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Glad the Warriors Don't have $$$ to Spend on Free Agents?


After Day 1 of the free agency period, I'm glad the Warriors don't have money to spend. The big names wouldn't be coming here, so we'd be stuck with the sloppy seconds. I just don't trust the current Warriors' front office to make a smart free agency deal.

MT: Why Warriors Chose Udoh over Monroe

Marcus Thompson provides some answers to the questions about why the Warriors selected Udoh. "I just talked with a couple of people in the know from the Warriors about why they went with Baylor PF Ekpe Udoh over Georgetown center Greg Monroe. I tried to ask all of the questions I’ve seen, and get the answers that weren’t prepared for the press conference." Thanks to Rated-R Superstar for posting this in the Fan Shots.

RECAP: Golden State Warriors 2010 NBA Draft Day - Yaaaawn...


Everything came out as predicted with the only drama being whether the Warriors would take Big Man #1, who won't be an impact player, or Big Man #2, who won't be an impact player. Yippee. This year was quite the snooze-fest.

Manute Bol - Basketball Warrior


I thought I'd share this with you given the sad news today. I found this well done 25 minute segment from 2004 on Manute Bol via YouTube. Continue reading for parts 2 and 3.

Spending the Day with the Golden State Warriors' New Logo and T-Shirt


The Warriors, specifically, Raymond Ridder (Director of PR), are reaching out to their neighborhood friendly bloggers to give them a preview of the new logo prior to the upcoming release party next Thursday on draft night. I wanted to share it with you all in the best way I could. New Logo has a lot of pressure so I spent the day hanging out with New Logo.

The Warriors unveiled their brand spankin' new logo and a new website today. I like the new look...


The Warriors unveiled their brand spankin' new logo and a new website today. I like the new look of the logo, but someone please fix the font! My word, they really messed that one up. From the press release: "The Warriors’ new primary logo salutes the team’s Bay Area past and links to the exciting prospects of the organization’s future." Check out ffgolden's fan shot for some discussion on the logo and thecity23's fan shot about the website. Don't miss the fan shot by Precise Films Productions that has a video from the Warriors about the history of the new log.

2010 NBA Finals Game 2: Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers- A Must Win?


Boston looked bad in Game 1. They lacked energy and fire. None of the players seemed to be able to get into a rhythm and play with any sense of urgency. Much credit to the Lakers though. Once they got the big lead, they never gave the Celtics any hope. Will today be different?

Kevin Durant, 19 rebounds! + Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat + Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs + Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz : : 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 7


One Thunderous win. One Rose-Noah combo win. And both #1 seeds cannot sweep their opponents. Phoenix's Jason Richardson explodes for 42 points on just 19 shots. That's the JRich we know.


GAME THREAD #80: Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Durant Goes for 40?

Tonight will be tough on the Warriors, it's another back to back game at the end of the season. I'm a little worried about this being a blowout because of the discrepancy in talent level but also because the Warriors just might be tired. And being tired against a very good team can only mean problems.

RECAP: Golden State Warriors 104, Los Angeles Clippers 107 – Live by the 3, die by the 3


This is what we all wanted right? Close, entertaining games that ultimately wind up with a Warriors loss. The Warriors started the 4th quarter down by 4 and then like an old Batman tv show, Bam! Pow! Boom! they had 6 point lead. The Clippers fought back to tie it, then Steve Novak hit a 3 pointer and the Warriors never recovered.

RECAP: Golden State Warriors 116, Minnesota Timberwolves 107 - Congratulations Nellie!


1333 wins! Don Nelson now sits atop the record books as the coach with the most wins. Congratulations Nellie! It's an amazing accomplishment.There hasn't been much to celebrate or be happy about this year, but this is definitely a reason for both.


GAME THREAD #78: Golden State Warriors @ Minnesota Timberwolves - Still 1 Win Away

Don Nelson did not capture the all-time coaches wins record last night with the bad loss to the Wiz. Tonight is another great chance to break the record against the 2nd worst team in the league. At least Al Jefferson and Kevin Love make the Twolves slightly bearable to watch.

RECAP: Golden State Warriors 90, Dallas Mavericks 111 – Rodrigue Beaubois Scored 40 Points


Rodrigue Beaubois scored 40 points. That's all you need to know about this game. Stop reading. Go enjoy your Sunday in the sun. Seriously.


GAME THREAD #72: Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks - Easy Win

Nellie owns Dallas. This should be an easy win! D-League All-Stars vs playoff bound Dallas.

Monta Ellis is better than LeBron James

"Warriors guard Monta Ellis has his own opinion on who should be ranked as the NBA’s three best players. I’m going to say LeBron James [third]," Ellis said recently. "He can do it all, pass, score, defend, block shots. No. 2, I would have to say, me. I can do a whole lot of things: defend, score, make passes, do whatever I need to do." You have to scroll down towards the bottom of the article to see the quote and who he has as No. 1. One thing is for sure, Monta doesn't lack confidence.

RECAP: Golden State Warriors 131, New Orleans Hornets 135 – Shooting the Lights Out!


This game was all about offense. Both teams shot nearly 59%! 59 PERCENT! Both teams gave up enough points for a double overtime game.

RECAP: Warriors 117, Mavericks 127 – Positives


A loss is a loss, but at this point in the season I'll take any positives we can get. For nearly 42 minutes the Warriors led the game. They had the Mavs on the ropes facing consecutive losses to the Twolves and then the Warriors. But I think they just ran out of gas.


GAME THREAD #50: Mavericks vs Warriors – Can they make it 9 in a row?

The Dallas Mavericks come into Oakland tonight after losing to Minnesota at home. They lost to one of the two teams that are actually worse than the Warriors. How does that happen? Well I have no idea, but I just know that the Mavs are not going to be very happy and might just take it out on our D-League squad.

RECAP: Warriors 110, Hornets 123 - REBOUND!


It was a 7 point game at the half. What happened? I'll tell you what happened, the Warriors got badly outplayed in the 3rd quarter, couldn't grab a rebound and couldn't play defense. In the 4th they were at one point down 27. Sound familiar?


GAME THREAD #44: Hornets vs Warriors - 100 Reasons to Watch the NBA, #14: Chris Paul

I have a secret list of 100 reasons to watch the NBA. Chris Paul happens to be at #14. I just have to fill in 1-13 and 15-100. Watching the Warriors just narrowly misses the list, coming right after watching Eddy Curry run up and down the court.

RECAP: Warriors 118, Nuggets 123 (OT) – Never a Dull Moment


There's really not a whole lot I think the Warriors did wrong tonight. They played about as well as anyone could expect. The Nuggets just made more plays in the end than they did.


GAME THREAD #40: Warriors vs Nuggets - Rematch

The last time these two teams met, it was a back and forth high scoring affair that saw the Warriors lose a close game with some controversial plays happen right at the end of the game. Will this game be any different?

GSOM Kids Day 2


Today marks the 2nd GSOM Kids Day - a day that 100 youths and chaperons get to attend a Warriors game for free. It's all made possible by the Warriors group tickets sales team, especially Chris Murphy and their community relations department. The way it works is that the Warriors donate 100 tickets to us (!) and we in turn donate them to various youth organizations in the Bay Area.

The Andris Biedrins Made Free Throw Watch


Some helpful tips for Andris Biedrins on how to shoot free throws. He hasn't made one this season.

RECAP: Warriors 102, Heat 115 – Thanks for the Gift


For those who took advantage of the gift of a superstar, you were treated to a great gift tonight - Dwyane Wade. He was ridiculously good tonight. Thank you Golden State Warriors.


Game Thread #37: Warriors vs Heat - Wade (Gift of a Sup-a-sta)

It's nice that Warrior fans get treated to watching two of the game's best in back to back home games. First LeBron's near triple double. Tonight, the crowd gets to see Monta face someone at a similar position. It's part 2 of the gift of a "sup-a-sta" - Dwyane Wade.

Support Ronny's Ankles!


Ronny Turiaf injured his ankle last night vs the big frontline of the Cavs - Shaq, Ilgauskas, Varejao, Hickson, and James. I was lucky to be at the game, but as he was getting helped off the court, I noticed something interesting, low top shoes!

GSOM Night 8: Submit a Question for Anthony Morrow


GSOM Night 8 is coming up this Friday vs the Kings. Anyone who purchases a ticket to the game courtesy of Golden State of Mind will be able to attend a post-game Q&A with Anthony Morrow. The questions Morrow will answer at the Q&A will come directly from you.


GAME THREAD #33: Warriors @ Nuggets - Just Keep It Close

Tonight in Denver may not be any more entertaining than those last 3 quarters in Portland. It could be rough going up against a tough Denver squad even with their two best guys, Melo (day to day) and Billups (questionable) being banged up.

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