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  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
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User Blog

AIRBHG is a dick. [A long year for Marcus Coker.]

Well, at least he got a postseason, but this last year is proof that AIRBHG will track you down no matter where you go. A photo-essay: October 28, 2011 December 20, 2011 S...


The Sewer City Saviour: A Marchifornication Redux

I should mention that this is not an official Marchifornication post. This is simply the insanity that Marchifornication will inspire. Many gratitudes and apologies to the BHGP Braintrust,...

What the F? What is this POS? "CyHawk" "Trophy"


So the new trophy for the Iowa/ISU game is out, and it is aweful. Like, worse than I'd expected. I hope someone drops it off the tallest building in Iowa before the game occurs. This is a sponsor forgoing any football connection and wanking themselves off all over the game. This trophy makes me hope that the sponsor goes bankrupt within the next year (but somehow without consequence to Iowa farmers).


US Women World Cup Runners Up

Due, in large part, to a bevy of missed opportunities throughout the game (especially early and late). The French Team's women say: "Tell me about it." While dragging satisfied and slow from their...


My Wife Is Happy. And Says She Can't Wait For Fall And Football.

(Bump for, among other things, the return of the (Casey) Mac! -- RB) Sorry that I'm just now posting this.  I wanted to get it done last night, but after Mrs. HeartFreeDumb got home from the Iowa...


NCAA To Show It Has Teeth: Forcing Tyler Sash To Stay In College So They Can Punish Him

EL GUANO DE MURCIÉLAGO LOCURA! Far away, in a deep dark dungeon of the NCAA headquarters, a man sits alone with a bank of computer screens, simultaniously replaying every game of March Madness,...


Drooling for 2012 (Please don't let the world end if we go to the Rose Bowl)!

So I'm doing the old lookahead with our roster, so let's start the convo (turn on your creepy-vision glasses and follow along):   1)  Will Dan Heiar (W. IA JuCo transfer) have to sit next year? ...

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