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ACC maintains 8 game conference schedule and adds requirement to play a power 5 non-conference opponent beginning in 2017

Matchups against Notre Dame will fulfill the requirement to play play one power 5 (SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12) conference opponent annually. This is similar to the agreement passed earlier this month by the SEC. It has not been decided whether games against fellow independents BYU and Army will count. Several ACC teams (Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville) already have permanent non-conference games against SEC rivals and are unaffected by the decision. In addition to those four teams playing Florida, South Carolina, George, and Kentucky, ACC teams will also play Oklahoma State, Georgia, Ohio State, Nebraska, UCLA, USC and Iowa. FSU (against Oklahoma State) and Clemson (Georgia) will be play two of those 7 other power 5 opponents. The plan passed with an 8-6 vote. A majority was required for the measure to pass.

How Coach Jimbo Fisher and other major programs legally spend serious money to recruit top high school football players

Wealth of information that recruiting fans ought to know. I suggest reading the whole article before drawing any conclusions. Great job organizing and putting this information in context by Ira Schoffel and the Tallahassee Democrat staff. "Where Bowden's staff spent just more than $280,000 on recruiting during his final season three years ago, FSU cranked that budget up to $500,000 in 2010-11 and raised it again to $525,000 in 2011-12. That's an overall increase of nearly 86 percent." Over 1/6th of FSU athletics' recruiting budget goes to chartered flights by football coaches. "It also includes more than $200,000 spent on private, chartered flights for FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher and his assistant coaches — the vast majority of which take place in the span of about six weeks leading up to February's National Signing Day." "Florida State's increased spending is not out of line with other major programs. Even with the recent surge in football, FSU spent $1.16 million on recruiting for all sports in 2010-11; the Seminoles spent just less than $750,000 on men's sports and about $407,000 for women's. The men's total ranked fourth-highest in the ACC, while the women's total was highest. Meanwhile, several athletic programs in the Southeastern Conference spend more than $2 million annually on recruiting expenses for all sports."

What's Your College Football Program Worth? Introducing Realignment Value Rankings


Commendable attempt to quantify college football programs. Jason Kirk takes into account revenue, football success, all-sports success, academics, football attendance, and market value. The data used are somewhat problematic due to availability, but overall this is a quality tool to assess expansion targets. FSU comes in at a very believable #20.

Sporting News' Matt Hayes Takes an Ill-informed Dump on FSU


FSU's fall from top 4 dominance had nothing to do with antiquated coaching, improved level of play in the ACC, or the increased importance of money in college football. "Fourteen straight years of national dominance by FSU has been followed by 11 years of irrelevance. That’s not an anomaly and it’s not cyclical. It’s a program that has reinvented itself by assimilating into its surroundings. Now a bunch of cash is suddenly going to make everything better? Go ahead and get fat and happy by feeding at the Big 12 trough, FSU. The slaughter is coming."

Classic Jeff Cameron Show: Satirizing Alabama Fans, Nick Saban, and Spring Football Games In...

Classic Jeff Cameron Show: Satirizing Alabama Fans, Nick Saban, and Spring Football Games In honor of Loosey Goosey Friday and the Garnet & Gold Game, I made this video to combat Jeff Cameron Show withdrawal. Jeff Cameron (formerly of the Jeff Cameron Show on WNLS-1270 AM) and Matt Millar discuss the Alabama spring game and the 92,138 that attended in April 2007. Includes fact-inspired speculation about what Alabama Crimson Tide fans talk and think about on a daily basis. This classic segment has all the elements that made this show special. Jeff Cameron returns August 1st on ESPN 97.9 FM in Tallahassee. Sample Hilarity: "Section C, can I get a yik-yik-yuu?"... "Screen pass! Screen pass!"... "I feel Saban's aura and you should too."... "We gonna kick ass with Saban and the Bear."... "There's a bit of Bear in that sweep."... "The Bear said let's play some football. I said that sounds like a good idea Bear. That sounds like a damn fine idea."

Welcome to the TLC Double C

Most of you should know that you don’t just waltz into the TLC Double C and expect to get a win. As Florida State Seminoles basketball attendance and fan enthusiasm rise to unprecedented levels,...

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