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Guest Audio Columnist: (Fake) Bill Little


As part of our Mongolian-style campaign for domination of the immensely-lucrative Internets audio broadcasting market, Barking Carnival is pleased to welcome a new guest podcast contributor,...

A Little Puzzle


Football season has officially arrived. And so has Bill Little, ever eager to confuse and enrage with his down-homey, sentimental musings on Texas football. This week, Bill focuses on the...

Guest Column: Jim Rome Previews the Big XII


The Barking Carnival is pleased to welcome award-winning syndicated sports radio host Jim Rome as a guest columnist. In this installment, Mr. Rome shares his thoughts on the upcoming Big XII...

Investigative Report: Bob Stoops is the Product of a Top Secret Government Research Program


The Barking Carnival news team has recently uncovered a disturbing story tying University of Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops to a covert military research program. Our suspicions were first...

Byrne-ing Desire?


My new personal hero, the alliteratively-named disgruntled Aggie Roger Rogge, recently sent the following e-mail to Texas A&M Athletic Director "Dollar" Bill Byrne: Hey assholes I am a third...

The Barking Carnival Complaint Box


As part of his zealous campaign for continued excellence, Sailor Ripley recently installed a comments and complaints box in the Barking Carnival headquarters. The task of reviewing the comments was...

The Byrne Ultimatum


It's basketball season, and Dollar Bill's blogging with newfound vitality. That's good news for you, gentle readers. Bill's a verbose son of a gun, so I'll just stick to the highlights. The...

Pat Forde is the New Scipio Tex


It's early October, which means it's time for the national media to pen uninteresting pieces about the Texas-OU rivalry. As expected, Pat Forde doesn't disappoint on that front. You might recall...

Bill Gets Bye-Curious


Bill Little commentary: Winning open date Yes! We won the bye week! With a 4-0 record over their first games, the Longhorns have handled the beginning run, and on Saturday, they embark on the...

Byrned Again


Bill Byrne's latest Wednesday Weekly started out pretty slow with a boring recap of the Aggies' unimpressive win over Utah State. But, true to form, Bill's post took a few interesting turns once he...

Second Degree Byrne


Ever eager to copy their big brother in Austin, the Aggies have their very own ridiculous website column written by a guy named Bill. Bill Byrne, Texas A&M Director of Athletics, to be exact. h/t...

The Trouble with Troubadours


Football season is finally here. And so is Bill Little's regular column. This week, Bill fashions one of the most tightly strained metaphors in the history of analogical reasoning. Enjoy! Bill...

Forde Excursion


The college football season is fast approaching. That means the media nutjobs are starting to crawl out of the woodwork. Our first example is Pat Forde, who last week treated's readers to...

Bad News Bill


Uncredentialed Barking Carnival correspondent Fake Ken Tremendous returns and marks the occasion by getting in his dreamwagon and doing donuts on Bill Little's lawn. - S.R. Just when I think...

Bill Has a Dream


Fake Ken Tremendous or whatever you want to call him is back with another Bill Little exegesis. Ouch. - The Mgmt. _________________________________________________________ Throughout the long,...

Six Inches


Thoughts from BL. Bill Little commentary: The treasure chest Saturday in Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium was a keepsake kind of day. Oct. 19, 2008 Bill Little, Texas Media Relations S...

Bill Little's Rainy Day


Editor's Note: This writer is mean. He once hitchhiked to Will Rogers graveside to speak ill of him. He even shot a man just for snoring. But it's funny, so here you go. - SR I have a...

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