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Could Dion Jordan end up being a new type of linebacker?


We've all seen how today's tight ends are match up nightmares for opposing defenses. Nobody seems to have any legitimate answer for these WR/TE hybrids. Well, over the past couple years, I've been wondering if and when a team will end up trying something new at the LB position. I've been waiting for a coach to try putting a player in at LB that has TE physical traits. It makes perfect sense when you sit back and think about it. Linebackers all across the NFL have trouble covering someone like Jimmy Graham or Gronk. So what would happen if you had a 6'-6", 250 LB that can run a 4.6 40 yard dash? IMHO, I think it would permanently solve the TE coverage problem that all teams seem to have. I also think that it's a very BIG possibility that we have plans to use Dion Jordan like this. It would be the creation of a new type of LB that no other team has tried to do. We've all seen how well Jordan is in coverage (He basically shut down Gronk when we played them in week 8). So, what do ya'll think of this? I'd love to get a good debate/brain storming session going on this idea. PHINS UP!! BTW, the link is just Dion's player profile.

So I did a Google search of controversial calls in the NFL for 2013...


And what do ya know.....the ENTIRE 1st page is nothing but links to how the Pats got robbed in their OT loss to the Jets. And not just a bunch of random blogs...alot of these are from, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, Reuters, etc. Maybe I should let it go, but I cant. I'm only searching for it because Id like to get some unbiased opinions from the comments sections of these sites. I want to know if my feelings about the game are supported by other people, especially those with no dog in the fight. But I shouldve known that this game would get swept under the rug. I havent looked past the 1st page, so who knows. Maybe some random blogger out there is trying to shed some light on this travesty. Ok, rant over. I apologize for beating this dead horse, but dammit, that horse has it coming!

The Case of the New England Phantom Holder


I may have just solved the BIGGEST mystery The Phinsider has ever known. Was it a hold? Was it illegal? Does Tom Brady sit when he pees? Yes.

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