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User Blog

6 Years, A Goodbye and One Less Junkie


6 years ago a small group of friends spread across the country, all die-hard Warriors fans, decided to start a Warriors blog, It was a way for us to have fun and...

Recap #82: Golden State Warriors 110, Portland Trailblazers 86 - Back to a Familiar Place


The end. No dramatic finish. No surprise outcome. No holy crap, that's Keyser Soze moment. The Warriors finish the season with a 36-46 record. It's what most of us thought would happen since the...


Game Thread #82: Portland Trailblazers @ Golden State Warriors - Good Memories from 4 Years Ago

This year's final regular season game versus the Trailblazers is not a must win. Nobody will reminisce on this game. Nobody will remember where they were when they watched this game. Their might be...


Game Thread #79: Los Angeles Lakers @ Golden State Warriors - Is there a chance?

When the Lakers come to town it's always rowdy and raucous at the Oracle. A significant amount of the crowd is pro-Laker sporting their purple and yellow Kobe Bryant jerseys. They're loud,...


Game Thread #73: Toronto Raptors @ Golden State Warriors - Do They Still Care? Do You Still Care?

6 losses in a row with 5 of them on the road and all of them by at least 10 points. I didn't expect the Warriors to win any of those road games but to get beat by an average of nearly 17 per game...


Game Thread #65: Orlando Magic @ Golden State Warriors - Home Sweet Home?

That was one of the easiest road trips the Warriors have had all season - 6 of 7 teams with records of .500 or worse - and they completely flopped. 2 wins, 5 losses. So what should we expect as our...


Game Thread #59: Golden State Warriors @ Indiana Pacers - Getting Back on Track?

After Sunday's disaster in Minnesota, the Warriors better get their act together or else this road trip is going to get ugly fast.

Golden State Recap #58: Warriors 123, Minnesota Timberwolves 126 - Toiletpaper Tough


There are a lot of problems on this Warriors team. Tops among those is a lack of toughness both physically and mentally. Toughness gets you a long way when you lack skill. How can this team be so...


Game Thread #58: Golden State Warriors @ Minnesota Timberwolves - Battle of the Titans

There's nothing really to say about the Timberwolves. They are the second worst team in the league. They have player worth trading for and no it's not Darko Milicic. They've lost 7 in a row....

GSOM Night 10: 5 Days Away, Free T-shirt and 3 Point Contest


Just a friendly reminder to get your GSOM Night 10 tickets before they sell out.

Recap #48: Golden State Warriors 100, Milwaukee Bucks 94 - Shoot Well, Play Well, Get W


In a game the Warriors had a very good chance of winning, they took care of business and got the W. In the end, it doesn't matter how they got the win.

Monta is making every shot. Then, he started involving other people, and that's really what has...


Monta is making every shot. Then, he started involving other people, and that's really what has changed his game," Nelson said. "Unfortunately, as much as I love him, he's a really small 2-guard and there's only so much he can do defensively. ... Steph can't guard the bigger guards either, so you're stuck. You're always going to be at a disadvantage defensively.

Nellie Interviewed on KNBR via Rusty Simmons Full Audio on KNBR (mp3)

Game Thread #48: Milwaukee Bucks @ Golden State Warriors - Curry vs Jennings? More Important, Is Andrew Bogut Playing?

The Bucks come in to face the Warriors, who are coming off a nice performance and blowout win over the Utah Jazz. People will be focused on the Jennings vs Curry matchup, but there's really only...

GSOM Night 10: Tony.psd T-shirt + 3PT Contest!


It's just under 2 weeks until GSOM Night 10. We're revealing the GSOM Night 10 t-shirt design courtesy of Tony.psd. While you're wearing the shirt at the game, you'll also get a shot to win...

GSOM Night 10: Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder on 2/13/2011!


We've been working on getting the details done for awhile now but we can finally announce the next GSOM Night. This time we secured one of the most popular games on the schedule - a Sunday game...


Game Thread #40: New Jersey Nets @ Golden State Warriors - GSOM Kids Day #3 + MLK Day

It has become an annual tradition for us at GSOM, Martin Luther King Jr. Day = GSOM Kids Day. For the past 3 years, including today, the Warriors and GSOM team up to give away 100+ tickets to local...

Recap #35: Golden State Warriors 110, New Orleans Hornets 103 - A Rollercoaster Ride and a Healthy Roster


Up and down, down and up, and all around and around. This game was a rollercoaster ride if there ever was one. Hornets 10-0 run, Warriors 10-0 run. Back and forth it went for the entire first 3...


Game Thread #35: Golden State Warriors @ New Orleans Hornets - My Halftime Suggestions

Something must be happening in the locker room at halftime for the Warriors to come out so poorly in the 2nd halves of games and play as a completely different team than the one who finished the...

Recap #34: Golden State Warriors 90, Orlando Magic 110 - Owned the 1st Half, Pwned the 2nd Half


This game was almost identical to the previous game against the Heat. The Warriors play very well in the first half and take a sizable lead only to get blown out in the 2nd half and lose the game....


Game Thread #34: Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic - A Family Reunion

10 years ago in 2001, the Warriors drafted both Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas. They join forces now as savvy vets on the Magic to face their former team - an organization that looks...

RECAP #33: Golden State Warriors 107, Miami Heat 114 - Halftime Got In The Way


The Warriors were on fire in the first half! They dropped 72 points in the first half against an excellent defensive team. It was the best half of the season. But then halftime came and it got in...

RECAP #25: Minnesota Timberwolves 99, Golden State Warriors 108 – It’s About Time


Well it's about time! A win. The Warriors won a game. It's been so long since the last win that I almost forgot what it was like.


Game Thread #25: Minnesota Timberwolves @ Golden State Warriors – A Chance to Win?

The schedule maker is a woman with a funny sense of humor because the Timberwolves are back to face the Warriors. The Warriors lose 7 in a row and then are given a chance to win. The Warriors last...

RECAP #24: Golden State Warriors 95, Utah Jazz 108 - Only the Good News?


I was actually surprised by the Warriors...for a half. They faced a tough Jazz team without Stephen Curry and grabbed a 3 point first quarter lead. After a back and forth 2nd quarter in which the...

Recap #20: Golden State Warriors 109, Oklahoma City Thunder 114 - Furious Comeback Falls Short


For awhile there this was a pretty disgusting game. The game started out 18-2, and then 28-9, and then the 1st quarter ended 32-17. I was laughing during that first quarter watching the easy...


Game Thread #20: Golden State Warriors @ Oklahoma City Thunder - Free Throw Fun Fest

How will the Warriors even compete in this game? I have no idea. I also have no idea how the Thunder lost to the Raptors by 12. So maybe there's a chance. There's also a chance that the Thunder are...


Game Thread #19: Phoenix Suns @ Golden State Warriors - No Amare!

All I can think about with this game is that the Suns will be without Amare Stoudemire. It's just Steve Nash and his gang of 2's, 3's and 4's, no real center or big man. No Amare. No Amare. No...

RECAP #18: San Antonio Spurs 118, Golden State Warriors 98 - A Slow Death


Well that was fun. And by fun I mean torturous, painful, and frustrating. The Spurs do that to you. There should be a warning for Warriors fans when watching the Warriors play the Spurs - "Warning:...


Game Thread #18: San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors - Taking Down the Best Team in the NBA

The Spurs are the best team in basketball right now. Betcha didn't guess that would ever be written this year. They're 14-2 and just won 12 in a row. Yikes. So how do you stop a team that can't be...

Recap #14: Denver Nuggets 106, Golden State Warriors 89 - Too Many 3's and Too Much Carmelo


The Warriors offense sucked. They had no life tonight with the 3rd game in 4 nights. Maybe if they had hit some more shots early they get energized and don't fall apart at the end. Tired legs...

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