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Build-through-the-draft Mock 1

via Cuts: Antonio Cromartie 9.5 Million Mark Sanchez 8.3 Million Santonio Holmes 8.3 Million Dawan Landry 1.5 Million Mike Goodson 1.3 Million (I could see us cutting him...


When did you join GGN

via Hey everyone I know a lot of readers aren't active in the comments section but are willing to vote in a pole, so I thought that would be a better way of asking when...


What's going to Happen with Kenrick Ellis?

When Kenrick Ellis was drafted in 2011 we had high hopes for him, he was oozing with potential, today he hasn't really stepped up to the plate and taken Sione Pouha's place, he's been replaced by...


Who's your Favorite Underdog

Every fan has their own favorite underdog on the team, for the past couple of years Chris Ivory has been a favorite on the Saints but now he's in the lead to be a starter. Who's my fan favorite you...


What if we drafted Jadaveon Clowney in 2014?

Assuming that Jadaveon Clowney stock stays the same for next year there is the possibility the Jets draft him. I don't think Geno Smith is a magic wizard who will give us an 8-8 season so we'll...


Why I think Rex Ryan is getting another chance

At the end of season press conference when Woody said "we are keeping Rex regardless of the season record next year" it made me believe that he is treating Rex like a Rookie head coach building a...


My Post Revis Mock Draft

Only a few more days until the Draft starts! The Jets are desperately trying to gain some premium talent this year and they Revis Trade has given them an opportunity to do so. Before we start let...


How we should handle a drafted QB

There is no Andrew Luck or RG3 in this years draft, in other words none are guaranteed to be great right out of the box, but why do they have to be great straight out of the box? Yes I know that...


Why didn't we sign Sione Pouha instead of Pace?

With the recent waste of resigning of Calvin Pace it comes to my mind to ask why don't we sign Sione Pouha? Here's what he would bring to the table if he were to be signed He is much like...


Jarvis Jones is Fine!

My former favorite prospect in the draft just may become my favorite prospect again in the draft. Earlier in the post season it came to public knowledge that Jarvis Jones had Spinal Stenosis, a...


If you had a Time Machine to go back to 2009 what would you do?

Let's look back to the significantly less bleak times for the Jets, we had just drafted our franchise QB not realizing he would invent something called the butt-fumble in the future, we had a new...


Quick Pole: Who do you hate more Manish Mehta or Rich Cimini

Given the "professional" coverage of the Jets in recent years I though we would determine who is the King of Bad in the NY media coverage. I've been loving John Idzik particularly after he called...


Prioritizing the Offseason Part 1: OLB

Looking at the team you'll see that we have a definitive future in very few positions: Defensive End, Center, Left Tackle. There are a couple of positions which we could be ok at which are Middle...


What I would Trade for Darrelle Revis and Free Agent Signings

Let me be clear: I HATE THE IDEA OF TRADING REVIS But let's face it is seems as though there seems to be a pretty reasonable chance of Revis getting traded, so let me make my ridiculous demands...


NY Jets Mock Draft 2

It's been brought up to me that my previous draft looked too much like Bleacher Report's and I wanted to make something that was my own draft so here's my revised draft: Round 1 Barkevious...


NY Jets Mock Draft 1

via With so many holes on the roster the Jets need to fill, most of which will be through the draft given our salary cap situation. I'm assuming that we're not going to...


Why the Jets should go back to Eric Mangini's Draft Strategy Let's face it Eric Mangini fans (and I'm sure there are few and even fewer amongst those who played for him) Eric Mangini was...


With a lack of talent at Full Back why didn't we resign John Connor

I'm new to the site and may not be up to speed on all things Jets but I want to know why we let Rex Ryan's hand picked Fullback go to the Bengals. I know that the Fullback position is starting to...

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