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News and Coppa Preview


What's up? Time for another brief post to talk about the latest happenings. There's a new captain, a new Eastern European prodigy and a match against the flying donkeys to discuss.

Grazie Dario


Sad news out of Firenze. I'd ask all of you to take a look at that video, and regardless of your ability to comprehend Italian, one has to be struck by the emotion Dario feels leaving Fiorentina...

Surprisingly good Bari come to the Franchi for a Big Match


I've only got time for a brief preview this week, but I'd like to start by saying it was great on Wednesday to see such a big win, and to see Ted's recap. Although I'm not sure I can agree with...

Wait…What? Fiorentina Played a Football Game? And I’m Writing About It?!?


I kind of feel like a dad who went “out for cigarettes” six weeks ago and never came home. Now I’m back, and the wife and kids are kind of happy to see me, but they’re also a little wary. How long...

Last Match before Christmas: AC David Beckham come to Firenze


Good evening. I'm checking in from snowy Washington DC, where we are getting ready for a serious to historic blizzard tomorrow. I've been to the grocery store, and I'm holed up on the couch...

Viola draw Bayern Munich in CL Round of 16


So, yeah, that's probably the most difficult matchup the Viola could have drawn. The first leg will be in Munich at the Allianz Arena, either on Feb. 16 or 17 or Feb. 23 or 24. The return leg...

Flying Donkeys Up Next


In what was supposed to be another fun matchup of the Frey brothers, Fiorentina travel to Verona to take on Chievo tomorrow. However, it looks like little Nicky is certainly out, while Bassy's...

Victorious Viola Look forward to CL Draw next Friday


The Gila Monster decided matters yesterday in dramatic style, finishing off a wonderful cross from Vargas in injury time to give Fiorentina a deserved 2-1 victory at Liverpool. To make it even...

Fiorentina try for First Place Finish at Anfield


So, here we are. Last match of the CL group stage, with qualification guaranteed for Fiorentina. Liverpool are in the Europa League regardless of the result tonight, and a win for Fiorentina...

Viola dispatch Atalanta, climb up to 5th in the Table


Yesterday in grey, wintry but still oh so beautiful Florence, Fiorentina defeated Atalanta 2-0 in a battle of teams that a fat, washed-up Bobo Vieri recently played for. A first half thunderbolt...

Brief, Late Preview: More Nerazzuri - This time the weak ones come to Firenze


Good morning! Sorry for the lateness of this preview - but I've had a crap week and I'd rather not get into the reasons right now. We all know the drill by this point: 3 points today are...

Sunday at the San Siro


What's happening? I hope all my fellow Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and I personally can't wait to see this match on Sunday morning to cap off a great weekend.

Viola Advance to Knockout Stages of Champions League


Wayyyyyyyy back in September, after Fiorentina lost its first Champions League group mach (to Lyon) I posted this, which can still be found in the archives:

Lots on the Line as our least favorite French Guys come to the Franchi


Buon Giorno. I'm nervously watching the clock, waiting for 2:45 EST this afternoon. Quite a bit is on the line for Fiorentina as Lyon come to town. A win punches a purple ticket into the...

Mighty Fiorentina v. Cowardly Lyon: Discuss!


I'm at work today, so I really can't throw up a preview of what might be the Viola's biggest game of the year. Just puttin' it up so we all have a place to talk about the win.

The International Break is Over, Parma come to the Franchi


Well, jet lag, returning to work and an oncoming cold aside, it is damn good to be back. Especially with a tasty Serie A matchup to look forward to tomorrow. I'm planning to do a post about...

CL Wrap-Up and Udinese Preview


As with my last post, this one will be really brief. As I’ve explained, I’m going through a real busy patch at work and Timmy is on vacation, so this is largely just to give us all a place to post...

Mighty Viola v. Hungry, Hungry Hungarians


We’re not really going to do a preview of this one, crew. Timmy is on vacation and I just don’t have the time right now. So I’m just throwing this up here so we all have a place to put our running...

Three Cheers for Fiorentina!


Yes, I am aware we lost to Genoa today. And yes, I know we lost on Sunday as well. (I saw the match on Sunday, and missed the one today.) But, as George Plimpton once said ‘We are not discouraged.’...

Brief Recap and Genoa Preview


Sorry for the delayed recap, but Ted's traveling and I'm trying to get ready for a big trip myself. At any rate, I'll offer some quick thoughts about Sunday's loss to Napoli and today's away match...

Neapolitans in Town


So, the team eager to announce its arrival this season with a big hollywood-style unveiling organized by owner Aurelio De Laurentiis comes to the Franchi on Sunday. You know, the "sleeping giant"...

Halfway through the CL Group Stage, Things are looking good for the Viola


I exchanged emails with Ted earlier, and it turns out that neither of us were able to see much of the match yesterday, so this recap will have to be brief. I did see the highlights last night on...

Battle in Budapest: Viola take on Debrecen


This is awesome to have another Viola match after such a short wait as that international break was torture.

Viola draw Newcastle: Recap


So on Saturday morning I get back from a killer business trip in New York City. I hardly got any sleep. The only thing that got me home, in fact, was the fact that I would be able to see my wife...

The Viola are Back! Newcastle Preview


Finally! This goes two ways I suppose, the good is finally the Viola are returning to action after the international break that would not end, and the bad is that finally the viola blog has been...

Mighty Viola Two Off Lead


Today in Beautiful Florence the mighty Viola drew with a defensive-minded Lazio squad, thus pulling only a point mere days after their exciting dismantling of Liverpool. The draw, of course, isn’t...

Lazio Preview


Hopefully the Viola will be able to keep the momentum rolling as Lazio come to the Franchi tomorrow. The baby blues are a difficult opponent, and their hammering of Leviski Sofia will probably...

A Dialog Between a Father and Son


SCENE: A 34-year-old man and his 15-month-old son sit together on a couch. The boy holds a stuffed duck named Mr. Quackers. They have both just witnessed their favorite football team, Fiorentina,...

Big CL Showdown: Scousers Come to Firenze


This match is a real opportunity for Fiorentina. So far, there really aren't any signature results fans can point to from this competition. We know that the squad has the ability to produce wins...

Viola Two Points Off First Place! Also, The Viola Glossary


Give me a break. I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years now, and we’ve never been this close to first after this many games. So I decided to have a little fun with the title of the...

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