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OT: See you next Spring Training

I don't post here as much as I used to, so I don't know how many people recognize me, but I just want to let those of you know me here (and don't already know this through Facebook and/or real...

Brian Wilson: Awesome


Watch it. Love it.

Strasburg --> Tommy John surgery


Or at least that's what's likely. I think this just goes to show that people have, for the most part, no idea what actually causes injuries to pitchers. Strasburg was as coddled pitch-count-wise since being drafted as anyone in history probably, and this happened. In any case, this sucks for baseball.


LL Meetup?

So I recently graduated and I'll be home until June 23rd and I'm tired of missing all the LL meetups that have gone on in my absence over the last four years. That said, would anyone be interested...


Semi-OT: Mythbusters -- Yankees / Red Sox in The Bronx

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a Red Sox fan and they are among my most hated teams, but some things must be done in the name of science.   Null Hypothesis: Yankees fans are rabid and dangerous to fans...

Will Ferrell's professional baseball debut.


Will Ferrell's professional baseball debut.

A creation


Footage of a dedicated fan but poor LL community member.

The Standard for All Rain Delays


Imagine what Ichiro could do.


Awesome Tool, and Beltre in Fenway

So thanks to The Book Blog I recently discovered this neat site that lets you superimpose BIP data from one player/pitcher/park onto another. Just for fun I superimposed all of Beltre's SAFECO...


On the Shoulders of Giants: A Compilation

So while bored today, not being clever enough to do my own analysis, I created sort of a sabermetric almanac, or whatever you'd like to call it, on a Word document and decided to post it here for...

Opthamology and Outflielding


A pretty interesting little tidbit about where some scientists are going trying to understand how and why outfielders make the plays they do.

Chapman to sign with Reds


According to Yahoo! Sports, he'll sign for $30 million. Sounds like good news to me--we were never much of a favorite to get him, and on the off-chance that he does become an ace, he'll be out of our league, much less our division, for the next half-decade. On a side note, I think this puts the final check on the list of Angels' crushed hopes this offseason?

Yanks acquire Vazquez


So they added Granderson, Johnson, and Vazquez (>5 WAR average the last 3 years) this offseason...holy fuck.


WAR gains major exposure

So I was handed a copy of the New York Times today (yes I hate trees), and flipping to the sports section the top article on its front page was entitled "A New Generation of Statistics Redefines...


Just how awesome has Felix been?

Remember when Felix kicked ass in 2005 and we were all disappointed that he failed to win the Cy Young award the next year and seemed to be only above average following that? I think a lot of time...


Angel Villalona's value might drop somewhat

If he's convicted of the murder he's been charged with.   Angel Villalona, who received a club-record $2.1 million bonus when he was signed by the Giants in 2006, wore a bulletproof vest Monday to...

Victor Martinez: decent


"Here's David Aardsma's view of the play: "You know, he's a decent hitter, and right off the bat it was out, but you never know with Ichiro back there. Obvioulsy he can cover a lot of ground and (Martinez) just didn't get enough of it, and Ichiro made a great play on it. He made an awesome play." Aardsma's use of the word "decent" is interesting, and probably not accidental. In today's Cleveland Plain Dealer, Martinez had this quote on getting shut down by Felix Hernandez and Jarrod Washburn. "Hernandez and Washburn are two different ptichers. Hernandez is a decent, right-handed pitcher, and Washburn is a decent, left-handed pitcher. You can't compare them, but you have to give them credit.'' Sure sounds like Aardsma was sending a message back to Martinez with his quote, but I could be wrong.

- E. Aybar reached on bunt single to pitcher, E. Aybar to second on pitcher D. Davis' throwing...


- E. Aybar reached on bunt single to pitcher, E. Aybar to second on pitcher D. Davis' throwing error, E. Aybar scored on right fielder J. Upton's throwing error


The greatest battery of all-time?

So it looks like Stephen Strasburg will have a fairly talented catcher to work with. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:     Bryce Harper, the baseball phenom from Las Vegas High School, has no...


Yankee Stadium home opener

 So today I went to Yankee Stadium to help unroll their giant 50-yard long flag for the home opener ceremony. Practice and prep: Notes from the game: -Carl Pavano, who I had forgotten is...

This is begging for a photoshop and/or caption contest.


This is begging for a photoshop and/or caption contest.


RRS's velocity

So not that this hasn't been discussed before, but I decided in my spare time to quantify how important velocity is to RRS's value now that we know he'll be part of the rotation.   I know his...


Even more Fangraphs awesomeness

Fangraphs nowhas career leaderboards up, which includes win values and batted ball data  from 2002 onward, so stop reading this post and go bask in its glory.     ...   If you stuck around,...


WBC Tiny Sample Size Fun

Based on Pitch f/x from Felix's game today: Obviously this is his first start of the WBC so its not that helpful though its probably more helpful than a Spring start since he's almost certainly...

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