rising


Excellent article from Mike Tanier, my favorite sports writer, about the Revis trade saga and basically how the Jets screwed everything up about it.

Lewin Career Forecast 2013: Projecting this year's QBs


This year's projections kind of jive with what I've been thinking, which is that for the most part this is just as good a year for QBs as any other that doesn't have any A+++++++ superprospects. Hell, LCF actually likes them even more than I do. Not sure what's going on with Landry Jones's projection though. I'll have to look into his tape more deeply...


It's the offense, stupid!

Simple as that in my eyes. The defense could be better, sure, and there are things about it that I want addressed ASAP. But let's not kid ourselves--if our offense sucks not even that much less,...


Why it's in our best interest to sign Nnamdi Asomugha

via Here's the thing. Remember last year when Darrelle Revis held out? What was the main sticking point of that whole ordeal? He wanted to be the highest paid CB in the...


GGN Mock Draft, Pick 23, Philadelphia Eagles: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

Considering that our beloved JB stole my favorite pick for the Eagles, I decided to go with the next best talent at a need position for my 2nd favorite team.  I could have gone a number of routes,...

In-depth analysis of Sanchez/Jets vs. Packers from FO's Walkthrough


Probably my favorite weekly article in the NFL has a feature on some of the good and bad of Sanchez's play last Sunday against the Packers. It's very insightful, and I particularly liked it because it pretty much affirms every single thing I've been thinking since the game >_>

Under the Cap: Show Revis the Money


Interesting read about Revis's current contract and his potential new contract. Halsell suggests that Revis asking for Asomugha money may actually not be so ridiculous after all...?

Check out which teams lead the league in player arrests since 2000!


Check out in particular who in our division is at the bottom and who is near the top. :)

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