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I hate Joe Starkey. The Cupper can kiss my ass too.

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DBD 8.25.14 It's Game Week! But it's also...

The return of Rishi's Secret Diary of a Love Assassin! Nov. 3 This is getting ridiculous, I can’t remember the last time I got laid! I cannot figure out what is going on. No matter where I go...


DBD 8.12.14 Really weird stuff

I was watching youtube videos with Junior the other day and he showed me a couple of really, really weird ones and it got me thinking. Just how high are people when they think of this stuff? E...


DBD 7.8.14 Fire Starkey's Mind is Officially Blown

As many of you are aware, it takes something truly special and unique to render me speechless. I have a vocal opinion, usually vulgar or crass, on just about everything. This is why I was so...


DBD 6.24.14 Important news from the World Cup

You might think that the world would be focused on the upcoming match between Germany and the United States on Thursday morning. And you might be right as that promises to be the most interesting...


DBD 6.17.14 USA! USA! USA!

As always, the greatest and bestest footy calls are made on Spanish language TV. Listen here for the call on Dempsey's goal after 29 seconds, the 5th fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup match. ...


DBD 6.5.14 Ghanian Witch Doctor loves the U.S of A.!

Witch doctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam first talked of conjuring a Ronaldo World Cup injury a few months back, per Sportive23. With Ghana set to face Ronaldo's Portugal in Group G, Bonsam was hoping he...


DBD 5.30.14 Which K Pop song best describes Fire Starkey's obsession...

...with j.lee? Who is j.lee? He claims to be a mild mannered, early 30's Korean-American guy with a full head of hair and the beginnings of a pot belly. Yet there is always an air of mystery...


DBD 4.11.14 Must see TV... (Korean)

Many or most of the Korean TV shows that I have watched in the past several months would not translate well to the American entertainment palate. Many of the shows are formulaic in nature with...


DBD 2.21.14 India! Korea! It's the CGB Hot Off!

As many of you know, I have developed a peculiar fondness for Asian tv and cinema in the past 6 months or so. I've watched entirely too many movies and serialized dramas and its getting to the...


DBD 6.26.12 Men of CGB 2013 Calendar is on sale now!

Here at CGB we are cognizant of what our community wants and after carefully surveying our membership, its clear they want beefcake! Get your singles ready ladies, burly, bloggy hotness is dead...


DBD 6.6.12 The Return of "Fire Starkey: Ultimate Wingman"

Episode 7 When last we saw our intrepid heroes, they were spreading a figurative layer of Tiger Balm over the wounds left by the abrupt departure of solarise to the fleshpots of Taiwan. Tragedy...


Euro 2012 Preview

Outside of the World Cup, no tournament gets more attention than the quadrennial European Championships for the quality and standard of play. 16 nations square off from June 8- July 1 to determine...


DBD 5.3.12 The day my soul died a little

There come times in each person's life when life is a little too difficult to bear because of the actions of those around them. One of those moments happened to me yesterday as I walked into my...


DBD 4.3.12 Rishi, it's cool. I got this one

I'm taking pity on Rishi and breaking his streak of starting 73 DBD's in a row. Why you ask? Because I found THIS! via 1.bp.blogspot.com Ok, everyone! Time to play... GUESS THE CGBear! ...


DBD 3.6.12 What is SxSW?

Reading that Mr F had no idea what South by Southwest was, I felt compelled to edumacate him on one of the main reasons Austin considers itself "The Music Capital of the World". Having lived in...


DBD 2.29.12 Peru! and why Fiatlux is scared of it...

Peru! Land of spirit and adventure! Why anyone would be frightened of this majestic country and its people is beyond my limited intellect but apparently our friend Fiatlux is absolutely terrified...


DBD 2.17.12 Which CGBear is this?

via miketramp.webs.com Sorry The Buckeye Bear, we all know this ain't you. But which CGBear is this? Questionable fashion choices? Check. Long, flowing locks? Check. Pouty look? Check. The...


DBD 2.14.12 Fire Starkey...The patience of Job

Many of you have heard my laments about my lack of TV/Intenet/Phone service for the past 6 weeks but I thought I would sum it up for all to fully enjoy and mock my frustrations. It all started...


1.13.12 DBD 10 Reasons Why Joe Starkey Rules the World

I was lying in bed the other night pondering the vagaries of life. "Life" I asked myself, "how can I have lost that bet?" "Fire Starkey, you were cheated out of victory by that wretched...


DBD 6.2.11 You've Got... Mail?

This morning I opened up my e-mail to find 34 messages in my junk mail, all delivered since last evening.  Considering I've had the same e-mail address for the past 10 years or so, I suppose this...


DBD 5.25.2011 The Truth...

  People have often wondered about this story and many don’t believe it ever happened.  But I know different.  I conducted numerous first person interviews, hired actors to participate in critical...


It’s World Cup Preview Time!

2 years ago, 204 countries around the world began the long, arduous trek to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.  32 countries have qualified and it’s time to put that old Fire Starkey spin on the...


DBD 5.25.10- Two News Items That Will Make CGB Heads Explode

Apparently there are two 7 foot plus brothers playing high school basketball in Pennsylvania. WTF?  Indians don't play basketball! When basketball players Sim and Tanveer Bhullar visited...


DBD 9.4.09 Oregon is...

I sat and watched both the South Carolina-NC State game and then the Oregon-Boise State game last night and thought to myself "Wow, I've been waiting 9 months for this?"  Bad playcalling, sloppy...


Confederations Cup Preview Time!

Depressed by the summer sports doldrums?  Is watching nothing but baseball making your soul die a slow, horrible death?  Don't worry boys and girls, it's Confederations Cup time!  Eight national...

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