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No!! Stop Messing With our Emotions, things are going so well!!!


The sports marketing brain trust at Barclays Center is weighing a change in the team’s royal blue, orange and white team colors, sources said. The focus groups will be done in about 45 days — and then team owner Charles Wang will be updated, a source said.

Forget the Buyout! Get DP to a Groomer!!!!


Over on Backhand Shelf (named after Frans by Justin Bourne) DP made the #1 on list of Top 5 players who let themselves go during the Lockout - I couldn't stop laughing while reading it!

Bang for your Puck Buck - Isles doing great!


Bourne's blog highlights the best bank for your buck players at 4 different slary levels - Islanders have a top 5 guy in every range but "superstar ($5m+) no other team in the NHL has that! Kudos to Garth!

Rolston and Mottau to the Bruins - no, seriously


Who cares what we get in return, pucks, a bag with pucks, whatever!!! Garth made lemons into who cares what!!!!?!?!?!?!

Another Animal for the Zoo!


The Capitals Sign and Recall Joel Rechlicz... Who will now play under the honorable...he who shall not be named..yeah so this is an interesting move... someone he who shall not be named can mentor... mould his mind like play-doh....

Poulin recalled? Possible Nabby Trade?


Let me know if I'm missing something but last I checked Big Cubano and Nabby were both healthy.... why recall Poulin?!? Oh and Rhett is being moved up for Reasnor who is on IR...


Did I miss something with realignment?! Pens and Flyers...

Did I miss something with realignment?! Why are Tampa and Florida in the NE when they could put the Flightless Birds and the Flyers in the NE and put Florida and Tampa in the "Atlantic"? The...

Comeau Scores!!!!


Blake scored his first goal last night...no cozily sighted. 4 games 2 points +1 11 hits 8 shots.... not a bad waiver claim, just saying...then again we're on a nice winning streak!

Good Read by BD Gallof


Talks about the blame game, some good insight on Nino and other prospects... it's Islanders reading to feed the informaton vaccum we all have - nothing earth shattering.

The Fransie Awards


Justin Bourne (Yes of the Bobby Bourne Family) ex-contributor to Puck Daddy is now running the Backhand Shelf blog (I like it so far) - will be doing the weekly "Fransie Awards" - where they recognize the best backhand shelf goals! Bourne has made a couple of frans Tributes so far - gotta love the respect!!!

Shannhammer on LEGAL hits!


talking about legal hits and "good clean hard checks" - Gillies gets a highlight at the 3min mark!! What a clean hitter that 'stach is - so proud of his reformed ways!

The guy with the 'stash Isn't Gillies....


Infact he's not an Islander - but he's funny - enjoy the workout.

Tavares Deal as per Daren Dreger


Tavares extension: 6 years. $4mil, $5 mil, $6 mil, $6 mil,$6MIL, $6 MIL.

Just lost @deplacey to the Devils - Thanks MSG.


Deb has moved over to the Devils after 10 years with the Isles... no word on who is moving in... if anyone...

Garth says no more aging forwards - thinking youth.


Garth will not be adding any aging forwards and Yashin and Satan skating in Syossett is just a courtesy extended to all alumni. He doesn't want to "box out" younger players who are growing into the team. I'm happy about this and that he said nothing about adding a Vet D-man.

Icethetics.info says Isles 3rd jersey look confirmed


New looks for the season according to icethetics - scroll down on the page to see it... Yes it is what we got rumor it was... Yes I did just throw up in my mouth a bit ... I thought our jersey mistakes were behind us ... AHL jerseys here we come!

Ehrhoff passed on Isles 5yr / $23M for a "Chance to Win a Cup" in Buffalo


Let's show him this year and in the next few years that, "he chose poorly"!!!!!

Brooklyn Islanders Jersey Concepts by HOTH


the Brooklyn Decker Jersey is my personal favorite - smile people at least we can get a few good laughs out of all of our pain!!

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