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Cards fan & scientist from England.

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One for the Brits (and the 'Mericans) out there


Here's how the Freese walkoff sounded on this side of the pond. Enjoy!


Tyler Greene could be one of the best base-stealers in the recent history of baseball

I was having a quick look at Greene's FanGraphs page the other day, and it struck me (as it has done every time I've looked at his stats in the last couple of years) what a truly exceptional...


Colby trade leviathon

Well. Apparently we traded Colby Rasmus. Who saw that coming? I haven't been in the daily threads much this week, but from a cursory look last night, I noticed that the response to this trade,...

Albert Pujols desktop background - created by yours truly.


Albert Pujols desktop background - created by yours truly.


VEB Roadtrips 2010 - no.2; Citizen's Bank Park, Tues 4th May

Hi guys   As promised, I'm putting up a quick recap of the Cards-Phillies game I went to last week, having finally gotten round to getting the photos on the computer.  Sadly, the game itself was a...

Short Allen Craig interview from the Mothership


Says he is happy to play any position (although 1B is unlikely with the Cardinals!) and isn't setting himself any major goals in 2010 other than to play his best. He's got an interest in politics, too. TBH, I quite like what I heard from this interview - he sounds erudite and pretty well grounded. I get the feeling he's going to be a pretty good professional. Let's hope he sticks either at 3B or the 4th OF slot this year.

ZiPS projections for the 7/8 years of MATT FREAKIN HOLLIDAY


I have to admit, these make me feel a lot better about the 7 year deal. He's projected to hit .280/.358/.460 in the last year of his deal (not including the option year), which is still north of an .800 OPS and it's probably (value-wise; the OBP's probably a bit higher and the SLG probably a bit low) what we might expect out of 2010 Ryan Ludwick. Of course, his defense might still fall off a cliff, but his bat is still projected to be solidly above-average in the last 2-3 years, and still pretty elite throughout years 1-4.

What are the Cubs doing?


Our (and FR's) own Erik discusses the Bradley-for-Silva clusterfuck over on the North Side of Chicago. I'm sure most of us were aware that Silva has one of the worst contracts in baseball, although salary relief means that the Cubs will have to pay him "only" $6m this year and $8m next year to be a marginally better than replacement-level soft-tosser. However, the most interesting thing for me was how good Tom Gorzelanny was last year (the 1K/inning stat surprised me, given he's not got the most dominant stuff) and is projected to be next year (CHONE reckons he'll be above-average). Forgetting the fact that they sold Bradley for cents on the dollar, it looks like not using Gorzellanny in the rotation next year in favour of Silva could be a real opportunity cost too. All good news for Cards fans.


SOME LIKE IT HOT (PART TWO); all new Hot Stove Discussion here, 07/12/09

Looks like the previous hot stove post is going to break 700 posts, and, with it, some unfortunate Internet Explorer users' computers.  Thankfully, I'm running Chrome on my Cray XMT, so it's not a...


Cardinals win hotly-contested Ruben Gotay sweepstakes

Yesterday the Cardinals added their first free agent of the off-season, and his name wasn't Holliday, Cameron, Harden, Lackey or even Kearns.  The identity of our latest redbird?  Ex-Kansas, NYM...


Cardinals interest in Springer/Qualls, and next year Strauss (vis mlb daily dish) reports that the Cards were interested in getting Springer as a throw-in on the Holliday deal....


Clues - Boggs possibly replacing Welly in the rotation

Didn't think this merited a fanpost as such, but apparently Mitchell Boggs has been relpaced by minor league journeyman Trey Hearne in the Memphis rotation. More excitingly, the Cardinal's mlb...

Fangraphs' take on the DeRosa trade...


courtesy of erik. Personally, I feel it's pretty difficult to evaluate the trade without much of a feel for who the ptbnl might be. If it's Todd, I'd say it's broadly a slightly disappointing trade for us. If it's Samuel, I'd say it's kinda OK, you can usually pick up a live relief-projectable arm in the sandwich rounds, which is what we should get as compensation for DeRo at the end of the year. If it's anything less than Samuel (say, a lower-level arm or a guy with a limited ceiling like David Kopp or maybe Adam Ottavino), I'd say it's a win for us. I'd also like to point out that I *think* the statement in the comments (that the PTBNL is "at least 2 years from the majors") is actually INCORRECT and was a mis-interpretation of a quote that came up somewhere on FR. It could still very well be someone in AA/AAA, as far as I know...


Who replaces Ludwick?

Following his apparent hamstring strain last night vs the Pirates, it looks like our 2nd best hitter is going to be out for a while.  Not only do we lose our 2nd starting outfielder of the year to...

More hilarious racist scouting comps


About halfway down the page. Apparently, according to a "major league executive", Braves top hitting prospect Jason Heyward is a cross between "Dave Parker, Darryl Strawberry and Fred McGriff". So, um, he's a black guy who plays the OF. It's nice to see they didn't violate the age-old scouting tenet of only comparing players to others of identical ethnic background; of course, there's no WAY that Heyward could compare to, say, any tall, highly athletic white slugger who plays the OF.... Also, it's apparently worth pointing out in the next paragraph that Heyward (black) and Freddie Freeman (white) are best friends, as if that's something entirely out of the ordinary. Nice stuff. At least they have makeup that is "off the charts". I've no doubt Maybeline will be delighted.


A quick look at Blaine Boyer - our newest addition

Hey folks.  Have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed that we dumped Barton (a guy I think should've been with the big league team all year instead of Ryan, given his ability to hit LHP, his...


Mather Cut

Well, it appears that our 25-man is all set for the season, with Joe Mather being the last name cut from the list today h...


Will Ohman vs Dennys Reyes - a missed opportunity?

Hey guys, long-time lurker, short time contributor, first fanpost... Go easy...   I note today that Will Ohman, he of the triumvirate of until-recently unsigned quality LHRP on the market (the...

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