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Tattoo Lou's, the Official Tattoo Parlor of the New York Islanders, posted a neat video featuring a...

Tattoo Lou's, the Official Tattoo Parlor of the New York Islanders, posted a neat video featuring a few of the Islanders getting inked. It's a quick little video at only a little after 3:00, but some things I gleaned from this video: - Michael Grabner's first tat was an across-the-chest tattoo in honor of his newborn son Aidan. Grabs wanted to reach the 140 character limit but Tattoo Lou talked him out of it. - Blake Comeau originally wanted a tattoo that started on the left side of his lower back, wrapped up around his shoulder, across his backside, and then back down around his right side, but Tattoo Lou wouldn't allow it much to Blake's dismay. - Micheal Haley got his tattoo on his ribs, one of the most painful areas on the human body to receive a tattoo. Even more disconcerting, Micheal just stared at Tattoo Lou without blinking while getting inked. - Sadly, Matt Martin will not be playing for the Islanders this season, as he just got a new gig as the lead singer of Nickelback.

Brooklyn Islanders?

As Tweeted by Darren Rovell of CNBC: darrenrovell darren rovell Of interest to Islanders fans: Barclays Center Developer Ratner & CEO Yormark spotted at NHL offices today. Brooklyn Islanders? 12 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply Sure, it may not mean anything, but this definitely sounds like there's emerging interest from the Barclays Center in the Islanders. Take of it what you will.

Is Botta Quitting?

Interesting moment I just noticed from his latest Islanders Interactive feature, he mentions that the rotating goaltending will be the "only reason why I will miss covering this team next season". Anybody know anything else about the future of IPB? Say what you will about Botta, it'll suck to lose another source of Islanders news.

There Goes Laich

For those who were dreaming of Brooks Laich and Kevin Bieksa coming to the Island, I've got some disappointing, highly overpaid news for you...


DarrenDreger Darren Dreger Sources tell TSN Colin Campbell is giving up role as NHL disciplinarian. Brendan Shanahan will likely take over. 2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply Though Shanny was a Rag for a time, he can't be any worse.

Anders Nilsson signs 3-year Entry Level Contract

Never a boring day in Islandersville. Let's just not make any comments about how we're going to have another goalie injury on our hands. Updated with Link to official Islanders story

Okposo Signs Five-Year Deal to Remain with Isles

Way to go, Garth! This is a great signing and shows SnoWang's continued commitment to building a winner. The rebuild chugs on and takes another awesome step forward. Per Strang: Worth $14 million over 5 years and similarly back-loaded like Grabner's: $1 mil, $2 mil, $3 mil, $3.5 mil, and $4.5 mil


LHH Mock Fantasy Draft: New York Islanders

Going through an NHL mock draft, would the Islanders select defenseman Dougie Hamilton at #5?

Newsday: New York Islanders will toll Evgeni Nabokov's contract

Updated 4/24 12:00 ESPN LeBrun : Full (google) translation in comments. dchesnokov Dmitry Chesnokov Nabokov tells SovSport "I may join the training camp with the Islanders," says he didn't join the team bc he didn't think he could help 'em. Nabokov: "I have no hard feelings against the team or its players. I told Snow about that." Asked whether his choices are to play for the Isles next year or not at all, Nabokov said "there could be a trade. Nabokov said he doesn't know if it is official that his contract with the Isles will carry over to next season. 48 minutes ago Snow to Katie Strang: "He was signed by Detroiit, put on waivers; we claimed him and he didn’t report. Therefore, we had to suspend him and its’ within our right to toll the contract." PUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nielsen day-to-day with concussion symptoms, Wishart and Hillen both day-to-day with shoulder injuries

@katiestrangnyi Nielsen day to day with concussion symptoms; Wishart and Hillen also both day to day, with shoulder injuries Is Islanders Shoulder the hot new injury for 2011? Is Islanders Hip so last year? Heading into the final week of the season, we still can't stay healthy. So who's on the way up for the Carolina game? Personally I'd like a look-see at Kohn and Klementyev because...well, who else is left?

Andrew MacDonald out for season with hip labrum tear.

@KatieStrangNYI Andrew Macdonald done for year with labral tear in right hip that requires surgery; Wishart recalled Weep and question the existence of a higher hockey being in comments. Link to be updated as a story becomes available.

Grabs, Nielsen, Okposo, AMac at NHL Store Today at 4:00 PM

This is for those of you who will be in midtown today. Michael Grabner, Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo, and Andy MacDonald will be at the NHL Store for a Q & A with Billy Jaffe at 4:00 PM. Now I work one building away and may try to steal a few minutes to run to the NHL store and check it out, but due to the nature of my job, that's pretty much impossible. Hrm.

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