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FLYERS FAN ! Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance and Annuities. I also am about to retire from Military after 20 Yrs of service. Served in Bayji Iraq in 2005 which is just north of Tikrit from Saddam's Home town. Mona and I just got Married with our pastor with the justice of the peace. WENT on a Cruise (ALL EXPENSE PAID BY FORESTERS) on the first week of NHL playoffs Monday April 11th to Monday April 18th in Barbados. We are both Born Again Christians. Besides the Bible, I love reading Inspirational and Motivational Books. I.E. John Maxwell, Chris Gardner, Dave Anderson, Zig Ziglar, and Robert T. Kiyosaki. I like to exercise (When I get my fat BUTT motivated enough). I attend Abounding Grace Family Worship in Media PA. My Wife is from India and she is a Nutritionist and an Independent Contract Agent for Herbalife. Love the FLYERS and plan on obtaining Club Box Suites in a few years as a Season ticket holder.


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • MLS LA GALAXY who has HERBALIFE as their sponser
  • Winter Olympics TEAM USA
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Manchester Monarchs are doing a Mullets in Movember on November 19th 2011. Its an attempt to raise money for mens cancers. I think this is an Awesome campaign to raise money for cancer awareness....

LOL hey Bruins Fans.. here is a funny funny burn on Vancouver fans !!! It was during the FLYERS...


LOL hey Bruins Fans.. here is a funny funny burn on Vancouver fans !!! It was during the FLYERS home opener against Canucks.. Right after James Van Riemsdyke scored a goal.. ME: JVR ! Stands For... Just Vancouver’d Roberto !!! by FLYERROB Yeah, If you want to rub it in, you have your own place to do that. Canucks Fan jabraham wow that was…not really all that great an effort. Try harder. Canucks fan Twitchy2010 Yeah, that was cheesy, lol. Canucks fan cyxj ME: LOL Cheesesteak Cheesy Baby !!!! Hey you have a great competitive team. by FLYERROB Wouldn't he have had to try in order to try harder? Canucks fan Section 312 OK here is the MEGA BURN COMING UP !! ME: since Lu Choked in game 7 .. Saying you got LU’d or saying you got Vancouver’d is like saying someone got Munsen’ed from King Pin. by FLYERROB Followed up with a couple of Whiney attempts to have a comeback ... Are you even talking to anyone? You seem to respond to questions your moronic other half is asking. Canucks fan ShiftySC Yeah Luongo didn’t choke in game 7. Thanks Canucks Fan Semi_Colon


Tribute or Ode to Mr. Recchi ~ A hockey Legend

Mr. Mark Recchi was born on February 1st 1968 In Kamloops B.C. He played for 7 Professional NHL Teams from 1988 to 2011 and won 3 Stanley Cup's with 3 Different teams. Unless you were born on the...


Tie Domi Vs A Drunk DUMB FLYERS fan (and whips his Arse!)

  I would put the YOUTUBE Videos Up on here .. but I dont know how to do it... so.. someone please tell me how... but I at least put the Links on here...    This was pretty Entertaining ! This...


Let the Name the Team Game Begin

In Honor (Honour for all you Canadians) of the Atlanta team moving to Winnipeg. Lets start the Name the Team and Logo begin. 2 Rules ~ Thrashers, Jets and Moose are all excluded from the name the...


I propose a Mutually Beneficial Trade ....

As you can guess by my Name I am a FLYERS fan. I do like Ovechkin and quite a few other players on Washington Capitals (Laich, Chimera, Green, Semin, Backstrom, Knuble, Carlson, Holtby, Neuvirth, &...


Maple Leaf Fans ! NEVER EVER Drink Chai Tea after 9:30 PM !

You will not be able to sleep at night ! Its 3:30 in the Morning and I am tossing and turning and cant sleep. I was with my wife and Father In Law late last night and they made me 3 cups of Indian...


Post Season Matchups - Who do you like ?

Ok ok ok.. I know... The Maple Leafs did not make the Post season  -   BUT ! ...  they did get closer this year than they did last year and I am still arguing that had they had Reimer at the start...


March Madness - But which Madness do you follow?!

Living in Philadelphia area and Traveling the world, I have seen many sports fans. I have been to Ontario and New Brunswick many times and I sometimes wish that living in philadelphia that the...


March Madness - But which Madness do you follow

I sometimes wish that living in philadelphia that the sports fans here love HOCKEY as Much as Canadians do in Ontario. I have been to both areas. I am a Die Hard FLYERS fan and I love Philadelphia...


Two different fans and two different viewpoints.

I am a FLYER fan,.. and I am a respecter of talent and other players of other teams. I am a respecter of oter Organizations as well, (I. E. I am a respecter of Brodeur and a respecter of the Bruins...


OMG Crabby Baby ! I didn't know you had it in ya !

WOW ! what a sweet play by Joey Crabb. Where have the Marlies been hiding this guy? Is he the Toronto version of Skinner?  Just 6 points from the 8th and final spot for the Playoffs. Do you think...



Philadelphia FLYERS - Best team in the Eastern Conference - Thursday Feb 17 2011, Your mission should you accept will be to go the remaining 25 games without losing. Just some Interesting Factoids...


What team would you want the FLYERS to play in Stanley Cup Final

Ok I know that the FLYERS just got Blanked from Tampa Bay on the road, and the timing of this may be unnerving after a bad loss but, the FLYERS are still odds favorite to make it to the Stanley Cup...


Interview with Peter Laviolette on Local Sports Radio

Today at around 3:30pm FLYERS Head Coach Peter Laviolette was on a CERTAIN FM Radio station for an interview. I am not sure if I can mention the name of the Radio station because of Infringement...


5 year anniversary on the Ovie Goal

Ovie Scorie GoalieJan 16 2006 5 years ago Oveckin scores probably the Sickest wildest most impossible goal EVER in the history of NHL. Check out the old Jerseys as well. Is he THAT DANG GOOD or...


Does anyone dislike the NY Rangers as much as me? What is your top ten Rivalry List?

I have always said That if my first born Child was to grow up to be a NY Ranger Fan That I would Drown it at Birth. Of course you know that is all Tongue in Cheek but my point is. I HATE THE NY...


Danny Syvret recalled. Which Defensive Prospect in the system do you think will be a starter in the NHL?

Danny Syvret was recalled by the FLYERS as an Emergency Extra Defensemen. He was aquired for Ryan Potulny in June 2008. Syvret scored the lone and only goal in the 2010 Winter Classic. Known as a...

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