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Summer Solstice Sunday Thoughts


I am not gonna lie to you, I have very little to discuss today other than my own musings.  The O'Bannon issue continues to rage.  As we move deeper and deeper into this topic it appears to me that...

Clemson/ACC FY 2013 USA Today Financial Data


Each May/June, USA Today publishes financial data pertaining to athletics departments at public universities.  Obviously, private schools can do whatever they want and typically choose to keep...

2013 Clemson Football Uniform Critique


This is our annual "Nancy" post. We go out and evaluate the uniform selection for our Clemson Tigers over the course of the previous football season and provide feedback on what looked good and...

2014 US Open Sunday Thoughts


First and foremost, I'll kick this off with a shoutout to all the dads out there.  Enjoy Father's Day. The most notable news out of Clemson last week was Dan Radakovich's decision to accept...

2014 Golden Nugget Football Gambling Odds


Clemson +9 at Georgia, +17 in Tallahassee, +3 vs SCar. Comment as you see fit.

School's Out for Summer -- Sunday Thoughts


The kids are done for the year which means we are entering the dreaded dark period where there are no collegiate sports going on until fall semester.  This means we'll be searching for items to...

Stretching the Ohio State Defense: Verticals

Several years ago while examining Chad Morris' Tulsa offense we noted the "Verticals" concept(s).  As we've discussed here before, The Chad likes to push the ball down the field to loosen up...

Examining the Brad Brownell Contract Extension

Clemson and Brownell recently came to a contract agreement. Here we look at the numbers associated with this deal and how they impact both the coach and the university. We'll also briefly compare this deal to the one Dabo signed earlier this year.

June Sunday Thoughts


The biggest news this week is obviously the regional baseball play.  Clemson traveled to Vandy and immediately got their asses handed to them by Oregon.  Yes, this is the same Oregon team that...

Orange Bowl Depth Chart Analysis

We did not put together an analysis prior to the Orange Bowl back in January.  Since the bowl, I received several requests to put that article together.  This one may be a bit late but is of...

Clemson Heads to Nashville as #3 Regional Seed

Clemson heads to the Nashville regional where they will compete with the likes of Xavier, Oregon, and, of course, Vandy.  We've discussed the issues and relative disappointment of this season's...

Memorial Day Sunday Thoughts


Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there.  While you enjoy hitting the pool or lake this weekend then breaking out the grill, remember the reason for this holiday.  On that note, STS would like to...

2014 Recruiting Cycle: Outside the ACC

We've taken a quick look at the 2014 recruiting cycle for ACC teams (plus Notre Dame) and now want to discuss teams outside the ACC that Clemson has played recently and / or frequently recruits...

2014 Recruiting Cycle: Coastal Division

Earlier we discussed the 2014 recruiting cycle and how ACC Atlantic schools fared.  Today we want to discuss how non-ACC Atlantic schools (Coastal Division + Notre Dame) made out in the last...

mid-May Sunday Thoughts


We are getting into "that time of the year" now.  Spring sports are winding down, school sessions are entering the summer period, and the biggest football news will no doubt be linked to the Dabo...

NFL Draft Sunday Thoughts


I am still getting used to this May Draft time frame.  While I appreciate the fact that the NFL generates more television appeal by pushing it out to May and moving the first round to prime time, I...

Quatro de Mayo Sunday Thoughts


Just when you think things have calmed down and we are going to ease into summer football boredom, Clemson gives us another week's worth of discussion and quasi-controversy.  As you all know,...

2014 Recruiting Cycle: ACC Atlantic

Every year we put together brief articles in an effort to collect general observations about recruiting cycles and how Clemson compares to other teams through these cycles.  Today we will quickly...

Yanity Out, Munson In as Clemson Football Play-By-Play Man


Clemson has replaced Pete Yanity after 11 seasons as Tiger Football play-by-play man. Yanity has turned down the opportunity to remain on as a member of the basketball announce team. "Coach" Don Munson is currently the Clemson University media czar. He filters media items and controls what goes in and out of the Clemson AD. Munson has been on the Clemson staff and a part of the Clemson Radio Network for 16 years. You'll probably recall that he calls Tiger Baseball games for the network. Yanity replaced legendary Jim Phillips and had very big shoes to fill. Yanity is sports director at WSPA-TV in Sparkle-City while Munson is right in the middle of the Clemson AD...

End of April Sunday Thoughts


This week was a bit less exciting than the past couple as I believe everyone has beaten the Chad Kelly story into the ground.  Now we can move forward.  As you all likely know, there is the...

Easter Sunday -- Sunday Thoughts


I hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday. I hope the Easter Bunny filled everyone's basket with goodies and all the mom's out there dressed their kids in lots of pastels, bowties,...

STS Cookin': Skillet Queso

I could not recall if I'd posted an article about this quick and easy recipe.  I did perform a quick search and couldn't find a match.  This item is very, very easy to put together and a great...

Clemson/CFB Top 25 FY '12 USA Today Financial Data

In the final discussion of USA Today FY 2012 Financial Data, we'll look at this year's Top 25 college football teams. We've discussed ACC and SEC teams recently, so I have omitted those schools...

Chad "Swag" Kelly Dismissed from Clemson Football

Chad Kelly's Clemson football career has come to a close.  Kelly, the fiery 2012 enrollee, capped off a tough weekend by getting dismissed from the Clemson football program by Dabo Swinney. ...

2014 Masters Sunday -- Sunday Thoughts


I apologize for my delinquency last weekend. I ran into an off-the-STS buzz-saw that featured playing golf and having the privilege of heading over to the National for a bit. I'll dive into the...

2014 Spring Game Open Thread


Spring drills end today with the 2014 Clemson Football Spring Game.  This is a great time for the fans to see all players in Death Valley.  Most interesting is the offensive side of the football. ...

Clemson/SEC FY 2012 USA Today Financial Data

We'll continue to tie up loose ends from items outstanding from the past year or so. Today I'll continue the examination of FY '12 financial data. In keeping with the path we've previously...

Clemson/ACC FY 2012 USA Today Financial Data

As we move further into the Spring, I wanted to button up a couple loose items outstanding from the past year or so. One was the examination of FY '12 financial data. In keeping with the path...

End of March Sunday Thoughts


Spring is quickly rolling in and excitement is bubbling around many items.  Among them are Spring football items, baseball, NIT basketball, and--of course--the golf. First things first, Clemson...

March Madness Sunday Thoughts


The warmer weather and longer days are well appreciated--as are the items associated with with this time of year.  Spring football is up and running, college basketball provides a frenzy of...

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