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Interesting Comments on the Giants Game by Antrel Rolle

On the one hand, I appreciate that he gives it up for the Cowboys and doesn't whine. On the other, once again, the comments on Romo, while complimentary, are somewhat baffling. Romo has had the Giants D for lunch a number of times over the years, including the first game last year. Moreover, as the author of the article points out, Romo faced a lot of pressure in this game, had to do a lot of running, and was hardly in a "comfortable" situation. Anyway, at least Rolle wasn't blaming the refs or making excuses.

Cool Interview with D-Ware in GQ.

Edited to add: Anyone who thinks D-Ware isn't ferocious? Check out this quote: DeMarcus Ware: There are guys who want to cut your legs. So, what can the defensive player do as a response? You can power him and put him on his back. If you put an offensive tackle on his back—they're all big dudes—it's degrading. And then you just walk over him slowly. And you turn around and stare at him while he's on the ground. You just beat him up so bad, they know they did something wrong. They woke the beast. GQ: The beast? DeMarcus Ware: Yeah, then they're like, "Oh, ****," because they know that every play, I'm coming. I'm not going to stop. At first, I'll smile at you. I won't say nothing to you. I'll just keep beating on you, and beating on you, and beating on you. And if you say something, I won't say anything back. I'm just going to come back harder the next time. I'm going to prove a point: "You ****** with the wrong one. You wake the beast, you're going to get it."

Yeah, Romo Doesn't Take Football Seriously At All.

Yes, that subject line is sarcasm, but I saw yet another comment in that direction today from a Cowboys fan who needs his head examined.

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe Jenkins Will Be Available Sept. 5?

I'd love for him to be ready to play. I'm excited about Mo, but I actually envisioned Jenkins as the starter until Mo gets more experience.

Some Cool Shots of the Trip to San Diego

I don't normally post photo galleries, but there are some nice candid shots of our favorite team, and some very nice pictures of the scenery.

Jerry and More Mea Culpas for the O Line.

I'm actually sick of the whole debate, but make of it what you will, those of you who think it's dumb to worry and those of you who think the world is ending.

Romo Plans to Play Six More Years.

Well, he did say this before he saw his O line play last night.

Good Article in ESPN Insider About Romo

If you can access ESPN Insider, it's a good read. I'm not familiar with the writer, Chris Sprow, but he does look beyond the usual silly stuff we often get from ESPN and examines Romo's stats, metrics, and decision making. He lays a lot of the team's problems last year on the defense and predicts good things if the D can come together this year. Well, and he thinks they need a dose of good old luck, something they didn't have much of in 2011.

Sturm Predicts Ryan Will Be Out of Dallas in 2013...One Way or Another

You have to read to the end for the prediction. Very interesting read on the D.

Bernadeau Has Knee Surgery, Too.

"It's going take a little bit of time.." Cool.

More Trash Talk From the Giants

At least this time the loudmouthed classlessness is directed at someone else, so it's kind of amusing.

Romo's Best Throw of 2011

One of the best drives I've seen by a QB. Here's a link to a description of each play in the drive: http://sturminator.blogspot.com/2011/11/breaking-down-great-drive.html

Claims Against Cowboys in Super Bowl Seating Case Dismissed.


As Usual, Witten is Right (re: The Toomer Commentary)

There's a reason why this guy is called The Senator. All of these guys, Romo included, should block out the noise and chatter, good or bad, and concentrate on the job.

A Nice Story About Family Bonding Over the 'Boys.

This is about a guy who stars on CSI. Hollywood hasn't dimmed his Cowboys love, which is awesome. My dad and I did a lot of bonding over the Cowboys, too, so this story strikes a chord.

The Cowboys and the Supplemental Draft.

I don't know much about this process, but it's coming up.

For All of the Negativity About Romo...

It's been a weird off season. Coming on the heels of (arguably) Romo's best season, negative comments about him from disgruntled former Cowboys and the usual media suspects have gotten a lot of press. The linked slide show highlights some nice comments from former players, current players, some in the media, and ownership (feel free to ignore Canty, Deion, and TO). It's not all bad, folks.

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