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Born in England. Started watching football while living in Taiwan in the mid/ late 80s. Saw Warren Moon in action and have been a fan ever since. Now living in Manila Philippines

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  • NFL Tennessee Titans
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MCM in- depth off season interviews with Coaches and Players. No, really

It’s the dead season again so MCM sent its resident unreal reporter, Father of Zeus, out to track down various Titans for in depth interviews. As you can imagine, finding NFL players in the off...


My Interview with Peter King

PK is an interesting fat oaf human being. He makes his money writing about football but devotes significantly more column inches to the difficulties of finding wheat beer after a hurricane than he...


The Mind of Blaine Gabbert- Revisited

Some of you may remember that a few months ago we sent a team through time to implant a mind reading device inside the head of Blaine Gabbert. One of the bugbears of time travel is the tendency to...


The scrolls deciphered. How Tebow created the NFL

In the beginning there was Tebow. And possibly peanut butter. But definitely Tebow.And the world was filled with righteousness and bluebirds sang and unicorns frolicked in the glades. But Tebow was...


MCM Spies report from the Patriots OTA

Some of us have expressed concern that we open the new season against the Patriots, a team we haven't played since 2006. Got that? 2006.Naturally MCM is on the case and our agents have infiltrated...


Inside the mind of Blaine Gabbert.

Many people may be under the impression that Blaine Gabbert's patented "Deer in the Headlights" quarterbacking technique is the result of terrible drafting and Darwinism gone horribly wrong. And...


It’s never too early to grade the 2024 draft

Let’s face it, any fool can grade the 2012 draft 72 hours after it’s been done. In fact many fools have. Not only that but certain super- precognitive fools have already published their 2013 draft.F...


The 2012 Schedule. How we win the Superbowl

The Titans’ schedule looks brutal this year however, as with many things in life, the devil is in the details and with favourable sequencing the prospects for a 16- 0 season are in fact very good....

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