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I really really really like Boise State football. I graduated from the university in May of 2009 and went to nearly every home game and several road games during my four year tenure. I also grew up in the Boise area and attended several games over the years. I have yet to witness, first hand, a Bronco loss. I am left to assume that televised games aren't just playing mind games with me when I watch the Broncos fall short. It almost feels like a dream. I went to the Oregon game in Eugene with very little optimism and left with a perma-grin. I also attended the TCU Fiesta Bowl and the Georgia Game (2011). Until I see the Broncos defeated with my own two eyes, I will assume they will win every game I attend. I wish I had gone to Reno 2010 and to the TCU home 2011. If I didn't hate the idea of Detroit, I would have been in East Lansing too.

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Never mind the clutter: Pac-16 announcement coming very soon


HT: Murphy from the Statesman. I guess that means we forget about that SEC and Big 10 nonsense with Oklahoma and Texas???

Deseret News writer got it all wrong - Ultimate FAIL of an article


The horribly wrong predictions within this article written on Monday discredits the title: "Mountain West made the right decision about Boise St." Says this idiot: "My guess is this stare down between egomaniac Big Ten commish Jim Delaney and Pac-10's new visionary Larry Scott will fizzle out. Texas is not going to the Pac-10 and play second fiddle to big dog USC. The Huskers and Mizzou are not going to abandon tradition with the Kansas schools, Oklahoma and Texas."

Colorado going to PAC 10 ESPN Release


So much for the Buffs to the MWC Craig.


Oregon @ Tennessee this season

Does anyone else think it is hilarious that the Ducks have to face Justin Wilcox in their marquee out of conference game? And they thought they were rid of Boise State. I posted something on...

Mark Schlabach predicts Boise State to play for NC next decade


"6. Boise State will play for a national championship After breaking through the BCS ceiling at the end of the previous decade, Boise State will finish a future season with an undefeated record and will actually get to play for a national championship...." He also predicts we will join the PAC 10. Hard to imagine when we can't compete with a JV girls basketball team in hoops.

Craig James on the hot seat. Take his AP voting away!


Anyone think there's a chance that ESPN will fire James if this stuff comes out any further? This guy is a 1st class loser and elitist and has been his entire life. I hope all these allegations are true and that his rep is smashed because of it.

Justin Wilcox to interview at Texas A&M for DC position


Is that really a big jump? Even the salary can't be THAT much better, can it?


8.4 TV rating - Why did people watch? (Poll)

NEW YORK (AP) — Tim Tebow's final game boosted television ratings for the Sugar Bowl. Florida's 51-24 win over Cincinnati on Friday on Fox earned an 8.5 fast national rating and 15 share. The game...

Coach Pete agrees to new five-year contract


Petersen's contract now runs through 2014; new terms of the contract were not announced.


Montana AD flying to Arizon to offer Pease head coaching job

Reported through KTIK Fiesta Bowl text message updates: "Brent Pease headed to Montana as nxt head coach? Billing Gazette says UM AD flying 2 meet Pease in AZ. Offered=gone."I hope this doesn't...


Meyer leaves Florida Gators, Petersen a candidate? (Poll)

Urban: "After consulting with my family, Dr. Machen, Jeremy Foley and my doctors, I believe it is in my best interest to step aside and focus on my health and family." Regardless of whether Pete...

Iowa talks a big game, can't put butts in the seats


BCS had better select a 2nd Big Ten team to fill those seats! Lowly non-AQ schools don't travel well. Last I checked we have sold over 17,000 tickets through the school. That's not counting people who have gone to stubhub and other sources.

If Iowa fans are gonna talk the talk, you'd better walk the walk


Bummer guys. All I have heard is that Iowa fans traveled like nobody's business. On the Other hand, Boise State has sold over 17,000 tickets and will more than likely sell their 19,000 in the next few days. Welcome to being excited about your team.


College Football’s Biggest Party questions

I am stoked about the Fiesta Bowl even if it will cost me an arm and a leg. The expenses keep adding up fast and I am trying to minimize the long term ramifications this will have on my finances....


Will TCU be picked last? (Poll)

All the talk of TCU in the Orange Bowl and the Fiesta is a bit baffling to me. TCU doesn't have a tremendous fan base or national recognition. I would be willing to bet that most people have never...

CBS Sports Experts have Kellen #3 in Heisman Race


Don't know how much these guys really know. ESPN still want to think Colt McCoy and his very average numbers are Heisman candidate worthy... beyond me.


BCS Hopes Public Enemy #1: The Big 12 North winner? (POLL)

A supplement to floridabsufan's post:

Ted Miller surprisingly would rank Oregon ahead of Boise State. My Comment: Whoever uses the...

Ted Miller surprisingly would rank Oregon ahead of Boise State

Ted Miller surprisingly would rank Oregon ahead of Boise State. My Comment: Whoever uses the UTEP-Houston argument to disprove head to head has poop for brains (No offense rTist... but you should probably take offense). Of course teams that shouldn't win occasionally beat better competition. The difference is the teams that beat "better competition", and never lose to anybody else either, are proven better than the "better competition" they previously beat. End of argument. Boise State is a better team than Oregon until Boise State loses a game and proves otherwise. Duck fans (and players) said last season's lost in Eugene to BSU was a fluke and that the true superior team would win the opener this season... well, they lost again... and again they are singing the same old song they sang before game 1 this season. Ted Miller is a PAC 10 homer using his platform to claim superiority for the conference he covers. What he writes and says is only to appease his PAC 10 readers. I'm sure Graham Watson would toot her horn about BSU staying ahead of Oregon if she wasn't so busy squawking about the ULTIMATE POWER of the Mountain West Conference who has accomplished nothing but a win against a 3-loss Oklahoma team this season. (Lowly Virginia doesn't count Graham and Clemson counts as half of one accomplishment) I'm out.


Scenarios for BSU to play for the National Championship

This is the first year, in all my years being a Bronco fan, that I can look myself in the mirror and honestly say, "BSU can play with (and beat) any team in the country." Last year, I have to admit...


"Thinking about the game too much" poll

Recently, I find myself unable to focus on a single task at work for an extended period of time. I refresh my browser with my homepages set to almost involuntarily. I even wander around...

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