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I really really really like Boise State football. I graduated from the university in May of 2009 and went to nearly every home game and several road games during my four year tenure. I also grew up in the Boise area and attended several games over the years. I have yet to witness, first hand, a Bronco loss. I am left to assume that televised games aren't just playing mind games with me when I watch the Broncos fall short. It almost feels like a dream. I went to the Oregon game in Eugene with very little optimism and left with a perma-grin. I also attended the TCU Fiesta Bowl and the Georgia Game (2011). Until I see the Broncos defeated with my own two eyes, I will assume they will win every game I attend. I wish I had gone to Reno 2010 and to the TCU home 2011. If I didn't hate the idea of Detroit, I would have been in East Lansing too.

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Vegas Bowl looking OK this year - Possibly better than OK

The Vegas Bowl could actually provide a good opponent this year. They take the Pac 12 #5 team and after last weekend, it looks like that could be a close to ranked (possibly ranked) team. As a...


WHO WON THIS WEEKEND - Results that impacted Boise State's BCS position

Fairly good results if you're a bronco fan. We lost quite a few of the very small battles that add up to small help in the computer. The big games mostly went as expected with the exception of a...


An open letter to TCU fans

This is being promoted from the fanshot page to the front page Dearest Frog Fans, I put my self in your shoes during the BCS Standings show last night and it was pretty sick feeling. Every expert...

Who is the attractive blond BSU fan with floor tickets in Miami for the Celtics game? Tickets are...


Who is the attractive blond BSU fan with floor tickets in Miami for the Celtics game? Tickets are over $5,000 a piece for a game like that. Gene, get her on the phone and let her know we need money for our stadium. On a side note, if we get invited to the Orange Bowl and she'll be there, count me in.


Who won this weekend that impacted BSU's poll positioning (Whether you rooted or not)

Chris Durfesne of the LA Times tweeted it perfectly: "If there isn't a poll/BCS swing back toward Boise on Sunday somebody call the cops..." Other than a few games here and there, Boise State...

Possibilities that favor Boise State's BCS bowl chances


Would ESPN bail us out by arranging the match ups so that we get to the Fiesta against Nebraska or Oklahoma? In the BCS bylaws: "5. After completion of the selection process as described in Paragraph Nos. 1-4, the conferences and Notre Dame may, but are not required to, adjust the pairings taking into consideration the following: A. whether the same team will be playing in the same bowl game for two consecutive years; B. whether two teams that played against one another in the regular season will be paired against one another in a bowl game; C. whether the same two teams will play against each other in a bowl game for two consecutive years; and D. whether alternative pairings may have greater or lesser appeal to college football fans as measured by expected ticket sales for the bowls and by expected television interest, and the consequent financial impact on ESPN and the bowls. The pairings may not be altered by removing the Big Ten Champion or Pac-10 champion from the Rose Bowl."


Panic-ville, USA: Who to root for this weekend + Results (updated)

Welcome to Panic-ville, USA; just last week known as Boise, Idaho. While a drop in the BCS rankings brings panic and despair throughout the land, a ray of hope shines brightly to the south upon...


Utah vs Boise State in Vegas Bowl

I want to be the first to call it. Due to USC's Bowl ban, the Pac 10 is going to have 5 bowl eligible teams with 6 bowl slots to fill; one of those being the Vegas Bowl. This will be our "pat on...


Fresno & Nevada in 2011. Is Bleymaier a genius or lazy? (Poll)

Before we go off screaming about how Boise State squandered an opportunity to play BCS AQ schools, let's pause and put our BCS thinking caps on. See, those BCS computers have a whole different way...

Edwards: Utes won't pass BSU, still hope for BSU over TCU


I've been saying all along that Utah won't pass us in the computers. I hate Utah, but I am a HUGE Utes fans this weekend. The last paragraph tells that it will be very difficult for Utah to pass us.


I hate "I told you so" when it hurts - Baylor still killing us

If you read my FanPost of who to root for on Saturday you'll notice we either didn't root hard enough, or the powers that be don't like us very much. Here are the results of what we needed to...


Baylor bringing us down + who to root for Saturday (.0013)

Let's not kid ourselves... We are all terrified of getting passed up by TCU and playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl with a 12-0 record and possibly the best team in our school's history....

Michigan State & Boise State agree to 3-game series


"Michigan State and Boise State to open the 2012 season in East Lansing. Future games in Boise in 2022 and East Lansing in 2023."

Boise State - Hawaii game picked up by ESPNU, kickoff moved to 1:30


The interesting thing is that Utah vs. TCU kickoff is also at 1:30 on CBS College Sports. Who will draw the bigger audience?


Deleting the Va Tech game off my DVR

I have watched bits and pieces of the game over the past five days and it continued to give me goosebumps up until last night. James Madison beating Va Tech has tainted that recording and I can no...

CBS Sports Dodd Wish List includes a 20-point victory for BSU over VT


Monday Boise State beats Virginia Tech by 20. Chris Petersen starts his postgame comments by saying, "Anyone wonder how we'd do in the ACC?" Sept. 25 Boise goes to 6-1 against BCS conference schools since 2006 by beating Oregon State. Petersen begins his postgame comments by saying, "Anyone wonder how we'd do in the Pac-10?" Oct. 9 Stanford gets revenge for last year's 34-point nail-biting victory at the Coliseum by going for two in the third quarter against USC ... Boise State beats Toledo by 30. Petersen opens his postgame comments by saying, "Anyone wonder how we'd do in the MAC?" Dec. 4 Boise beats Utah State to clinch a Rose Bowl berth, at least. Petersen begins his postgame comments by saying, "Anyone wonder how we'd do in Pasadena?" ... Alabama sweeps Florida in Atlanta to get to its second consecutive BCS championship game ... Virginia Tech slips by Florida State allowing Boise the computer push it needs to finish No. 2 in the BCS. Petersen can't help himself and ends his postgame comments by saying, "Anyone wonder how we'd do in the SEC?"

This just in: BYU still thinks they are Notre Dame


Now they are just plain arrogant. Playing in the WAC is going to cripple all of BYU's other sports. The WAC is obsolete even with BYU hoops.

Look for a BYU announement to stay in MWC as early as today


Here's hoping... now who will be the 12th member... say it ain't Utah State!

D.C. Accuweather forecast calls for a cooler than average Labor Day


Just look at the days before and the day after... the one-day temperature drop is intriguing.

Colin Cowherd Dismantles Boise State in 8 minutes


They should play this in the Boise State locker room every day from now until the Va Tech game... It could get the chip back. Especially when he talks about how Alabama has better players at EVERY POSITION!

The MWC is feeling better today about possibility BYU stays after very good recent dialogue w BYU


The MWC is feeling better today about possibility BYU stays after very good recent dialogue w BYU

The expansion of the Pac-10 Colorado and Utah is not set in stone


How is it not set in stone? Just curious... have contracts not been signed? This guy is a bit holier than thou sounding as he bashes Utah's Academics. Sheesh.

Utah and Colorado not set in stone as PAC 10 members


Apparently several important people disagree with the additions. I tend to agree with those people. Colorado offers very little in a pro-sports town and Utah has a smaller fan base than most people think. I don't see how adding these two schools would increase revenue for everyone because the pie must be cut into more slices.

Salt Lake Tribune: Done deal for BYU


shoot. now what? Fresno and Nevada already said no to the MWC according to sources.


BYU independence = Idaho on 2011 schedule

Unfortunately those Vandals will be jumping up and down screaming about the opening we'll have on our schedule next season if the MWC goes into the football season with only 8 teams. Crap. Just...

ESPN Power Rankings: BSU #3


There are some REAL bad ideas out there. Pat Forde kept to his word after the Fiesta Bowl and ranked Boise State #1. Ted Miller (PAC 10 blogger) was insane as he ranked TCU at #4 and Boise State at #12!

BYU possibly in discussions with the Big XII


The Big XII AD's meet today in Dallas. The word I got today is that BYU AD Tom Holmoe flew to Dallas last Friday & is there today. Coincidence? Sorry, no link or any reliable source. Just thought I'd throw this out there to get people nervous... I know I am.

Texas to Stay in the Big XII


This is horrific for Boise State. I foresee Utah becoming the Pac 10's 12th team and when Texas A&M leaves they will be replaced by TCU or BYU.

Big XII leftovers would be drawn to Big East over the MWC


In other words, Craig Thompson needs to to be much more proactive or this whole thing is going to leave him with the status quo in his conference with everyone else getting stronger. Add Boise State, Nevada and Fresno and hope to be that 6th Auto-qualifier when the dust settles.

So much for the MWC taking Big XII leftovers - Big East more attractive


It would make much more sense for Kansas, K-State, Iowa State and Missouri to join forces with the Big East. The MWC should take Fresno, Boise and Nevada and pray for that 6th BCS Automatic Bid with 12 teams.

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