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Dave Lack : One time creator and web master of the and websites until real life took up all my time. :)

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Passes Per Possession: "Where did the Kings' ball go to die?"

via "Move it, move it, pass, pass!" shouts the Kings coach. We kept hearing it over and over all season long. The Kings lacked ball movement. The...


What the Kings are thinking... but can't say out loud.

I've been trying to see the bright side in losing Isaiah. What is the Kings front office thinking? A bit too much for a normal post so using this space. First off, sorry to those who tried...


How Kings Salaries Effect Off Season Moves

Can we (well, the Kings) afford to keep Isaiah Thomas? Can the team add other talent this off season? It's not MY money so if it was me I would say, "Let's stack this team!" The reality is that...


It's OK, LeBron, To Be Afraid of the Biggest Challenge

Dear Mr. James, I personally think you have nothing left to prove. You are a champion. Well, not this year of course, but you know what I mean. It's like being a former President of the United...


Kings Fan, You Are A World Record Holder! Here Is How To Get Your Guinness Certificate

Since there is a bit of confusion going on about the process of getting your Kings Fans Break World Record Crowd Noise in an Indoor Arena certificate I thought I would try to help here. Here...


Here We Stayed Music Video

Fireplug knocks it out of the park with his ode to Sacramento Kings fans.


Why the Sonics Left, and the Kings are Staying

Dave breaks down exactly what happened in Seattle leading to the Sonics relocation.


Layman's Guide to Anti-Trust Law as it applies to the Kings

The term "Anti-Trust" is being used like the "Bogeyman" was once used by exasperated mothers trying to get their young ones to stay in their bed. "You better agree to sell to Hansen/Ballmer and...

Will the NBA admit its mistake?

Choosing Sacramento would mean acknowledging that the NBA made a mistake in 2008.

The choice that helps all owners

Both options are strong, but only one of the cities vying for the Kings can help all owners.

Why ROFO may actually now mean Kings ballgame

Fireplug digs into the 'right of first opportunity' clause to see whether Sacramento now has a clear advantage in keeping the Kings.


AB 900 gives Sacto the edge for sure - by Davispunx

The purpose of this fanpost is simply to place an excellent post by Davispunx in a place that can be easily linked to when discussing Sacramento's arena timeline advantage. <...


2002-08 Kings vs. Sonics Revenue Comparison

An excellent and informative comparison from FirePlug on the revenue comparison between the Sonics and Kings from 2002-2008.


The Most Interesting Man in Sacramento.... Suddenly

Chris Hansen, of the Seattle group trying to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, has put in the only bid to purchase the Bob Cook 7% portion of the team currently in bankruptcy proceedings. The...


"Vetting" the character of the potential Kings Owners

Much ado has been written by reporters and tweeted by fans on how the NBA Board of Governors will decide upon the two main ownership groups which have submitted bids to buy the Sacramento Kings and...


You think the NBA doesn't care about Sacramento? You are wrong!

Sacramento Kings fans want to keep their team. Seattle fans want to regain their team. Sacramento fans love their team. Seattle fans loved their team. The NBA loves Sacramento. The NBA... ...


Sacramento Kings - Back to Yesterday Nostalgic Video

How the hell did the Maloofs let us get to where we are today? I desperately want this back... How could something so pure and good become so horribly mutated into what it has become today....

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