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In Big Games Romo is...

I had a lengthy discussion with a group of objective and not so objective Cowboy Fans the other day. The issue that arose was Tony Romo. Now we were discussing whether or not all of the...

Salary Cap Updated 4 times a day by the NFLPA


I know that this won't be seen or given recognition. Heck for all I know I didn't see someone who did the same already. But for those who are interested, the NFLPA told the agents and the players that they will have this available to see the current salary cap numbers of each team.


BTB EtErNal Thread #3 I can finally relax now that there are no NFC East teams in the playoffs!!

We kind of dropped the ball on this one so I decided to bring it back. I think we all agree that BTB isn't a place for JUST stats and X's/O's, But that it also isn't a place to just shoot the...


BTB Call to Arms

As the upcoming NFL season is fast approaching I wanted to challenge those on this site, both front page writers and the rest of us members to help take this site to the next level. Here on BTB we...

Drew Rosenhaus' Role in the Dez Bryant "Saga"


I feel like the world looks at Dez and sees this big ripe Target. He on the other hand comes off like this naive kid, who just can't get things figured out. I really hope he gets things figured out... and soon!


Why we don't just need a No.3 WR. We also need a No.2, and No.1 WR

Most of the comments I've seen on BTB, ESPN, yahoosports, have all centered around how bad our OL was last night, and why this is going to be a problem all year, and why Jerry Jones is stupid for...

VERY interesting article on Dez and his personal life


An article on Yahoo, with quotes and perspectives from sources in the cowboys camp as well as execs around the NFL who shed light on his situation growing up. This is not a post about him being good/bad, right/wrong, just something that gives perspective to one of our star players. REC it to the top if you think the rest of the family should read it.


F.B.S. Therapy session for Fanatics II: "When the Cowboys Lost, I'm not proud of the way I acted"

Hey BTB, Originally I was gonna use this as a post about a time I snapped but then thought as a licensed therapist it only be fair to make this an opportunity for Cowboy FANatics to have a place...

Correcting the LEE FORD mistake!!!!


Okay I'm being very serious about this one. One of the most Rec'd Fanpost of all time is a monument to embarrassment here on this site. And this is Lee Ford's article. (To be honest he has multiple articles on the same fabricated lie that are Rec'd more than they should be). Now if he came back to defend himself or his position I wouldn't say what I'm about to say, but he just posted garbage in "legalese" and vanished. Having that as one of the most HIGHLY RECOMMENDED posts leads any Newcomer to believe that we on Blogging the Boys CURRENTLY endorse his message. This to me is an injustice to the many great writers we have hear on BTB. At the beginning of the day the Fanpost was at 38 REC's and declining... :) Now if you are one of the individuals who recommended this Fanpost (don't raise your hand) and no longer recommend this as a must read PLEASE UNREC'. Right the wrong that many made while in search of hope. Please REC this Fanshot enough so it stays on the front page for a little bit if you agree. If not keep it moving, enjoy the many great articles and Fanposts we have here. Thanks BTB!


After Further Review Are We Still Happy with Our Draft Pick???

I was watching the Denver Broncos game today and was watching Von Miller who was from Texas and a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.  I found myself wishing that he was playing for us. This was about an...

Best Video EVER!!!!!!! lol lolololol


Couldn't get this particular clip to work on my browser but if it will work for you I know you will laugh. If you then show it to any Eagle's fan, he will eventually hit you! lol.


Need help from BTB Vets

Question for BTB-ers. How do you link an old comment from a different thread? Can only front page writers do this?


If you were the Owner/GM of the Dallas Cowboys... Coaching Edition!!!

One of the things I used to love most about Madden when I played it (I stopped playing when the Madden Franchise stopped trying) was the offseason.  Now of course most people enjoy trading for...

Yahoo! sports opinion of Demarco Murray


Yahoo! sports article mentions Demarco Murray's situation in Dallas. Has a very strong opinion. Money Comment "DeMarco Murray, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys. You know how some people say that a player shouldn't lose his job because of an injury? Those people are wrong, and if Felix Jones gets another start over DeMarco Murray, everyone in Dallas should be fired. I don't just mean the Cowboys coaching staff, I mean every current citizen of the city of Dallas who is currently employed. Is that a harsh overreaction? Maybe, but I feel strongly about this." LOL


Rob Ryan vs. Anna Nicole Smith

When we first signed Robby R. my immediate reaction was one of elation.  The thought of bringing his exotic blitzes, and clever coverages over to Big D seemed like a match made in heaven.  But I...


Feeling Blue & Silver: Therapy Session for Fanatics

Editors Note:  This is a tongue in cheek look at the our emotions as Fans and is in no way meant to be taken seriously or be insulting to anyone. As a licensed therapist I feel that it would only...


The Dallas Cowboys are no good in "PrimeTime"?

As I look back at some of the moves made by our Dear GM, I've begun to wonder something.  Do the Dallas Cowboys know what to do in Prime Time? Okay I see how you may be wondering how the moves of...

JasonLaCanfora: So the Bears have agreed to terms with Roy Williams, I can report, and @AlbertBreer...


JasonLaCanfora: So the Bears have agreed to terms with Roy Williams, I can report, and @AlbertBreer reported Thur Eagles agree to 1yr deal with Vince Young [via Twitter]


Roy Williams signs on somewhere "Different"

NOTE: SINCE WRITING THIS JASON LACANFORA REPORTS THAT THE BEARS HAVE COME TO TERMS WITH A DEAL FOR ROY WILLIAMS.   There is a very funny thing about "Different" that blinds us.  I understand...

FA Tracker-- Stay up to date!


Best spot I've found so far to stay completely current with everything taking place in free agency. The top guys trying to "out-scoop" each other using all their sources at their disposal. And Yes Schefter is naturally one of them.

Adam shefter reporting via twitter that Marion Barber has been cut.


Adam shefter reporting via twitter that Marion Barber has been cut.

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