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SB Nation 2014 Mock Draft: 6 Noles in top 100


Way-too-early projection has Christian Jones the only FSU first rounder at #30.

More Famous Jameis


I didn't see this posted anywhere on TN, so thought I would share. A little corny, but fun Garnet & Gold Koolaid.

Tim Beckham dances with the Catcher


I guarantee you've never seen a play at the plate like this.

USF Steals a Page from FSU's Recruiting Playbook


USF has a former Russian sumo wrestler on its roster as a defensive tackle. Yes, you read that right - a sumo wrestler! Remember back in the 2010 recruiting class when Jimbo took a "chance" on a German soccer player? Looks like Skip Holtz has bought into the idea that there aren't that many big, athletic bodies out there.

Bernard James to be interviewed today on the Jim Rome Show in "hour number 3".


Bernard James to be interviewed today on the Jim Rome Show in "hour number 3".


Reiteration of Domination: Tale of the (Blue) Chips, Part Deux

Following National Signing Day last year, the St. Petersburg Times had a nifty visual aid that I found eye-opening. I thought it was fanpost worthy and created one that you can read here. Well,...

The Signing Day Forgotten


Slow news day so I thought I would post this article I found from the Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Pete Times). Maybe someone with more recruiting expertise can opine as to why some of these guys are overlooked. Seems like the major factor cited in the article is size (or lack thereof). But, then again, Pasco's QB is 6'5".... so maybe for him it's competition. He led his team to the 5A state semifinals.

LIVE closing arguments in Ereck Plancher v. UCF trial.


Although not directly related to FSU, this trial may be of interest to FSU fans because: A) Plancher died in an eerily similar way as FSU player, Devaughn Darling, down to the same sickle-cell trait. Some have linked Darling's death, and the subsequent changes to mat drills, as a cause of FSU's decline in the 2000's. 2) UCF, although not a direct rival, has been on the rise (relatively speaking). Recently, UCF stole 3 really good recruits out of UM's backyard. They also won their conference last year. d) Steve Yerrid is the Plancher's attorney. He is a well-known trial attorney with multiple million-dollar awards. iv) Admittedly, I have not been following this case closely. However, some are saying a verdict in favor of Plancher could change the landscape of college football. I don't know if this is hyperbole or a legitimate possibility.


FSU's 2011 Recruiting Domination in the State of Florida

Yesterday's St. Petersburg Times included a nice visual showing just how dominant Florida State's recruiting class is this year. This perspective categorizes the recruits based on how many...

Emotional Lee Corso Video at ESPN Awards Ceremony


Great post from Andrew Carter. Be careful where you watch this. Your co-workers may see you shed a tear.

Oklahoma starting 2 true freshmen and 7 on the 2-deep


This could be interpreted at least two ways: 1) Oklahoma is not as deep as some have originally thought or 2) maybe Oklahoma's recruiting class was just that good. In one instance, a true freshmen WR beat out a senior.

8-Minute ESPN Radio Interview with Jimbo


Go halfway down the page. The middle column has a "Radio" box. Jimbo's interview is the second interview under Beano Cook's interview (about the Arkansas radio announcer that lost her job for wearing a UF hat). Jimbo talks Ponder, the loss of McCray and Fortson, JaMarcus Russell, the early Oklahoma game.

ACC Football Kickoff


Link to the ACC's Football Kickoff press release for the upcoming weekend. They include some notable links. Apparently, we should be able to watch some of the pressers online. It's Football time folks!

SBNation Buffalo Bills fans debate Ponder v. Locker


Apparently, it's so bad in Buffalo that they're looking forward to the 2011 draft for potential QBs. As I skimmed the comments, it occurred to me that these fans could use some Ponder-ing (i.e. enlightenment) from those who know him best.

Posey on fire: hits 8th homer, has 12-game hitting streak!


"Triple-A baseball isn't very good" - Giants GM Brian Sabean when asked when Buster Posey would be promoted. Maybe AAA isn't very good, Mr. Sabean, but Buster Posey certainly is. Yes sir, Posey is hammering Major League pitching now.

Michigan's Self-Imposed Sanctions: FSU Scandal Part Deux?


Rich Rod's tenure may be shorter than anyone anticipated at Michigan. Regardless of what the NCAA does, I'm sure the self-imposed sanctions (cutting practice time) doesn't help Michigan's chances of winning games.

Ponder These Plays


FSU's 2010 Heisman Candidate at work. If this doesn't get you pumped for 2010, I don't know what will.



In honor of the upcoming t-shirt giveaway at the Trop, check out the Boston fan crying about Longo trying to steal his chick. Memo to poor Red Sox plebeian: you lose. Link provided by the St. Pete Times, who put the story on the front page of their website this morning.

Some Eye-Opening comments from Odell Haggins.


Great read. Couple of comments really stood out to me: - Coach Viloria has been a huge asset to the football program. The kids get the work done, and the weight room is high energy. - Every coach has a hand in the kids’ academics. All kids are ultimately accountable to Jimbo himself, who has a first hand interest in their progress. - Odell feels like it’s his first year coaching again. He feels a renewed energy just he hasn’t had in years. While he loved Bowden, he’s all in with Jimbo’s philosophy. - They are already researching 2012 and 2013 kids. Character has been a huge priority, and Jimbo has touched on recruiting each and every morning in the coaches meeting. To those that follow the stars on the internet, believe that each and every one of the 3 star kids was HEAVILY evaluated by the coaching staff. Q: How has it been working with defensive ends coach D.J. Eliot? A: He’s a young guy but he knows his stuff, and very high energy. There’s a lot more communication now. The defensive line is supposed to be a single unit, so there’s a lot more meshing than there has been in the past. Check out the article, there's more great quotes from O'Dell. Folks are getting real excited about the Jimbo Fisher Revival.

Weight Gain Analysis from AC


One thing I think has happened is that the new spring guide is listing actual weight, not what the player claims to weigh like in years past.

Ponder's Rehab


Glad to hear things are going well for Ponder. This statement has me absolutely giddy though: Fisher said: "He was [upset] because the ball was on the right shoulder and not the left shoulder and him being picky about himself, which as his strength gets back his accuracy will really come in."

Dungy chooses Oregon


Although it would have been nice to have the Dungy name associated with the program, this is probably the best move for the kid. Honestly, I don't think he would have ever seen the field with the DB class we're bringing in.

Postseason top 100 HS recruits


per ThaRinger. FSU has 3 commits and could have up to 7 or 8 on NSD.

Corey Clark: Stoops not coming; Green & Shaw are...


Of course, these are all rumors, but then again that's what the internet is for right? Allegedly, Stoops isn't going to be the next DC b/c he's not a "viable candidate" (not sure if I believe this). Christian Green and Kenny Shaw are silent commits to the Noles. This corresponds with what most on TN have been saying.

Sunseri not contacted by FSU as of Monday night


Could this mean Jimbo's still talking to Smart? Or are they looking somewhere else?

Top Trick Plays of Bowden Era


I didn't realize that Auburn had all of our play calls in '85. I guess that explains the 59-27 beatdown they gave us...

Wake Forest sneaking top talent out of South Florida


Wake Forest has 5, count them f-i-v-e, commitments of the top 20 high school recruits in Palm Beach County according to the Palm Beach Post. Three of those are from famed Pahokee. UF? They have 2 (granted in the top 5). FSU? Two. Miami? Uno. USF? One. I think Jim Grobe & Co. realize there is a TON of top talent in SoFla - with plenty to spare after the big 4 get theirs...

Interesting Perspective on BB Retirement from WR's Dent and Johnson


"I’m not really upset about it. I feel like (Bowden) was already going to leave anyway." - Johnson "It really doesn’t bother me," Dent said of Bowden’s departure. "Some of the coaches were telling me Jimbo was calling the shots anyway."

Manuel wins ACC Rookie of the Week Honors!


Congrats E.J.! The guy had ice in his veins Saturday and showed FSU fans that the future will be bright with this guy at the helm.

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