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  • NHL Buffalo Sabres
  • MMA Fedor, GSP, Monson, Mir, Machida, Rashad, Weidman, Kampmann, Ross Pearson
  • Wrestling Pepper Parks, Dusty Rhodes, Colt Cabana, Brandon Thurston, pre-1996 Sting
User Blog

What Is the Number Three MMA Promotion In North America?

About three years ago, I put up a poll called What Is the Number Four MMA Promotion in North America? A lot has happened in and to MMA since then, and I thought it would be interesting to revisit...


Help Me Choose My Favorite Fighters

I was a fan of the very early UFC, like up through maybe Ultimate-96. Back then I was a Don Frye fan. Then I lost track of the sport until 2009, when I became a huge hardcore fan again. I was...


Davey Richards vs. Kyle O'Reilly: Weird Booking From ROH

Who is making booking decisions at ROH? That's a rhetorical question, I realize they have a booking committee and and the identity of at least some of the members is well-known. Lately, though,...


My Local Indie Fed: Empire State Wrestling

Taking a look at a local New York independent wrestling federation Empire State Wrestling


Does MMA have traditions?

On ESPN radio this week, they had a segment which asked for the best long-standing tradition in your favorite sport. The answers were things like the 7th inning stretch, throwing hats on the ice,...

Perry vs. Norris


Is this the main event of UFC 149???


The BE Hate Poll

I've been reading and commenting on BE for about fifty weeks now, and sometimes a comment thread will seem familiar. "Didn't we already argue about whether DW has the sport's best interest at...


Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum -- Who Sucks Now?

Yes indeed, although last night's card might not have settled a lot of minds on the state of the heavyweight division, it did give fans another opportunity to decide who sucks. As a look at Sucking...


UFC 131: Who Sucks Now?

It is only once an MMA event has ended that the truly significant work of MMA fandom can begin. Watching the event, cheering for your favorites, supporting the sport, sharing the experience with...



Hello everyone, I just made my first comment on BLH so I thought I would put up this FanPost. I haven't followed boxing since Mike Tyson was about twenty years old, but there have been some...


UFC 129: Who Sucks Now?

As you know, MMA fans are required to react irrationally to the normal ups and downs of a fighter's career. Also, we are not permitted to judge a fighter's ability based on the full scope of their...


What Is the Number Four MMA Promotion in North America?

I'm counting the UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator as the top three. As we all know, there are dozens of small or regional MMA promotions in North America, some of which have been putting on shows for...


Poll: Why Did Fedor Lose?

Now that Fedor's camp has asserted that Fedor lost to Bigfoot because Bigfoot is on steroids, and also because someone used a mind-control device on Fedor, we need to seriously consider how vast...


Fedor Poll

Of course I'm referring to Fedor Pollchenkov, a talented young Russian who just signed with N-2. No, not really. I mean the other Fedor. I can't tell exactly what people on BE think of him. I am a...


Why Brock Lesnar is a Fraudulent Champion and a Threat to the Survival of MMA

And now, here's my first real Fan Post. It's the most lowly anticipated event of the year. Welcome to Finiantober. I am King of the Brock Haters. I hate him personally. I think he's an arrogant...



Hello all, I am creating this FanPost to make sure I understand how to create a FanPost. So if you are reading this, I was successful. I got tired of Bullshido and went looking for a new place to...

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