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How Stanford Stopped the Oregon Offense


Josh and I worked pretty hard all day Sunday coming up with a two part series about what Stanford did to us on defense. We are not covering the areas already discussed extensively such as the field goals, missed passes and blocks, or play selection. We dug in, (with the help of a retired college coach) and wanted to learn what an elite defense does to us beyond just great talent

Oregon's "Cross-Buck" and "Tiny TE" Passing Strategies


What a roller-coaster of emotions during this game! We went from a sick feeling to being stunned at our newly explosive passing game. Come back here to discuss as these are two new passing strategies to ponder. Do I hear "more?"

On to Cal: The PERFECT Trap Game!


I think you will get a kick out of our photo-shopped images…but I do wonder how many of you regard this as a potential trap game as I do.

Chip’s Winning Game Plan Against USC


Isn’t it amazing how the cloud of emotion—the desire to see your team win can completely blind you from seeing things during the game? A lot happened in this game that I simply could not see on Saturday, and I look forward to examining carefully in the offseason.

The Trojan Game & How Oregon will Defeat USC (2)


If you saw this last summer—watch again and tell me if you think USC’s strategy will change based upon what has happened thus far this year. You will want to go take a look at my "disclaimers" for USC fans, as I got swamped by some LA culls a few months ago with this video.

Chip Kelly Reveals the "Double-Stack" Play to USC


This formation from our past was great to see, and the plays from it against Colorado were even more enjoyable to watch. But was this a classic Chip Kelly ruse? Truly a Trojan Horse? Come back here to discuss as I am curious as to what you think in terms of game planning; what is Chip up to?

Oregon Surprises ASU with a New Power Read Play!


If you were an opposing Defensive Coordinator—how do you counter this play?

How Oregon "Stems" into Big Defensive Plays!


We are really moving up in our analysis of the Ducks this week. Let’s discuss back here as I am curious as to whether YOU think what was going through the QBs mind is the same as my consultants on this project. Interesting stuff.

Is THAT What You Stand for Justin Wilcox?


I am curious how many agree with me? The other teams of the conference ought to be aware of his MO and most of them (like Oregon State) cannot afford to lose a Quarterback now.

Oregon's New "Double-Power Play


I could not get the url to work this week...

Chip Kelly brings a FULLBACK to the Oregon Spread Offense?


Is this a football, "Back to the Future" moment for Oregon fans? Come back to let me know what you think about this new advance and if you agree that he’s added a Fullback (in theory) with it. Interesting stuff to ponder regardless!

Oregon's Defensive Masterpiece


This article helps to explain the odd interception and how we stopped Arizona on 4th down and two feet. I got coaching help that helps us all learn!

Oregon’s New Straddled Triple Option Combo Series


It’s Back to the Future with an adjustment to life without videos due to the new Pac-12 rules. I go back to my roots of writing and explaining with diagrams…and it feels OK! I am curious as to what others think of the combo, or package that Oregon appears to have with the Straddled Triple Option, so do come back here to discuss. It is pretty interesting how Chip can really spread the field with these combos.


The Pac-12 now FORBIDS Highlight/Analysis Videos