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The Eagles desecrated Jimmy Johnson's memory with this embarrassing loss.

I was very disappointed to see that the Eagles were embarrassed by the NFL's worst team today. I hate to say this, but the Eagles looked dead today. This is a slap in the face to the memory of...

Giving the game ball to a fan after beating the Patriots? He did not even play in the game!


That's what the Jets did after beating the Patriots. I didn't hear about Bernard Pollard getting a game ball for ending Tom Brady's season last year. I didn't hear that David Tyree got the game ball for making that "catch" that ended New England's perfect season at Super Bowl XLII. Hey, Fireman Ed: Want to see how rough and tough you are like the Jets? Come to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough November 22 and shout that J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS crap in front of Patriots fans, the greatest fans in the world. Then you'll have to walk back to East Rutherford embarrased that the Patriots will get their revenge on your dumb team.


L.A. 14, Nationals 2. Congratulations. You got Bryce Harper. And you're First in War, First in Peace and THE WORST IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.

That disaster at Nationals Park against Los Angeles actually earned you a wonderful prize. Congratulations, you got Bryce Harper, the Chosen One. If you get trounced by ManRam and the Dodgers...

And the winner of Major League Baseball Manager Idol is... TREY HILLMAN! This YouTube video is from...


And the winner of Major League Baseball Manager Idol is... TREY HILLMAN! This YouTube video is from November 25, 2007 as the manager of your Royals actually SANG, and boy, did he do well! As all of you in Royals Nation know, he turned a Kansas City Royals-like team, the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters into a Japanese League powerhouse. And in Trey's last game with the Fighters, he actually sang. Listen! Haven't heard Joe Torre sing... Joe Girardi, can you sing like Britney Spears? Hey, Terry Francona! Can you do a duet with Lady GaGa? How about you, Ozzie Guillen, will you audition for American Idol next year? You gotta see it to believe it. I demand a singing competition between Gardenhire, Wedge, Leyland, Guillen and Hillman to see who is the best singer in the A.L. Central. Then he'll go up against Scioscia, Girardi and Francona in the A.L. Skipper Singoff, and maybe challenge LaRussa or Torre or Piniella in the finals. Trey Hillman really is a good singer, but not like KC's own David Cook, though. Gotta love Hillman for one thing, he can really sing!


A Jays fan from Pittsburgh since day 1 back in '77 wants to know:

How do you compute the totals for your 'Jays of the Day' and Eric Hinske Award numbers. I am doing a 2006 Toronto Blue Jays replay at http://forums.delphiforums.com/replayball/messages/?msg=18867.1 ...

Tired of the real-life '09 Royals? Visit my '76 Royals blog and see if my '76 Royals can make it to the World Series.


I'm doing a replay of the first Royals team to be successful, the 1976 Kansas City Royals with an old baseball board game called Sherco Grand Slam Baseball, and this is a must read blog to get you away from the current 2009 Royals. See if George Brett, Freddie Patek, Hal McRae, Frank White, Paul Splitorff, Al Fitzmorris and the rest of Whitey Herzog's crew can bring a World Series to K.C. And I created a player that will put the Royals to the top, his name is Henry Fitzpatrick, a 6'4", 245 lb. pitcher who is pretty good. Check out my 1976 Royals replay blog and enjoy it to distract yourselves from a disappointing Royals defeat.


Is Rany Jazayerli crazy?



WRAL morning show team wears Pens jerseys, losing a bet to KDKA morning show team.

http://www.wral.com/news/local/video/5222343/ Also, KDKA NewsRadio 1020 has Raleigh native Bill Cowher (former Steelers coach) getting lambasted for following the 'Canes after an interview on...


The WWE has just mocked Stan Kroenke right now....

I have a bad feeling the WWE is going to make fun of the Nuggets and the NBA. I just saw this minutes ago on USA Network. I hope the Denver media, the Rocky, the Post, KWGN, KCNC, KUSA and KDVR see...


Even though the Rays lost last night, do remember this...

The 1991 Braves (first team to go from worst record in baseball to being in the World Series) lost that year's Fall Classic, but would appear in 4 more World Series in the next 8 years. They would...

Let's see if Phillies fans can attack Bud Selig, anyone from FOX Sports or some reporter from WFLA, WTSP, WTVT or WFTS.


John Romano's article that was in yesterday's St. Petersburg Times. Memo to Mr. Selig: This is why you are a failure as Commissioner, after Phillies fans attacked Rays fans at the World Series. And because Philadelphia has a mayor who is a Democrat, and a governor (who is from Philly) who's a Democrat, because of you stupid Phillies fans (who are brainwashed by your rabid support of your teams, and your mayor or governor is doing nothing about it), I'm voting for McCain and Palin. I hope Selig gets a taste of what Phillies fans do to visiting teams' fans, because he dropped the ball on fan violence. It's time George W. Bush should be our next Commissioner of Baseball, because fan violence at MLB parks are turning into battlefields like Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of Phillies fans, Bud Selig, you are through as Commissioner. Go back to selling used cars, and don't sell Chevys (official car of MLB), go sell a Yugo!


To the 16-year old in Florence, Kentucky who was assaulted by Chris Henry last year:

You and your family should take action more than press charges against Chris Henry and Reggie McNeill. You could: 1. Move far away from Chris Henry, like move to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit,...


If you are smarter than a 5th grader (and you are), then a Harvard-educated QB replacing a former Heisman winner WILL BEAT THE STEELERS.

I am from the Pittsburgh area, but I don't like the Steelers and their attitude. And I also like the surname "Fitzpatrick" because I am a member of St. Patrick's Parish in Canonsburg, Pa. (30 miles...

6 years ago this month: Yes we can, yes we did! Just another Halo championship! From the November 4th, 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated!


I recall watching game 7, and during the postgame, MLB on FOX played a piece of founder Gene Autry's "Back in the Saddle Again" and showed Mr. Autry's picture. Not only the '02 World Series is a tribute to the Angels team but a tribute to Angels past and present. By the way, SI's Tom Verducci talks about how the Halos won the '02 Fall Classic. The cover has John Lackey and the Angels celebrating, and the headline read: "Answered Prayers! After 42 Years the Angels Win the World Series." In my opinion, the greatest moment in Los Angeles sports history!

Bud Selig, FOX, Chevy and all proud sponsors of MLB are going to be embarrassed if this happens at a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series:


Why can't George Mitchell do a report on fan violence in sports? I'm afraid if the Dodgers host the Red Sox in the World Series, these will happen, and this video from early this year is proof. And if Dodger fans attack Red Sox fans, and a FOX camera shows the action, then Bud Selig will be embarrassed, FOX will be embarrassed, and Chevrolet and the other official sponsors of MLB will be embarrassed. Why can't Selig create a fan code of conduct in MLB just like what the NFL is doing? Fans should be well behaved, and fan violence would be a black eye to all sports. And if it happens at a World Series, then MLB and FOX are to blame. And the home team's fans.

What FOX Sports won't show you when Boston and LA meet in the World Series could hurt MLB.


Bud Selig should have his own fan code of conduct rule to stop unruly fans at MLB parks. Imagine if the Red Sox and Dodgers meet in the World Series-could this happen? Mr. Selig, think about fan violence the way Roger Goodell and the NFL did or else fan violence will just tarnish the sport like the Mitchell Report last year.

Bad news for Raider fans, thanks to Roger Goodell!


If any Raider fan attacks an opposing team's fan, then he's banned for life. Raider Nation, Roger Goodell has blown you back to the prehistoric age. Raider fans, want to fight Roger Goodell? Go right ahead, you will lose.


1st Charger fan to post in Bolts From the Blue!

Let me be the 1st person to welcome Bolts From the Blue to SB Nation! It's about time SBN had a Chargers blog! Hope Charger fans come to this site and make it popular! Don't forget these...

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